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Tourists – don’t go to Sadiq Khan’s London! It’s too dangerous!

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Is your home really insured?

First a warning: Sitting in my bank for over two hours while they tried (not too hard) to find some money that had gone walkabout, I started flicking through a local estate agent’s magazine. I came across one article on home insurance. In it the writer claimed that, when you left your home unoccupied (even for a few minutes), unless all doors and windows were locked and unless all keys from the inside of doors and windows were removed then, if you had a burglary, your insurance company would refuse to cover you. Apparently, in the small print of many home insurance policies is an obligation on the homeowner to lock and remove the keys from the inside of all doors and windows.

If this article is right then, given that many people will often leave an upstairs window open when they are out and given that many people leave the keys on the inside of locked doors and windows, this means that many of us aren’t actually insured even though we think we are.

Perhaps you should check this with your home insurer?

Tourists – don’t go to Sadiq Khan’s London!

Now that only one in three  ‘Londoners’ is actually white British, London’s multi-cultural-enriching mayor, Sadiq Khan, can be sure that he’ll be re-elected time after time after time. In fact, given London’s demographics, it was an incredible achievement that former mayor Boris Johnson managed to get elected twice.

And now with Mayor Khan firmly and lucratively ensconced in the mayor’s office, lucky Londoners are benefiting from Mayor Khan’s ever so sympathetic approach to members from London’s multi-cultural-enriching communities – crime is soaring!

One of the most popular crimes at the moment seems to be moped crime – robberies and acid attacks:

I believe that now a mobile phone is stolen in London every five minutes. So you can hardly claim our multi-cultural communities aren’t hard-working. That’s a lot of phones to steal. And, even if you don’t have your phone stolen, someone will probably stab you now that most ‘Londoners’ seem to carry knives:

So, what are the police doing? Well, not much actually. Here are London’s two intrepid crime fighters:

Impressive, huh?

Under their brilliant leadership an amazing 3% of moped crimes are solved. So, the message to moped robbers is “hey guys, with Khan and Dickless in charge, you’ve got a 97% chance of getting away with your crimes”.

Though this is hardly surprising when ordinary police aren’t allowed to chase moped criminals in case the moped criminals’ human rights are affected by them getting hurt falling off or crashing their mopeds. And, of course, in the incredibly unlikely event of moped criminals being caught, the courts will let them off anyway. After all, persecuting someone like Tommy Robinson is much more important to our police and judges than dealing with real criminals.

Or perhaps London’s police are too busy attending Gay Pride marches encouraging Mayor Khan’s beloved ‘diversity’ to do any real policing?

A cynic might be tempted to conclude:

And here, for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, is my own personal tribute to Cressida Dickhead:

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