June 2024

How the Izlumophiliac media manufacture fake news

(Tuesday blog)

I found this story interesting. I’ll just summarise it briefly, then you can read the whole story if you like.

Tommy Robinson did an hour-long interview with Sky News. In it he was asked a question about an educational film made by the Dutch Government warning Dutch girls about the dangers of being groomed and then lured into sex, rape and prostitution by our dear friends from our most favourite religion.

The interviewer asked whether Tommy Robinson didn’t think that this film would incite fear of those from our favourite religion. He replied that he didn’t care if “it” (the film) incited fear as long as it protected young girls from being raped. Sky News then took this answer to a question about the Dutch Government film and made it look like Tommy Robinson was actually saying that he didn’t mind if “he” (his views) incited fear of our Izlumic friends. here’s the headline Sky News used for the interview: “Tommy Robinson: I don’t care if I incite fear of Muslims”

But can we trust what Tommy Robinson claims? Well, yes we can. Expecting that Sky News would twist his answers against him, he got his cousin to secretly record the whole interview.


Tommy Robinson says he’s going to sue Sky – I really hope he does!

Here’s the story:

1 comment to How the Izlumophiliac media manufacture fake news

  • chris

    I saw this (so called) interview on U tube. Kirsty Wark was unpleasantly aggressive and interrupted Tommy whenever he made a good point. I never watch BBC and she and her comrade(so called) presenters are the main reason.

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