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Leave should have meant leave

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

If you go to the Leave Means Leave website, just by entering your postcode you can send a pre-written email to your MP demanding that he/she abides by the 2016 vote to leave the EU.

Here’s the link to the website:

I just did this and received a pre-written reply from my MP in which he claims it wasn’t clear what we were voting for and that the referendum was so long ago that the result should no longer be considered valid. My feelings on reading my MP’s rely cannot be expressed here in polite language:

You are receiving this email as you have contacted me regarding the Brexit deal, whilst I would have liked to respond to each one individually, unfortunately this has proven to be an impossible task due to time limitations. 
As I am sure you can imagine, I have received more correspondence on this issue than any that has come before. I am grateful for the hundreds of emails and letters sharing views, asking questions and encouraging me to support a variety of different proposals. These vary from supporting the Government’s proposal, to voting against it in order to either leave the EU with no deal (with a view to strike a harder Brexit), to negotiate a Norway Plus model, or hold a second referendum.
I understand and appreciate how emotive this topic is, and have taken the time to carefully consider every argument presented to me.  At no given time during this process has there been a consistent majority in favour of any one possible scenario.
A number of factors must be considered. As a constituency, Bournemouth East voted 55% in favour of leaving the EU. In May 2017, the two main parties (82.4% of the electorate) stood on manifestos to honour a ‘smooth and orderly Brexit.’
I have always been clear on my position to respect the result of the referendum and ensure my constituents have reason to continue to trust the democratic process. In 2015 we knew this was an issue too big for Parliament alone to decide, and therefore it was put to the public to exercise direct democracy.
As we know the nation voted to leave the EU – but in the absence of any manifesto stipulating what leaving the EU actually meant, the Prime Minister had to interpret the arguments made and respond with a proposal. The deal that was put before Parliament returns control of our borders, laws and spending, provides for an orderly transition, and retains a workable partnership with Europe that will enable us to establish an essential future relationship.
Where we are today is not where I wanted us to be. I want to see Britain playing a more influential role on the international stage, at a time when the world around us is getting more dangerous and complex. We are an outward looking country with a history of understanding and resolving the challenges that occur well beyond our shores. So, stepping away from an international organisation, such as the EU, even with the many flaws, does not seem logical.
Britain’s strength, developed over millennia is its commitment to democracy. Regardless of my own views it is my democratic duty as an MP to honour the referendum result by supporting this Brexit deal.
If this deal is not agreed by Parliament I cannot support Britain walking away with no deal. This would have detrimental impact on our economy, security and international credibility. The deal on the table therefore is the best available in honouring the referendum result.
If Parliament cannot agree to support this deal we must recognise that the original mandate to leave (taken over two years ago) will begin to date, and will soon no longer represent a reflection of current intent. 
Once again I am grateful for constituents getting in touch. The complexity of this debate is reflected in differences of opinion at so many levels.
Kind regards,

And here are a bunch of (IMHO) treacherous Remainers who are doing everything they can to keep us in the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, German-run EU:

10 comments to Leave should have meant leave

  • John Fields

    I have sent an E Mail to my M.P., Mr. Geoffrey Cox.
    Your M.P says that our referendum is no longer valid because of the time lapse. This time lapse was caused by this rotten government deliberately sabotaging the deal.
    Any unbiased leader would have had the whole thing sewn
    up within six months from 23rd June,2016. The people are being betrayed by the whole Establishment, i.e. both Houses of Parliament. So much for true democracy. The will of the majority is paramount. CRAP.

  • A Thorpe

    The reason we are in this position is that The Commons did not believe we would vote to leave the EU and this is why they agreed to the vote and to implement the result. There was certainly enough information telling us how bad it would be if we left. The vote revealed how utterly out of touch the MPs are with the views of their constituents and now they are desperate to regain their control over us. Democracy with universal suffrage leads to socialism because all parties have to offer more and more benefits to gain power. Thatcher was the only PM who understood this. The rest don’t care about us. They want total power and control, making us slaves to their policies and using our money to do it. Gone are the days when socialists thought revolution was the way to socialism, now they use the subtle approach and the masses fall for it. All the parties become socialist in the end. Labour still believes in nationalisation, and the Tories do it by regulation.

  • Gloria

    I used the template to write to my trough feeding MP, Mark Spencer, he posted back with a template statement pointing out that anyone using a ‘template’ isn’t worthy of a reply!

  • StuartG

    “Europe has brought us a depression worse than 1929. It has led to entire peoples being broken and humiliated, like the Greeks, all for the sake of preserving the infernal instrument of the euro. This whole disaster has been adorned by a chain of lies, shouted ever louder because they are afraid that the colossal damage they have done will be discovered.” – Claudio Borghi, Catholic University of Milan

  • Stillreading

    May has never been committed to implementing the “Leave” vote. She’s delayed and procrastinated at every possible step, has rolled over to Barnier and Druncker Juncker and ultimately has been instrumental in – at least as far as I and millions more of the electorate are concerned – the final dismantling of democracy in the UK. If/WHEN there’s another referendum, millions of the snowflake generation who weren’t old enough to vote before will endorse “Remain” and the long battle for survival of the UK as an erstwhile proud, independant nation, capable of standing on its own and making its own decisions, will be over. Quite apart from the betrayal by elected politicians of those of us who won the democratic vote to leave, can’t any of them envision the glee with which Merkel, Macron (if he survives that long, which I doubt), Juncker, Barnier and the rest will preen themselves, gloat over our ultimate defeat, and grind us even further into the EU mire? Well, I guess many of us will have been gathered in by the Grim Reaper by the time the worst happens to our country. I feel increasingly detached from it all, determined to enjoy to the utmost what increasingly little remains of my country of birth. In another half-century it will be unrecognisable, topographically, ethnically and culturally. I wish the snowflakes an ironic good luck with what they will have created.

  • William Boreham

    I see this on Brietbart today: The European Union has granted 10 million euros to university researchers studying the role of the Islamic holy book in the intellectual and religious development of countries across the continent. The large sum of cash comes from the European Research Council, a European Union body focused on scientific and technological research with researchers working on the hypothesis that the Qur’an has had a major impact on Europe throughout history. The aim of the research is said to be to “determine how the sacred text of Allah incorporated into the thought of Christians, medieval and modern, Jews, freethinkers, atheists, and European Muslims.” The secred text of Allah? Are they kidding? How about research into how many million of Christians have been murdered by Muslims over the centuries?

  • Andy

    You’d think these fuckers would take a look at what’s happening in France and realise they need to do what they’ve been told.

    You can only push people so far before the pitchforks come out.

  • Stillreading

    I have a close family member, a fluent French speaker, living in rural Northern France and I am informed that, according to what this relative is frequently told by the indigenous population, France is just waiting for us to get out of the EU before they campaign for “Frexit”. As for Macron, he is now almost universally loathed in France and it’s doubtful, according to “Figaro”, that he will survive unrtil the end of 2019.

  • A Thorpe

    @StuartG Leaving the gold standard gave the politicians the ability to print money and that is when they devalued everything but it enabled them to convince the masses that they were wealthy.

  • Philip

    My MP was recently knighted in the ”Honours List’ for spending 30 odd years in Parliament doing b***** all of any worth, apart from claiming £1.60 for light bulbs and allegedly other expenses, and of course voting Remain and standing four-square behind Theresa May. Frankly a donkey wearing the same rosette would have got in. Wasn’t there a ‘Blackadder’ episode where one of the candidates was a dachshund or was it the voter.

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