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EU has painted itself into a corner – but there is a way out

(Monday blog)

I’m afraid it’s the EU and Brexit again today. I’m writing this as I haven’t seen this explanation of the situation and solution in any of the mainstream media

EU painted into a corner?

I imagine the EU bureaucrats couldn’t stop laughing. The (IMHO) useless, incompetent, europhiliac, UK-hating Theresa May gave into every single demand the EU negotiators made before they even made them. She crawled and grovelled and prostrated herself to please her EU bosses and betrayed Britain in the process. She then lied and connived and misled her own ministers to try to get them to back her total capitulation to our enemies.

And all the time, the bureaucrats in Brussels celebrated their victory over Britain as they turned us into a vassal region of their undemocratic, wasteful, corrupt superstate. But there was just one problem. In their gloating humiliation of the worthless May, the Eurocrats went too far as they wanted to punish Britain to make sure no other country ever dared leave their German-controlled empire. So the terms the EU imposed on us were so draconian and humiliating that the pathetic, deceitful, piece of garbage May couldn’t get parliament to pass her total capitulation to Brussels.

That left the Eurocrats with a problem – they could not be seen to give any concessions otherwise they would lose face. And no EU bureaucrat ever wants to lose face, however much damage their intransigence causes to ordinary European workers. So we appear to be caught in a dead end. Boris wants the Irish backstop binned. The EU negotiators say this is unacceptable and impossible because they cannot be seen to compromise otherwise they will be portrayed as giving in to the UK.

Stalemate? Not quite.

The way out of the mess?

But the situation is not quite as intractable as the BBC and C4 News and other commentators like to suggest. You have to listen closely to Barnier’s and the Useless Drunk’s words. They have said that nothing can be renegotiated “within their existing mandate”. What they mean is that they cannot renegotiate given the orders they have received from the 27 EU leaders.

However, were the 27 EU leaders to change the mandate they have given Barnier and the Useless Stumbling Rat-arsed Drunk, then everything could be renegotiated without anyone losing face. Barnier and the Useless Rate-faced, Rat-arsed Drunk could just say “our brief has changed” and find a compromise acceptable to both the UK and the EU.

Will this happen? I doubt it as the Eurocrats are relying on (IMHO) scumbag traitors like Hammond, Grieve, Stewart and others of their ilk to destroy the Johnson government and replace Johnson with Corbyn.

But it seems incredible to me that none of the so-called ‘experts’, who pontificate daily on our TVs and in the press have noticed how the gloating Eurocrats have over-reached their power and thus painted themselves into a corner and how easy it would be for the 27 EU leaders to change the terms of the mandate they have given the EU negotiators so the EU negotiators could change tack without losing face.

LibDems reject democracy

And here, in case anyone actually cares what new LibDem leader, Jo someone or other, thinks, is the new LibDem leader admitting she would not accept the result of a second referendum if the majority voted ‘Leave’. But hey, thanks Jo for revealing what the Westminster elites really think about democracy:

7 comments to EU has painted itself into a corner – but there is a way out

  • loppoman

    Jo Swinson – words fail me. Let’s hope this person never gets anywhere near No.10.

  • William Boreham

    One wonders how long the EU can last in its current form when (if) Britain leaves. Ten EU countries finance the EU as contributors, whereas there are eighteen EU countries with the begging bowl as beneficiaries. Of the EU budget of around 36 billion euros, Britain was the second biggest contributor with around seven and a half billion euros. Which means that, along with Germany, countries like France, Italy and the Netherlands are going to have to find they will have to cough up for the missing British contribution – and their economies, especially Italy, are hardly in a position to handle any extra spending. How Italians must wish they could go back to their own lira and be back in charge of their own economy. And apart from the economical problems of the EU countries, they are also at each other’s throats politically, with both Italy and Hungary at odds with EU immigration policy. I see today that Vauxhall are threatening to move production from Ellesmere Port in the event of a successful Brexit. Simple, do a Trump – 100% tariffs on all Vauxhall (and PSA) vehicles entering Britain for sale, same with all manufacturers thinking about leaving.

  • david brown

    This article is one of the most important on the subject of the deal.May I urge people to plug this blog and article on the readers comments on mainstream media eg Telegraph, Mirror, Sun, Daily Mail and so on.
    If we do not prepare for no deal we will not get a better one.

  • A Thorpe

    I’m sure Boris will get “Brexit done” as he keeps telling us. He’s less interested in detail and more about the objective and he needs stick to that and let others sort out the detail. As I understand the situation the law is that we leave with no deal on 31 October if nothing else is agreed. Also, if there is a vote of no confidence there isn’t time for an election before then and so a no deal Brexit will happen even if an election is called unless Boris gets something better. It is in now in everybody’s interest to work to a better arrangement. There is a good article in the Telegraph by Nick Timothy about the back stop. Ireland will have to think again.

  • chris

    Robin Tilbrook’s Judicial Review application has already been hampered by judicial ‘shenanigans’ and the judgment will now almost certainly be deliberately delayed (by the presently partisan judiciary) until after the 31st October.
    But now that Boris is using his negotiating strengths I question why we should even cough up £39,000,000,000 (US version)to secure any old half baked treaty. Surely the price we pay should match the benefit to us. No one would buy a second hand car and agree the price before they had tried it out. In my view if Boris does do a deal the value of that deal should be independently assessed.

  • Philip

    I have heard Jo Swinson speak several times now and irrespective of her views on anything, she has as much personality and charisma as the proverbial ‘damp rag.’Long may she reign as leader of the libdumbs.

  • brian rodney harwood

    After Boris Johnson’s opening speech as PM in the HoC, Jo Swinson asked him a question. In true LibDem fashion,it was not on any subject do with the vast majority of the British public, however – it concerned the rights , welfare and aspirations of the three million foreigners from the EU27 member countries who are resident in the UK.

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