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Raughing Chinaman hab velly good leason to raugh

(Friday blog)

Here’s a nice photo. It shows China’s boss for life Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vlad “the Impaler” Putin:

They are both laughing. I wonder what Mr Jinping is saying to Vladimir? Maybe it’s something like: “Look, clazy West commit incledible suicide!

If that’s what Mr Jinping is saying, he would be more than right. It would be more than right because the West is destroying itself through an extraordinary double suicide

Suicide 1 – cultural self-immolation

The first act of the West’s suicide was, of course, to throw open its borders to millions of often low-IQ, often-inbred, often violent, often deeply criminal, often parasitic Third-Worlders who hate the West, hate its freedoms, hate its culture, hate its technical progress and hate its achievements. So we now have 30 to 40 million people in Europe many of whom want to destroy our democracies and our civilisation and impose their own backwards theology on us.

You’d think that would be enough for the West’s self-loathing rulers who despise the people who voted them into power over us. But it wasn’t.

Suicide 2 – economic self-immolation

Our rulers have been desperately trying every trick they can think of to prevent us leaving the EU as they believe this would be “an act of economic self-harm”. At the same time Theresa May’s lame-duck government has gone ahead and signed a £1 trillion suicide note committing the UK to ‘Net Zero’ decarbonisation by 2050. As for the pillocks in Parliament, they have just nodded this through after less than 90 minutes discussion in an almost empty House of Commons.

With ‘Net Zero’ decarbonisation there couldn’t be any industry left in Britain – ludicrously high energy prices would make any British industry uncompetitive. No wonder Mr Jinping and Mr Putin are laughing.

It apparently hasn’t occured to our rulers to wonder how around 7,000 years ago our predecessors could walk from the East of England to Scandinavia. Then the glaciers melted, the sea intervened and the UK became an island. They haven’t bothered to look at what has happened to the Earth’s temperatures over the last 10,000 or so years:

If our rulers had bothered to look at the data, they would have seen that there have been several warming and cooling periods since our ancestors could walk from the East of England to Scandinavia. Given that our ancestors didn’t have gas-guzzling 4 x 4s, perhaps the melting of the ice and subsequent warming and cooling periods were just the natural cycle of climate change?

And as we’ve got rid of our coal-fired power plants which used to deliver cheap energy, our competitors are building them like crazy:

China has 2,363, building 1,171 more… Total 3,534

South Korea has 58, building 26 more… Total 84

Japan has 90, building 45 more… Total 135

The EU has 468, building 27 more… Total 495

Turkey has 56, building 93 more… Total 149

South Africa has 79, building 24 more… Total 103

India has 589, building 446 more… Total 1,036

Philippines has 19, building 60 more… Total 79

That’s 5,615 projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries.

Britain has 0, building 0 more… Total 0

And our mentally-retarded politicians tell us that by committing economic suicide, we’ll save the planet.

Make me velly want to raugh

So, at I guess I’d say that Mr Jinping and his chum Vladimir are having a really good laugh at the West’s double suicide.

6 comments to Raughing Chinaman hab velly good leason to raugh

  • Chris Dark

    That list should be broadcast far and wide and shoved under people’s noses at election-time. Very few MPs have the brains to understand what they’ve just committed the country to. I can’t for the life of me grasp how so many people believe we can derive all our energy from bird-choppers and solar panels. The green religion will kill us all.

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t just energy. Europe is in a poor position because of the lack of raw materials. China has been investing in Africa. It will use their raw materials before its own. When our energy policy is determined by brainwashed children protesting on the streets we know it can only end badly. They will get a different future but it won’t be the one they want. Certainly not the one in the ridiculous advert for smart meters promoted by the equally ridiculous Maxine Peake.

    For much of human existence people have seen no change over their lifetime. Life only started to improve when temperatures increased. Even then the change was slow. Only in the 20th century have we seen future generations having an improved life. It is now expected into the future. There is no guarantee this will be the case, especially with children in charge, this time meaning the political classes.

  • William Boreham

    I see that ‘racist’ the Dalai Lama, has warned that Europe could become ‘Muslim or African’ if refugees who have been taken in are not then sent back to their home countries! Too late Dalai, the Western men have been circumcised and our womenfolk barren. As for coal, I observed some years back that our biggest coal fired power station, Drax was being paid half a billion (of consumers money) to end burning coal and burn wood instead. So, rather than annually burn 9 million tonnes of coal from a colliery a few miles away, they were paid (from our pockets) to burn wood from forests three thousand miles away. In that year, China consumed nearly 4 BILLION tonnes of coal in their power stations.

  • dave h

    I read somewhere yesterday what the building schedule would have to be ( nuclear ) to achieve their fantasy of 0 %….. and it sort of suggested we should have some built already.
    I did chuckle.

  • William Boreham

    Ironically, given the subject, I had a power-cut just as I was altering circumcised, I must have been thinking of those who own the NGO ferries that ship all those Africans to Europe. Luckily it was brief, but as I stared at a blank screen and heard all my electrical appliances shut down, one realises without electricity, one is back in the Middle Ages or worse. Apparently in the USA, were they to lose electricity for a month, 50% of the population would be dead, a year without it and 90% of the population would be dead. Much the same here I venture.

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