June 2024

The lies that progressive liberals tell – have they no shame?

(Thursday blog)

“Jim Acosta clearly never touched that White House Intern! That’s a lie!”

Hopefully most readers know that the Trump-hating, UK-hating, EU-loving, treacherous mainstream media will twist and spin every story to mislead and misinform us. But it’s not often we can definitely prove that the mainstream media is deliberately lying – that it’s making up totally fabricated fake news in order to attack those it loathes.

This brings us to the story of a journalist from CNN (aka the Clinton News Network), Jim Acosta, who has just had his White House press pass revoked.

If you’ve been following the Acosta the Accoster story, you’ll know that there was a bit of a scene at a White House press conference a few days ago. Usually there are (I believe) over 50 journalists present and the normal protocol is that a journalist gets to ask the President one question and then sometimes a follow-on question. Then the journalist is expected to pass the microphone on to someone else.

In the case of (IMHO) ‘lying’ Jim Acosta the Accoster, he not only asked about four or five questions but he also started preaching to Trump about the caravan of illegal migrants. Then, when a young female White House intern tried to take the microphone away from (IMHO) ‘lying’ Jim Acosta, Acosta physically pushed her away in his attempt to keep on preaching and asking questions.

Anyway, following that a vlogger called Paul Joseph Watson uploaded the video of (IMHO) ‘lying’ Jim Acosta and, while uploading the video, zoomed in on the moment when Acosta pushed the young female intern’s arm to stop her taking the microphone.

This has led to an extraordinary storm of lies and abuse from the US and UK media against Acosta’s treatment by the White House. There are two main lies the mainstream media is peddling:

  1. That the original video showing Acosta pushing the female intern is somehow doctored
  2. That Acosta never even touched the female intern

There are several videos on YouTube now from the mainstream US media and even the UK Guardian and Independent (if I remember correctly) in which supposed video experts ‘explain’ how the video was doctored to make it look like Acosta touched the young female intern. These are clearly just lies. As for the claim that Acosta at no point touched the female intern, a claim Acosta himself and several of his like-minded progressive, Trump-hating liberals have made, that is such a blatant lie that one wonders how he and his supporters can keep a straight face when lying to us.

To cut a long story short, here’s Paul Joseph Watson explaining the whole thing. Some of the best bits are around 2.20 to 3.20 minutes into the video when (IMHO) ‘lying’ Jim Acosta and others claim Acosta never touched the intern. But it’s worth watching the whole 7 minutes video.

It’s shocking how low the mainstream media has sunk due to its hatred of Trump and anyone who dares stand up for their country against the wonderful, progressive, no-borders, multi-cultural diversity the mainstream media is trying to force down our throats.

4 comments to The lies that progressive liberals tell – have they no shame?

  • William Boreham

    I have had many reservations about Trump and he hasn’t delivered on many of his election promises. But one only has to look at the anti-Trump rabble that oppose him to realise the alternative would be fairly appalling.

  • A Thorpe

    All I see is Acosta holding the mike and pointing at Trump. When the intern takes the mike his hand touches her arm. There was no deliberate touching. For goodness sake watch the video. The real issue here is Acosta not following the rules.

  • David Craig

    Come on, Acosta pushes the intern’s arm away and anyway the key issues are the lies over the video doctoring and the lies that Acosta never had any physical contact with the intern

  • John Fields

    I have watched the video 12 times. Conclusion.
    He touched her arm and her arm went down, and he said, “Pardon me Ma’am”.
    His sole purpose is not to ask questions, but to harass the President of the United States. I thought that President Trump was very cool under the circumstances.What amazes me is that all those journalists present allow this man to take up their question time with his selfish attitude. They are allowed one question with a follow up, and may be one more, maximum. Just one more sentence. I hate Corbyn, but I will vote labour next time, to end a treacherous Mrs. May and chicken hearted M.P’s.

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