June 2024

“You have insulted me in every possible way”

(Friday blog)

After yesterday’s latest Brussels humiliation of the hopeless, hapless, disaster-prone, bungling Remainer treacherous Theresa May, it’s time to paraphrase Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and tell Adolf Merkel and the euro-eunuchs who hide cowering in fear behind Merkel’s huge rear end: “You have insulted me in every possible way, and can now have nothing further to say. It’s time for us to go!”

It’s also time for the squabbling supposed Conservatives to display some backbone and some testicles.

Here’s what the Tories need to do:

  1. Put in 48 letters expressing ‘no confidence’ in the pointless prevaricator Theresa May
  2. Replace the (IMHO) waste of skin May with election-winner Boris Johnson
  3. Tell the Brussels Drunk and his boss, Adolf Merkel and the 26 cowardly political pygmies, who always obey what Germany orders, that Britain will be leaving the corrupt, wasteful EU on the agreed date in 2019 on WTO terms
  4. Tell the Drunk, Merkel and the 26 cowards that Britain is open to considering anew proposals from the EU, but that Britain will no longer go grovelling to a bunch of mediocre, nobodies who have “insulted Britain in every possible way”

How anybody could want to remain part of the misnamed EU is beyond me. There is no European Union. There is just a reincarnation of the German Third Reich. Running the whole sordid mess is Angela Merkel who seems politically like a bastard child of Adolf Hitler and Erich Hoennecker:

In Brussels there’s a useless drunk who isn’t capable of stringing together a whole sentence without a drink:

Yapping away behind Merkel and the Drunk, there’s the puffed-up, arrogant necrophiliac French poodle Macron – a frontman for the globalist, banking elites:

And then there are the 26 cowards who follow Merkel’s orders “befehl ist befehl”:

These cowards have always surrendered to Germany and will always surrender to Germany.

It’s time to end this farce!

It’s time to dump May!

It’s time to tell them to stick their precious Fourth Reich where the sun doesn’t shine and become an independent country again!


8 comments to “You have insulted me in every possible way”

  • Stillreading

    The more conciliatory you are towards bullies, the more you will be bullied. Surely Theresa May must have learned this basic lesson of life by now! If not, what fantasy land has she been living in? Does she know any history? Hasn’t she heard about the outcome of Neville Chamberlain rolling over to Hitler? All the nonsense about the plight of ex-pats in EU countries and difficulties for holiday-makers entering Europe is just one more attempt at frightening the UK population. Europe likes and most certainly wants to hang on to our money enough when cross the Channel. I believe there are upwards of 25,000 French citizens working in London alone, not to mention Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Uncle Tom Cobley and all and May needs to remind The Drunk and Barnier of how we might choose to deal with them if any steps are taken against UK ex-pats. Bullies need to have their bluff called for and if May can’t – or won’t – deliver, then it’s high time for someone else to take over. We must never forget that for all her “Brexit means Brexit” mantra, she is at heart a Remoaner! Treachery, thy name is woman!

  • David Brown

    I have been posting comments on this all year on the Telegraph / Mirror / The Sun websites.
    Always saying the problem is Treason May. All her actions make perfect sense on the premise she was, aided by civil servant Olly Roberts,out to sabotage Brexit.
    First playing for time close on nine months to send article 50 notice of leave, giving time for legal challenges to be mounted.
    Appointing David Davis as an unwitting Decoy minister for Brexit who was sidelined the real dealings being by civil servants. Than her confidence trick chequers plan aimed at keeping us subservient to the EU without any veto.
    The sex Dossier on Johnson came from her office and she has also had the security services spy on genuine leave MPs.
    May by her treachery has cost us billions, apart from seeking to wreck a real leave she has made it more probable that Corbyn and his self declared Marxist shadow chancellor McDonnell will be the next Government by default. As many conservative voters will not turn out.

  • chris

    The MP’s like BJ who have written to her saying that her Chequers proposal will damage the electorate’s trust in democracy are deluded. TM does not care about democracy or the Conservative Party. Being a DINK, she has no stake in the future of our country nor, I suspect, the Conservative Party.

  • John Fields

    Great blog Mr. Craig. Thank you.
    As a world war 2 veteran I believe it is now time to
    show the world that we still have that fighting spirit.
    Bollocks to Europe. We will be better as a world trader,
    free to pursue our destiny.

  • A Thorpe

    After another depressing Question Time last night I reached the same conclusion. All we have with the EU is another attempt by Germany to take control of Europe. They know that force will not work but they have discovered a better alternative. We saw how little regard they had for East Germany when the wall came down. The East Germans were not given the chance of becoming an independent country.

    All politicians are effectively using democracy to gain more control over us. Democracy isn’t about freedoms anymore, it is about people voting for the politicians who promise them what they cannot get by their own efforts. The politicians are able to do this because they gave themselves the right to take what they want from our pockets and they have ensured that if we refuse to comply we will be jailed. May is a master at this. Earlier in the year she was asking us to give just a little bit more to fund the NHS. What she was saying is I am going to take what I want from you and there is nothing you can do about it. The other ploy they use is to keep telling us that we are better off together.

    Poor Corbyn and McDonnell are the old style socialists who believe in state ownership. The EU has moved on. Instead it uses heavy regulation to control industry and business and adds in equality and human rights to give them even more control. They have made he entire EU uncompetitive compared to China and Asia. Germany tried to destroy Europe with wars and now it will destroy our economy and culture.

    I don’t agree that Johnson is electable. In fact who is there except Jacob Rees-Mogg and he rules himself out at the moment. This is the other achievement of the EU – they have emasculated polticians in every EU country.

    All I hear now in connection with Brexit is the NI border. All other aspects no longer seem to matter. I did a search of all the documents I saved during the referendum debate and I cannot find one that mentions the NI border.

    I also disagree strongly with the comment made by Chris about Mrs May. It is the same argument being used by Remainers that want to have another vote because some elderly who they assume voted to Leave will now have died and some young who will now have a vote will obviously vote to remain. It is utter nonsense. We cannot predict the future and plan for it now. We cannot even get the present correct, or at least our useless politicians can’t.

  • chris

    I did not say that….I want to leave even if I’m poorer, disadvanted …I do not advocate any more votes…she’s the 5th column…freedom is worth more than an easy life

  • John Fields

    Northern Ireland has always been one of our biggest headaches.
    Also, in the referendum the greater percentage voted to remain.
    There are 56 million English and we voted to leave, 56.7% to 43.3%.
    To me the solution is obvious. Give both
    Northern Ireland and Scotland the independence that they desire, and we all go home

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