June 2024

From ‘Pocahontas’ to ‘Fauxcahontas’ to ‘Jokahontas’

(Monday blog)

There’s a story from the USA which neatly sums up why the lefties are going increasingly mad with outraged frustration

Blunder + blunder + blunder

As readers will hopefully know, centre-left political parties like the Democrats in the US and Labour in the UK have abandoned what we could call ‘class politics’ and taken up ‘identity politics’. This means the Democrats and Labour no longer give a damn about the people they used to represent – the blue-collar working class because they consider the working class too stupid and too bigoted to be worth representing. Instead the Democrats and Labour have replaced the working classes with a new set of constituents – anyone who identifies as being a victim: ethnic minorities, LBGT and other (IMHO) freaks of nature, brain-dead indoctrinated students, #metoo women most of whom are (IMHO) too fat and ugly to ever have been sexually assaulted, social justice warriors spewing bile from the safety of their keyboards and anyone else with the slightest claim to any kind of victimhood.

But in the US, this new identity politics has led to at least three massive blunders by the dopey Democrats:

Blunder 1 – Crooked Hillary

According to the theory of identity politics, Hillary Clinton should have been a shoe-in for president in 2016. After all, women should have all voted for her, Hispanics should all have voted for her and African/Americans should all have voted for her. Then throw in a bunch of morons and lobotomised lefties. This means the (IMHO) repulsive, congenital liar Clinton should have had a huge majority. Sadly for Clinton, this identity politics didn’t work, lots of the supposedly ‘oppressed’ voted Trump to make America great again and the Democrats still can’t accept that their identity politics didn’t give the ‘right’ result.

Blunder 2 – Kavanaugh

Then came the Kavanaugh affair. The Democrats could have attacked Kavanaugh for a lack of legal expertise or bias in his professional judgements or something like that. But instead they decided to play the identity politics card again and, jumping on the #metoo bandwagon, produced a string of women with ever less credible stories of being sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh (all apparently encouraged by Trump-loathing lawyer Michael Avenatti who declared that he would stand as a Democrat candidate against Trump in 2020).

Using identity politics, the Democrats tried to portray Kavanaugh as a typical white male rapist who was danger to all American women. But when the first accuser, Christine Ford, was (IMHO) exposed as a congenital liar, Mr Avenatti’s other ‘victims’ sort of disappeared, the Democrat smear campaign fell apart and Kavanaugh was confirmed on the Supreme Court.

As for presidential hopeful Avenatti, I suspect most Democrat leaders would rather take a long bath in warm excrement than be seen anywhere near him.

Blunder 3 – Elizabeth Warren

And now we have the Elizabeth Warren fiasco. For decades Congresswoman Warren claimed to be ‘native American’ and to be descended from a Cherokee:

Between 1987 and 1995, Warren identified as Cherokee at two law schools where she taught, including Harvard. At the time, a Fordham Law Review article described Warren as Harvard’s “first woman of color”. Cynics have suggested that this claim to be ‘native American’ was hugely helpful in advancing both her legal and political careers:

Warren even gave a blubbing interview in which she portrayed her family as victims because her parents were, she claimed, forced to elope due to the racial discrimination her mother faced over her Indian ancestry. Documents and contemporaneous news articles, however, appear to show Warren’s parents got married in a local church ceremony. Was this a case of Sitting Bull spreading bull?

For decades nobody dared question Warren’s claims about being native American. That would have been waaacciiissssttt. Then along came Trump – a man who has the balls to call out a scam. Trump started mocking Warren calling her “Pocahontas”.  Trump even promised to donate $1m to a charity of Warren’s choice if she could prove she was a native American:

So Warren arranged a DNA test after which the tester declared that Warren had somewhere between 0.09%  and 1.5% ‘indigenous’ blood. But the tester had to include Columbian, Peruvian and Mexican DNA to achieve even this laughably pathetic result:

As soon as Warren released the results of the DNA test, the anti-Trump press all started howling their support for her claim to be Cherokee and demanded Trump pay the $1m:

Here are a few of the pro-Warren headlines:

ABC News: “Elizabeth Warren reveals proof of Native American ancestry”

AP: “Warren DNA shows Native American heritage”

CNN: “Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test with ‘strong evidence’ of Native American ancestry”

BBC: “Elizabeth Warren: DNA test finds ‘strong evidence’ of Native American blood”

USA Today: “Warren DNA shows Native American heritage”

NBC News: “Elizabeth Warren releases DNA results indicating she has Native American heritage”

Boston Globe: “Warren Reveals test Confirming Ancestry”

Reverse ferret time?

But soon even the Trump-hating media started to realise that Warren was a liar and a fraud and quickly did a classic reverse ferret:

CBS News: “Elizabeth Warren criticized for releasing DNA report”

Politico (Politico!): “Warren stumbles with ‘Native American’ rollout”

HuffPost: “Why White Americans Love To Claim Native Ancestry”

The Hill: “Dem strategist says Warren taking DNA test was ‘tone deaf’”

New York Times: Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Results Draw Rebuke from Trump and Raise Questions

USA Today: “Cherokee Nation slams Sen. Elizabeth Warren DNA test as ‘inappropriate and wrong’”

As for Warren – she has become a national joke:

I imagine her plans to run against Trump in 2020 now lie in tatters

It’s wonderful. Just in the last few weeks, with Avenatti and Warren being publicly disgraced, Trump has already steamrolled over two possible Democrat 2020 presidential candidates.

I wonder which dopey, lying Democrat will be next to be flattened by the Trump machine?

4 comments to From ‘Pocahontas’ to ‘Fauxcahontas’ to ‘Jokahontas’

  • Julia Green

    Great writing David, makes my day.

  • A Thorpe

    Are the lefties really frustrated? It is a waiting game. As the elderly die they are replaced by brainwashed younger generations who support “identity politics”.

  • David Benn

    It is being reported in the USA (although not yet by the MSM) that (a) the organisation which tested Mrs Warren’s DNA was jointly founded by her ex-husband, and (b) one of the other co-founders was the Stanford University genetics professor who actually took the DNA sample.

    And they STILL couldn’t fiddle the result?

  • Great Briton

    Well done David.
    Love your stories.
    Trump looking good for a second term

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