July 2022
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University – how, for too many, a dream has become a nightmare!

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Here’s a link to an article in Saturday’s Daily Mail based on my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON.

So far, around 0.5% (no, that’s not 5%, it’s 0.5%) of readers have shown support for my modest blogging efforts by buying a copy. Hopefully that number will increase? I don’t need the money – but I do believe this is an important story that people need to know about.

So, if you know anyone at Uni or anyone with children either at Uni or thinking of going to Uni, why not buy them a copy?

2 comments to University – how, for too many, a dream has become a nightmare!

  • Alan Thorpe

    I’m sorry that you feel this way about the book sales. I have a collection of downloaded books, some just previews, and there just is not enough time to read them all. It comes down to what is important and how much more we want to know about a subject. There is nothing new in the Daily Mail article. I have no family so my interest would not be based on your last paragraph, it is the impact on our economy and the poor education that students are getting. Why is there such concern about encouraging well educated immigrants? Because our education system is failing the country. All I see of younger people is that they want to go to university and they will vote for any party that makes it free. They are unlikely to pay off the debt anyway so taxpayers will pick up the bill. You only have to look at some of the rubbish that professors trot out, Prof Brian Cox on climate change is a disgrace and complete lies. Look at the YouTube video of a Cambridge University to see the completely irrational thinking of students on science and economics. I suspect your book is, unfortunately too depressing for many to read.

  • Julia Green

    Book arrived today, looks very well researched. I’ll be buying more for friends who still think that sending their kids to University is a great middle class dream, even when they see so many young people leaving university as Corbynista MORONS incapable of working or tying their shoelaces. I told my son university was a waste of time, he got a good job straight after his A levels, now he is surrounded by adults in a real business, after less than a year the difference between him as a sensible, interesting young man and his daft Uni friends is stark; they are still children and even more stupid than when they finished their A levels. Universities are incubators of Guardianista ‘thinking’ which isn’t thinking at all, it’s propaganda.

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