June 2024

OMG! OMFG! I’m “cisgender” and “heteronormative”!

(Thursday blog)

Yesterday I made two horrific discoveries. I’m “cisgender” (also known as “cis”) and I’m also “heteronormative”. In these times of gender fluidity, transgenderism, self-defining and LGBTblah blah blah, to be both cisgender and heteronormative is apparently a total disaster.

What? Didn’t you know what “cisgender” and “heteronormative” mean? OMG! OMG! OMFG! How prehistoric you must be! A cisgender person is someone who believes that they are the gender which they were born with. So, if they’ve got a dick, they believe they are male and if they’ve got one of these:

then they believe they are female. Yup, there really are still throwbacks like myself who identify with the gender they were born with.

As for being “heteronormative” – a “heteronormative” person is a kind of homphobic, transophobic, lesbophobic sexual fascist who ludicrously assumes that it is normal for males and females to be in a relationship and that gay couples, trans couples, lesbo couples, bi-couples and all such other permutations are not totally biologically normal.

I found a great (for “great” read “utterly laughable”) article in the lefty libtard Huffington Post where one of these sexually-fluid creatures bleats about how awful it is when a heteronormative person assumes you are cisgendered. Here’s just a very short extract:

You are imposing your concept of those things onto me, enforcing a binary that is paradoxical. Moreover, you are denying the gender fluidity of those who have a penis and identify as male, but prefer women’s underwear or wear makeup or transgress norms in innumerable other ways. Adding more labels — like “cisgendered male transvestite” — in order to justify your act of aggression defeats the purpose of simplifying things with words like “cisgendered.”

What is perhaps most disturbing in being called “cisgendered,” is that it imposes an identity on me. Doing so invalidates my complicated experience of gender. Don’t tell me that I am somehow normatively gendered for my body when my life experience has led me through periods of deep confusion about my gender identity and living as gender queer. How is living gender queer normative? How does that reconcile with the sex and gender roles society associates with having a penis? Moreover, you don’t get to make a reductive statement about my gender identity or how I embody my gender while trying to argue for recognition of the diversity of other peoples’ embodied genders. If you are going to argue for a less simplistic reading of others’ embodied genders, than you have to do so with mine too. That includes recognizing that as a queer person, I’m automatically not inhabiting the normative roles society has constructed for those with a penis. My behavior, and sexual and romantic attachments aren’t normative for “men.” My intuitiveness isn’t normative. My choices of profession haven’t been normative. My mode of speech isn’t normative.

By imposing the label “cisgendered” onto me, you do me psychological and intellectual violence.

And here’s a very brief video explaining how devastating it can be when a heteronormative person treats you as …….

Sorry, I’m stopping now – there’s only so much politically-correct total bollox one can write in a day:

7 comments to OMG! OMFG! I’m “cisgender” and “heteronormative”!

  • Stillreading

    I grew up – thankfully – at a time when “gay” was an adjective in common use and meant happy, merry, light-hearted. Like most girls in single-sex schools, in adolescence I and my friends passed through periods of intense emotional attachments to older girls or female teachers. We called these “crushes”. I assume boys had similar experiences. It was an accepted phase of development. The vast majority of us were neither lesbians nor homosexual males and in the fullness of time became fulfilled wives, husbands and parents. The encouragement to self-identify at an early age as being of the gender other than that indicated by one’s genitalia seems merely yet another indication of the disintegration of Western society. It is, surely, perverse to present 5 year old children with story books which present single-sex parentage as “normal”. It is not and will not be until two men or two women can parent a baby without physiological input from the opposite gender. Western society is now thoroughly self-indulgent, undisciplined, unchallenged by REAL crises of the kind experienced by our parents and their forebears, such as conscription in order to fight for one’s country, genuine poverty, unavailability of health care for those who could not pay. Surely a society cannot survive indefinitely if apparently ever more of its members abhor sexual contact with the opposite gender? (This does not seem to be an affliction suffered by the native inhabitants of the African continent!)

  • David Craig

    What a disgraceful comment! I imagine you are also cisgender and heteronormative – just like me. We should both be ashamed of our selves and stop all our many microagressions against those who choose a more gender fluid lifestyle

  • Sean Katil

    Yeah, I don’t understand these people and have no desire to learn. I’ve been on this planet for 70 years and agree entirely with Stillreading that our future looks bleak.

    And, today’s news….
    Maybe it wasn’t the Russians after all. If I were a clever terrorist, I would first try my poison on a Russian couple knowing well that the Russian state would get the blame.
    Just a thought…

  • Betterdedthanred

    It gets worse,
    The drip drip of Cultural Marxist Hell increases slowly like a cancer. The latest order form the Commissars.If nobody stands up to them they will make our lives hell.

    Parents Furious As UK Secondary Schools Ban Skirts To “Accommodate” Trans Students.

  • Betterdedthanred

    The World Cup isn’t over yet in Russia and already the UK is concocting and spouting Anti Russia BS.
    Latest lies:

    UK Police Confirm 2nd Critically Ill Couple Poisoned With Novichok Nerve Agent.

    The UK Working for the US masters of course:

    Former US Ambassador Confirms Intel Report On Russian Interference “Politically Motivated”

  • A Thorpe

    It’s no wonder we do not have lunatic asylums any more. The earth seems to be providing this facility for the entire universe.

  • Stillreading

    Indeed yes David. I apologise to the modern world for my antediluvian views. Mea Culpa!! In fact, during my long life I have been well acquainted with two lesbian couples and three male homosexual couples, and very pleasant people they all were – at least in my view. They lived together, diligently pursued their various professions, shared my fundamental values and did not volubly and aggressively proclaim their sexual orientation to the predominantly heterosexual world. They just got on with their lives. Some men and women are, indeed, “born” homosexual, exactly why that should be the scientific world has not yet been able to determine. Pre-natal physiological influences at a critical time of development, which affect the foetal brain, are probably responsible. That is a quite different issue from the present trend actively to encourage children to question their gender. We all know that homosexual practices were common in Ancient Greece and during the Roman empire. Both civilisations went into terminal decline. Readers may come to their own conclusions.

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