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More infantile insults from a reader and Trump was right (as usual)

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More infantile abuse

Writing an almost daily blog can take up a fair bit of time. First you have to think of a story. Then in my case I try to find some facts and figures that back up that story. Like, for example, exposing the “black lives matter” protesters for the progressive, liberal, lying frauds they are as 93% of all black Americans murdered are killed, not by evil white racists, but by other black Americans.

So it’s quite disheartening to have abuse thrown at me such as:

You really don’t understand much do you? It is not about who wins. It is about exchange of ideas, not insults. You seem to put everybody in the same box, so all gays are bum boys, all Muslims are rapists and killers, all blacks have a low IQ, etc. And if a criticism from me makes you give up the blog it does not say much for your belief in your ideas. I haven’t checked your blog, but the fact that you have chosen to contact me privately rather than through your blog shows how weak you are.


Thanks for picking up on my comment, but as usual taken completely out of context and the conclusion is wrong. I have never read the Guardian and it should be quite obvious if you read any of my comments that my views are libertarian. As I said, you are losing the plot and are unable to accept that your previous post was wrong in its assumptions and offensive in the extreme. It is a pity that you did not close down this blog when you promised to do so when people were not buying your book. You behave like a spoilt child when your views are challenged.

But I guess the problem with the politically-correct is they seldom have any facts on their side. So they usually try to win every argument by resorting to ludicrous exaggeration and personal insults.

Trump was right – yet again

When democratically-elected President Donald Trump pulled the US out of Saint Obama’s hideously one-sided agreement with Iran allowing Iran to keep on developing nuclear weapons, there were the usual howls of protest from the EU’s and UK’s politicians and media. Apparently the EU’s and UK’s politicians believe you can trust the Iranian leaders, that the Iranian leaders are really peaceful sorts of people (the kind you’d be happy to invite round to your house for dinner and a chat) and that they’re only joking when they keep promising to kill all the Jews and wipe Israel off the map.

And of course, we shouldn’t mention that the Iranian government has admitted that over 800,000 Iranian children are suffering from malnutrition which is severely affecting their physical and mental development while the ever so peaceful Iranian government spend billions on arming and training Jeremy Corbyn’s equally peaceful chums at Hezbollah.

But in an interview on 22 January 2019, Iran’s Nuclear Chief Salehi boasts: We Had Secretly Purchased Replacements for Nuclear Equipment That the JCPOA Had Required Us to Destroy; Yellowcake Production Facilities are Operational; We Are Advancing in Nuclear Propulsion.”

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, was interviewed on Channel 4 TV (Iran) on January 22, 2019. He said that the negotiations surrounding the JCPOA had required Iran to destroy the Arak reactor’s calandria by filling it with cement, but that Iran had secretly acquired replacement tubes ahead of time so that the reactor’s functionality would not be ultimately affected. He also said that pictures that had circulated that showed the Arak reactor’s pit filled with cement had been photoshopped. In addition, Salehi said that the yellowcake production facilities in Ardakan are operational and that Iran has been authorized to produce two additional IR-8 centrifuges. Salehi added that Iran has advanced rapidly in the field of nuclear propulsion.

It looks like Trump was right about Iran (as usual) and Israel is going to have to nuke Iran back to the Stone Age (it doesn’t have far to go) if Israel is to survive.

If it is true that Iran has been cheating on its obligations and continued developing nukes, then that’s quite an important story. But I doubt you’ll see this reported on the Trump-loathing, Israel-hating, Izlumophiliac BBC.

A partial transcript of the interview is available here: 

6 comments to More infantile insults from a reader and Trump was right (as usual)

  • John G Fields

    Please carry on in your usual way. Those who do not like it can go elsewhere. The truth for me is everything, How you put it over is your choice. We have enough polite words from politicians, who at the same time stab us in the back.

  • Peter Hardwick

    You are still free to express your opinions,I think,and back them with evidence.Others are free to counter with supporting evidence,so individually we can draw our own conclusions.Personal abuse holds no currency in this process.It is what our civilisation was founded upon,along with an acceptable level of humour.Having said this,our country has fallen some way from conducting itself in this manner.

  • Stillreading

    Let’s all enjoy the freedom to express such views as we can, while we still can. As other responders have stated, if you don’t like what you read, don’t look at it. There’s no compulsion. As Mr Craig knows to his cost, having been visited by the Arm of the Law more than once, there are already a number of things we indigenous British are not supposed to say and to do so risks rather unpleasant, inconvenient consequences. In fact, as a nation we are in a sad state, when youngsters chosen presumably on the basis of their superior intellectual qualities, to enjoy the benefits of “Higher Education” are so feeble-minded that they have to be provided on campus with “safe spaces”, places where their infantile views are not permitted to be challenged. Presumably when these intellectually elite attain positions of governance over the rest of us, freedom of speech will indeed be terminally exterminated.

  • ViveLaFrance

    France ℹ the Warning from the #GiletsJaunes came true! ✌ Videos coming out of people withdrawing their money from the banks! A massive French bank run is underway and the #msm media is nowhere to be seen! #YellowVests #GJ #Resistance #ActeXI

  • ViveLaDifference

    Freedom of speech is exactly that:
    The freedom to say what we like when we like and discuss it if we please.Shut down freedom of speech about anything and we are in real trouble,very big trouble.

    The MSM such as the BBC et al are guilty of not allowing free speech by omitting news intentionally very cowardly and not worth reading or listening to.

    Macron’s police hit #YellowVests activist, Jerome Rodrigues, with a rubber bullet in the eye, leaving him “handicapped for life”. Where is the outrage from the so called “human rights champions”? Or is that only reserved for protests in Venezuela & Russia?

  • A Thorpe

    I notice that whilst quoting our private correspondence you neglected to include the one where you said yet again you were closing the blog. If you want people to take you seriously it is debate on the issues that you need not people that just boost your ego by agreeing with your views.

    You also take everything out of context My comments to you wee about your incorrect and utterly outrageous comments about gay men.

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