June 2024

Even the UN admits Sweden is f****d

(Wednesday blog)

The UN is working on producing something called the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI classes countries according to quality of life factors such as healthcare, education, employment, housing, crime levels etc.

One group of countries in the UN HDI are those considered to have a very high HDI. You can see a list of those countries here:

This list shows the actual positions for countries in 2010 and 2015 and the projected positions of those countries in 2020, 2025 and 2030. Most countries stay at around the same position in each of the lists. But there are two glaring exceptions: Sweden and Belgium.

Here’s Sweden’s position: 2010 – 15, 2015 – 25, 2020 – 25, 2025 – 36, 2030 – 45

And Belgium’s position: 2010 – 17, 2015 – 24, 2020 – 24, 2025 – 31, 2030 – 40

Here’s the bottom part of the HDI list for countries with a high HDI in 2030. Sweden, once wealthy, developed, civilised, peaceful, successful Sweden is forecast to provide a lower quality of life for its citizens than countries like Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and Libya:

30  Poland 943
31  Qatar 941
32  Cuba 939
33  Latvia 936
34  UAE 934
35  Lithuania 934
36  Portugal 933
37  Mexico 923
38  Bahrain 921
39  Costa Rica 920
40  Belgium 920
41  Bulgaria 918
42  Kuwait 909
43  Argentina 908
44  Libya 907
45  Sweden 906

I wonder if the dopey, lefty, rapefugee-loving Swedes are aware of their bright future?

Of course, this is just a forecast, but it’s telling us something.

So, what do Sweden and Belgium have in common? Ummm, well. I can only think of one thing – they both have massive and rapidly increasing immigrant populations, they both have large areas of their main cities that are filthy, violent, sh*t-hole Third-World no-go areas.

This gives me an excuse to show some Swedish totty:

And the reality Swedes now have to face:

This is quite ironic really. On the one hand, the virtue-signalling, progressive, libtard UN is forever preaching to us that we need more immigration and more multi-cultural enrichment:

Yet, on the other hand, the UN’s own figures are telling us that the higher immigration is to a country, the lower will be the quality of life in that country.

As for the stupid, cowardly Swedes and Belgians they keep voting for ever more diversity and ever more multi-cultural enrichment. So they’re getting what they wanted – the transformation of their countries into Third-World hell-holes:

2 comments to Even the UN admits Sweden is f****d

  • William Boreham

    And just when we desperately need cultural and religious warriors in organisations big and influential enough to combat the illogical spread of Dark Age Islam, like the Catholic Church for instance; instead of another Pope Urban II, we unfortunately got a half-witted Pope Francis. Looking at that Human Development Index, I see there are 46 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa! 46 countries generating the greatest population explosion in history with half of them headed for the Mediterranean and on to Europe and then on to the first choice ultimate welfare paradise – the UK. Thanks Oxfam and ‘Save the Children,’ you’ve pulled off the greatest con-trick in history.

  • leila

    Heartbreaking. If the Catholic church has mice what does the COE have? The ghastly Welby proceeded by a decade of the druid. Born and raised in Africa I recognise the crazed savage faces at the barrier. Every description of them in this blog applies. Solutions? Ten thousand++ marching om small p parliament at its opening and denying access with prepared list of complaints? a huge law suite ( crowd funded) to sue the bastards in government?? for surely they are guilty of treason.

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