June 2024

The difference between the rulers of America and Europe?

(Friday blog)

I’ve actually read the UN Compact for Migration. It is truly frightening in what we will be signing up to. If I were to pull out the two most important points, I think they would be these:

1. It’s aimed at encouraging ever-increasing migration

We commit to adapt options and pathways for regular migration in a manner that facilitates labour mobility and decent work reflecting demographic and labour market realities, optimizes education opportunities, upholds the right to family life, and responds to the needs of migrants in a situation of vulnerability, with a view to expanding and diversifying availability of pathways for safe, orderly and regular migration.

2. It aims to censor any media criticism of increasing migration

Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet-based information, including by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants, in full respect for the freedom of the media

We can already start to glimpse how this will work by looking at Justine Trudeau’s Canadistan. Metrosexual Justine has decided to give $595m over 5 years in tax breaks to media that Justine considers to be ‘eligible’ and ‘trusted’. I suspect that any media daring to criticise Justine’s plans to flood Canadistan with migrants from our favourite religion will not be considered either ‘eligible’ or ‘trusted’.

As Tommy Robinson could probably confirm, it’s a very small step from handing out taxpayers’ money to obedient “eligible” and “trusted” media to using the laws and prisons in order to “sensitize and educate media professionals on migration-related issues”.

The difference between the American and European approaches to mass migration?

Here’s the democratically-elected US President proudly displaying his hopes for his country:

And here’s the ruler of all Europe proudly displaying her hopes for her empire:

I know which one I wish was running the UK.

6 comments to The difference between the rulers of America and Europe?

  • Stillreading

    There’s little doubt that the UK will sign up to this appalling document in a fortnight’s time, because almost no ordinary UK born citizen knows about it and consequently is in a position to object. Presumably a deliberate act of deception on the part of the Government and the leftie media. Now just a very few of us do know, effective opposition is impossible because it’s far too late and anyway the vast majority of the population, even those who privately hold “regressive, populist views” are either too apathetic or too frightened to raise even the mildest squeak of opposition.
    The condescending leftist views of the BBC are epitomised daily this week in the introduction to the 15 minute mid-day R4 fiction slot, described as “biting satire on middle England”. Well, I’ve listened most days and the views of the fictional characters are generally much the same as mine and those of my friends, younger as well as older. How dare the BBC be so contemptuous of a large part of their listening public! No wonder there’s been broadcast media silence on the deplorable “UN Compact for Migration”.

  • William Boreham

    Over 5 million of Germany’s bravest and best died in WW2 and the loss of that irreplaceable gene pool is now obvious by the total lack of leadership in a country that should have been in the forefront of seeing off any Muslin threat to Europe. Think any Muslim would take the chance of trying to migrate to an area of the world where SS Panzer Divisions roamed at will? How ironic, (tragic more candidly) we here in Britain were ready to go to war over a foolish pledge to a country we had no historical connection with, a pledge we had neither the will or means to honour – but the war we started has, step by step, led to what will be the extinction of the British people, one of the most accomplished and gifted race of humans ever to inhabit this planet.

  • A Thorpe

    Now we know what the Incas, Aztecs, American Indians, Aborigines and Maoris had to suffer when Europeans invaded their lands. And that’s leaving out the British Empire and the colonisation of Africa by the Romans, the French and the Belgians as well as us.

    We are now in an era where everybody knows that there is a huge amount of wealth and everybody feels entitled to a share of it. Unfortunately, as in the past some invasions of other countries was to plunder the wealth and some created wealth (although the indigenous people were not treated well). The present invasion is of huge numbers because of population growth and it is just coming to take and we will all end up with nothing.

  • Tory Blair

    A Thorpe, The British Empire was the World has ever seen. They were the first to make the slave trade illegal and backed up that promise with military force.The Democrats in America backed slavery during the American Civil War.
    he British Empire gave us the modern World, all of us. Isembard Kingdom Brunel and those like him built the modern World.The British Empire was benevolent compared to the United Snakes and the USSR that replaced it.
    KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov said the USSR were the most destructive and evil Empire.
    There has been a Coup in the UK too as well as in the US. Evil this way comes.. as Brian Gerrish explains
    The United Snakes bombs somebody or something every 12 minutes round the clock today, they together with Snakes like Treason May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Bliar have under mined, staged coups and bombed into oblivion and still do countries such as , Libya, Iraq,Syria ,Afghanistan and want to destroy Iran and Russia if the can. They are despicable, Trump included, so dont yap on about the British Empire when todays Empire is far worse.
    The CIA and NSA illegally spy on us round the clock.The Spy cameras CCTV and facial recognition cameras and our Smart hones and Apps spy all the time.Tier 1 countries, The UK,Canada,Australia and NewZealand puppet vassal states comply passing all the info over continuely.Most of Europe is Tier2 and some countries in Asia such as Thailand and Singapore spy on us as Tier3 vassals. All the 30000 plus 711 stores in Thailand have facial recognition cameras. This info on you will be kept for ever(and used against you at a future date) but it is all Illegally obtained. The NSA and CIA are dangerous rogue institutions that should be destroyed right now, unfortunately they and their handlers have already wrested control of America.
    Whistler lower who built the NSA explains that they are totally out of control.As usual idiots are stil blabing on about the British Empire that has not existed in 70 years.

    To fund this Evil NSA ,CIA Empire $21 TRILLION DOLLARS have been stolen from the American people that are totally oblivious of the Biggest Heist in history.Too worried about their …isms and the FAKE Climate Change Bankster Ponzi scheme, they make Billions out if the scam.

    Come back A Thorpe when you have something new to tell us instead of regurgitated nonsense and rot.

  • Hairy Mary

    Women sink the unsinkable Ship..

    Gender Politics And The Sinking Of The KNM Helge Ingstad.

  • Ernie Clement

    Goldman Sacks man in charge in France demands ban of Fake news to protect democracy.

    Democracy demands free speech and the right to put forward arguments for and against its called a discussion.

    Macron is the mouth piece for a Totalitarian State .Teresa May’s love for Euroland is Love for a Tyrannical oppressive regime. Time for Regime Change, lets get the hell out and ditch the WITCH.

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