June 2024

Underage girl enriched by over 100 ‘Asians’ – but it’s worth it!

(Tuesday blog)

I wanted to do a different story today. But it seems I should mention what looks like a competition among our ‘Asian’ friends to see how many can rape each white British girl they can get hold of. The latest record appears to be a young lady who was sexually abused by over 100 of our multi-cultural enriching friends before the age of 16. But as far as the ruling elites are concerned, this girl’s ordeal, and similar treatment of perhaps 30,000 white British girls like her, are a price worth paying for the diversity and multi-cultural enrichment brought to us by our ‘Asian’ co-citizens.

Here are the latest members of the Rotherham Asian Rapists Society we should thank for bringing their colourful cultural customs to our once boring country:

And here are some other members of the Rotherham Asian Rapists Society we should be grateful to for their efforts to enrich us:

And here are members of the Rochdale Asian Rapists Society:

Thank you all for your contributions to life in Britain today. And here are some enrichers from the Newcastle Asian Rapists Society:

All of Britain thanks you for the sacrifices you made leaving your wonderful homelands to come to our once great country!

And let’s not forget the fine efforts of the members of the Bradford Asian Rapists Society:

Or the Telford Asian Rapists Society:

Or the Huddersfield Asian Rapists Society:

Ooops, I almost forgot the Oxford Asian Rapists Society’s selfless contribution to diversity and enrichment:

Sorry, lads! You also did a great job – raping for Britain!

Though if there’s one certainty – had the rapists been white men and the underage female victims ‘Asian’ then the whole thing would have been stamped out years ago. But as the perpetrators were ‘Asian’ and the girls white and as most of the rapes occurred in Labour-controlled cities and towns, the authorities were only too happy to look the other way.

By the way, South Yorkshire police (in whose area many of the worst rapes occurred) apparently have so little to do that they’ve appealed to the public to report supposed ‘hate’ incidents even if these aren’t actually crimes:

No wonder our ever more useless police have become a bad joke who are despised by much of the law-abiding population and seen as irrelevant by criminals.

13 comments to Underage girl enriched by over 100 ‘Asians’ – but it’s worth it!

  • William Boreham

    They’ve won the war without firing a shot. As someone wrote: ’It’s the Demography, Stupid.’ “Replacement” fertility rate–i.e., the number you need for merely a stable population, not getting any bigger, not getting any smaller–is 2.1 babies per woman. Some countries are well above that: the global fertility leader, Somalia, is 6.91, Niger 6.83, Afghanistan 6.78, Yemen 6.75. Notice what those nations have in common? (thanks Oxfam) In not one white European country does the fertility rate of the indigenous population reach 2.1, most in the 1.3- 1.5 region, so the outcome is inevitable. Worse when these subhuman hordes reach our shores, we pay them to have MORE children. No wonder Putin is trying to get his white Russians to produce more babies, ironically, our politicians and media make out Russia to be our enemy. They may well be the only country in the world we can call on as an ally if we even do get the balls to attempt to win our country back..

  • Stillreading

    Undeniably true! Anyone who refuses to acknowledge these facts is either a self-deluding idiot or has an interest in bringing an end to the Caucasian gene pool. (Which it seems many European leaders do!) And thanks for the actual figures – we know these countries are out-reproducing the rest, but it’s salutary indeed to see by what rate. As for the cultural enrichment visited upon poor little ignorant helpless white girls in England, any comment I might wish to make would probably speedily bring the Law – particularly the Yorkshire Constabulary – immediately down upon me. (Can’t stop me or many millions more native UK citizens thinking though!)

  • John Fields

    It is amazing that we have many people in positions of authority who buried their heads in the sand and let this filth carry on for years. Now the taxpayers will have hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay to keep this scum in prison. My remedy is cheaper, a bullet in the head and deport the body.

  • TomThumb

    This website advises tourists which are the Top 20 most dangerous Countries in the World to avoid.

    Gimmegrants are arriving here daily from all of these destinations. Is it any wonder we have turned into a Third World Rapist Shit Hole?
    Answers on a postcard to Theresa May, 10 Downing Street.

  • TomThumb

    Further to the above website, it also plays the Politically Correct card by naming Thailand as number one because over 6500 people a year die in Thailand due to violence and proceeds to point the finger at hand bag snatchers in Pattaya. Not mentioning the real culprits, Muslim Terrorists in the far South(Don’t go there) and the Marxist, Commie drug gangs in the Golden Triangle on the border with Laos and Myanmar. Military check points heavily distribute far North and far South.But don’t tell anybody the truth it’s not PC.

  • Miketrenton

    Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam.Wonder what she would say about these atrocities?

  • TSouth

    Uber Libtard Justin Trudeau is questioned by Andrew Scheer as to why his party invited Jihadi Jack to Canada.Trudeau refuses to answer.

  • Cognitive Dissonance

    Perhaps someone should take Justin’s head out of his ASS and show him this..

  • TSouth

    Coma on people, get with the program.Trudeau has invited a Jihadi to Canada to reward him.The Jihadi, Isis ,rebels were all supported and created by the US(CIA),UK and there lackies the Canuck,Aussie and Kiwi politicians.

    Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely In Syria.

    The Uk enabled the arming of the Jihadi’s weapons from Syria, just ask David Cameron,Hitlery Clintons pooch.

    In his last speech, just hours before he was murdered by the Western-supported thugs the US and EU were hypocritically calling “freedom fighters”, Muammar Gaddafi said: “Now listen you, people of NATO. You’re bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration to Europe, and in the way of Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You‘re breaking it. You’re idiots, and you will burn in Hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al Qaeda. It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now.”

    Same story with UKRAINE, UK and US responsible for the carnage there too.

    Former Senator,Ron Paul says ‘CIA involved’ in government overthrow in Ukraine, war brewing over Crimea.
    From 2016..

  • Theythinkitsallover-Itisnow

    Goldman Sacks man in charge states:

    French president Emmanuel Macron plans to make France “great again” by flooding Europe with hundreds of millions of African migrants.

  • brian rodney

    I agree with John Field in that I would subject the lot of them to the ‘ Ceausescu Protocol ‘.

  • kevin george

    How has all this happened to us, have our politicians been blackmailed, do they think they are above the law, why they are evil are they not.

  • Peter Williams

    Do not forget that the greatest enrichment of all, so willingly given by these honourable fellows, is the block Labour Vote

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