June 2024

The Remoaners strike back

(Wednesday blog)

The Remoaners have a wonderful new plan

As you’ll all know, the Remoaners want a new vote on leaving/staying in the EU. The first deceit the Remoaners are using is to call this second referendum a “People’s Vote”. But we already had a people’s vote in which around 34 million people voted. But the Remoaners try to gloss over that by dishonestly claiming people didn’t know what they were voting for.

Moreover, the Remoaners know that, if we had a second referendum, the Leavers would probably win by a larger margin as people are getting so fed up with the whole nonsense. But the Remoaners have a cunning plan. Instead of there being just two choices in their “People’s Vote” – Remain or Leave – the Remoaners want 3 choices. These would be: Remain, Soft Brexit (leave under whatever May agrees with the EU) or Hard Brexit (leave on World Trade Oganisation rules). If we’re given these three choices, the Remoaners know that “Remain” will get about 40% of votes while the other 60% will be split between Soft Brexit and Hard Brexit. This will give the Remoaners the excuse to claim that there is a “clear majority” for staying in the EU.

So, please, don’t get taken in by the Remoaners’ lies. Like anyone from the corrupt, wasteful, German-run EU they wouldn’t recognise democracy if it hit them in the face.

Electoral Commission bias

The other ‘argument’ the Remoaners are using to demand their “People’s Vote” is their claim that the Leavers cheated during the 2016 Referendum by breaching spending limits. They, of course, don’t mention the £9 million Cameron’s government spent sending a pro-EU booklet to every home in the country. Instead they focus on the few hundred thousand pounds the (IMHO) totally biased Electoral Commission claims were overspent by the Leave campaign. Incredibly, the government’s booklet was called: “Why the government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK”.

(Here’s a link)

Arron Banks from Leave.EU issued a statement: “The Electoral Commission is a ‘Blairite Swamp Creation’ packed full of establishment ‘Remoaners’ that couldn’t quite make it to the House of Lords, but managed to get their noses in the trough via appointment to public bodies like the Electoral Commission“.

“We view the Electoral Commission announcement as a politically motivated attack on Brexit and the 17.4m people who defied the establishment to vote for an independent Britain”.

“But don’t take my word for it. In the own words of the EC chairman, Sir John Holmes, ‘The Brexit Campaign was a panoply of Eurosceptic nonsense!’

“Other board members have weighed in with comments like, ‘Tony Blair was spot on when he declared Brexit was not inevitable’ and another commented that the young should not be bound by the result of the referendum.

But who are the Electoral Commission? Well some unkind individuals have suggested that they’re nothing but a bunch of privileged, elitist, pro-EU Remoaners:

So, please let me remind you precisely where the Electoral Commission’s loyalties lie:

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  • Alan Thorpe

    The entire process is a complete shambles because the EU did not think out the process in any detail in Article 50. My understanding is the European Parliament has to vote on the agreement. How can our parliament vote on anything until the EU Parliament has voted? The idea of two years of negotiations being thrown out by either parliament show how ill defined the process has been. We cannot have a vote on Remaining until that has also been negotiated. The EU will not allow us to remain without joining the Euro and giving up our rebate. Cameron’s pointless new terms, now not available, prove that we will remain and completely new terms. The entire political establishment of the EU and UK is entirely dishonest.

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