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There are only about 120,000 in Europe who want to murder us!

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There was one rather humorous aspect of this week’s terrorist attack in France. By attacking a Christmas market, you would have thought that our friend from the Religion of Peace would only slaughter us worthless, cursed infidels. But one of the four dead was actually a refugee from Afghanistan who had fled to France to escape the murderous Taliban. So the idiot terrorist managed to murder one of his own while trying to kill us. He-he-he-he!

Anyway, let’s move on to some simple arithmetic. There are around 6 million members of the Religion of Peace in France:

Of these 6 million, around 25,000 are on the police’s terrorist watch-list as posing a serious threat to us infidel swine. So 0.4% of France’s Religion of Peace population are believed by the authorities to be a real and serious danger to the public.

There are about 5 million members of the Religion of Peace in Britain. Of these around 23,000 are on the police’s terrorism watch-list – that’s over 0.4%. But it’s similar to France’s 0.4%. So, maybe we’re beginning to see something of a pattern here?

In Germany there are about 5 million members of the utmostly wonderfullest religion of all. A 2017 report by Germany’s domestic intelligence service noted that there are  25,810 “potentially Islamist individuals” in Germany. That’s around 0.5% of the German Religion of Peace population. Ooops, more of a pattern. In fact, taking these three data points, it starts to become reasonable to assume that somewhere between 0.4% and 0.5% of Europe’s most peaceful population are suspected of wanting to slaughter us worse-than-pigs infidels.

Overall in Europe, there are around 30,000,000 members of the world’s favourite and most peacefullest religion. If we assume that between 0.4% and 0.5% want to stab, behead, drive a truck over us or shoot us, that gives an army of somewhere between 120,000 and 150,000 individuals who would like to do us considerable harm. This would make Europe’s most dangerous members of the Religion of Peace the 6th largest military force in Europe:

Oh dear. That’s not so good.

And here’s the brilliant Brigitte Gabriel explaining why all it needs is a small minority to cause chaos, war and slaughter: (she uses quite different percentages of radicals to me as she’s including the 50 or so sh*tholes like Crapistan and Egypt and Syria and Algeria and Iran and Iraq etc etc where the crazies really hate us because we’re more intelligent, more hard-working, more successful and more civilised than they are and will ever be)

3 comments to There are only about 120,000 in Europe who want to murder us!

  • William Boreham

    Taking a look at the anti-Islam youtube videos I had downloaded – I now find most of them have been classified as unavailable!
    Censorship by Google it would seem.
    These are a couple still there from Douglas Murray who was banned from entering this country by that hideous hag, May, when she was Home Secretary – in case he upset our Muslim community!

  • David Craig

    I’m sorry, but I think you are confused. Douglas Murray is British and can enter the UK and stay here whenever he wants. The person Treacherous Theresa banned was Robert Spencer who writes a Jihadwatch website.

  • william boreham

    Yes of course, for some reason I always mix them up despite not looking at all like each other.
    The other one she (May) banned at the same time was the courageous Pamela Geller.
    So far Spencer and Geller don’t seem to have been banned on you tube.
    This is interesting: Mark’s (Steyn) Mailbox.
    From about 8 minutes – the Rotherham outrage – he actually met the poor girl involved.

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