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“Go get stuffed!”

(Tuesday blog)

When being interviewed by the always biased BBC or the (IMHO) self-important, virtue-signalling, brainless lefty libtards on C4 News, our cowardly, West-hating, globalist politicians always grovel and squirm to show how politically-correct they are.

After all, even the slightest deviation from the media-accepted level of political correctness would result in them being called “racists”, “homophobes”, “Izlumophobes”, “transophobes”, “ageists”, “fascists” and of course, “Hitlers”. And the slightest deviation from political correctness would also lead to their reputations and careers being destroyed.

Thankfully, those who lead countries like Poland and Hungary are proud of their countries and their traditions and aren’t cowed by the likes of Cathy Newman, Kristen Guru-Something, Emily Maitlis or Jon “F*ck-the-Tories” Snow with his colourful ties and socks rather pathetically (IMHO) showing what a unique individual he is.

Thankfully, politicians from countries like Poland and Hungary are prepared to tell our holier-than-thou, rapefugee-loving interviewers to “go get stuffed!”


Here’s a “go get stuffed!” to C4’s Kathy Newman from Poland:


And here’s a “go get stuffed” to the BBC’s Emily Maitlis from Hungary:

6 comments to “Go get stuffed!”

  • Brian Rodney

    Emily Maitlis ( and her handlers ) consider that they are representing the British people, which could not be further from the truth – the majority of Brits would certainly be cheering for the Hungarian minister.

  • Simon Hunt

    That guy is superb. Why can’t we be represented by politicians who have principles & represent the will of the people. The U.K. is in terminal decline. The destruction of industry, manufacturing & society are in terminal decline. For those of us who remain it will simply be a question of survival on this overcrowded hell hole. The politicians of all flavours must be so proud.

  • Stillreading

    Nothing we can do about it now folks! Those of us who saw the threat to the UK of an alien culture some three decades ago were lone voices crying in the wilderness. We still are – except that there are now many millions more UK voices joined with us, but they are silent, since their owners dare not speak. Let’s be thankful for this glorious weather and what remains of the countryside and seaside still to be enjoyed in our beautiful country. Wimbledon isn’t bad either! Virtually all competitors can be trusted to behave consistently well and those who for all I know may be L,G,B or T have the grace to refrain from continually bruiting it about. The spectators behave decently too and I will refrain from commenting on their apparent predominant cultural affiliation! A rare treat all round in this age of consistent vulgarity. I fear greatly for the long-term futures of my young grandchildren. As European politics are looking at the moment, I would advise emigration to Poland or Hungary as a preferential option.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t think this is really about immigration, it is about the spread of socialism. All western countries are now well down the path of socialism. There will be no recovery except going through absolute poverty which socialism creates. Democracy and the political parties are the fundamental driver, but perhaps not intentionally. All the political parties want power and will do anything to achieve and retain it. As soon as one party adopts socialist policies of redistributing wealth the rest have to follow to get elected. The socialist no longer talk of socialism. It is disguised as equalitarianism and human rights which you can clearly see in these two videos. By taking this approach the socialists have taken the high moral ground in the eyes of the masses. The EU has only one objective which is the creation of the socialist state of Europe.

    State sponsored equalitarianism and rights is nothing of the kind. Libertarian thinkers in the past realised that liberty, equality and morality were not compatible with state control. This is easy to see. If the state believed in personal freedom it would allow people to opt out of the theft of their money by the state which is the source of state power and forced acceptance of state services. Given the choice the biggest tax payers would opt out and the state would collapse because those who believe in state control and shared income are not capable of earning enough to support themselves through taxation. The responsible are made victims by the state and the irresponsible are rewarded. This is how socialism spreads. More immigrants means more depending on the state, allowing it to increase its power even more.

    The western states encourage immigration because they support corrupt governments and dictatorships to encourage immigration. Then bombing in the false claim of protecting us adds to the problem.

  • Stillreading

    “The responsible are made victims by the state and the irresponsible are rewarded.” Undeniable, but what happens when there is no longer sufficient tax take from the rich to provide the easy life the socialist masses have been told they can have? We oldies know; we’ve seen it already, more than once. Invariably a Labour government destroys the economy, the populace ceases to enjoy the cushy life it was promised, becomes disillusioned, and elects a capitalist government which imposes austerity in order to stabilize the economy. Except that this time around, they don’t seem to be doing so. Why not is a whole different issue, but a Tory political administration whose individual members seem largely motivated by flagrant self-interest may have something to do with it. The future is dire. Given that in many immigrant families neither parent is in paid work although producing six or more children, some of whom owing to certain cultural practices are severely disabled and consequently very costly to support, I’d like a leftie libtard to explain to me how the UK will be able to provide even rudimentary support in future years for those who cannot or will not work or to pay any sort of State Pension to those too old to work. Actually I’d like the current Tory government to explain it to me!

  • Betterdedthanred

    Its Cultural Marxism, the Evil that rules us today.Ron Paul says it well below about American Culture, I think Britain is worse,more degenerate as intended by the Cultural Marxists, destroy our culture,history ,heritage and people.No politician has the guts in Britain to speak the truth.What a despicable nation or zone of Euro Marxist land we have become.

    Ron Paul
    Are you stunned by what has become of American culture?

    Are you confused as to how every moral principle could be turned on its head so quickly?

    Well, it’s not an accident.

    You’ve probably heard of “Cultural Marxism,” but do you know what it means?

    Marxists, after the tremendous failure of their *economic* ideas, decided to change their angle of attack. There was no way that people could be convinced that Socialism is economically superior to Capitalism.

    Socialism produced tyranny and death in the hundreds of millions, while Capitalist nations were bursting with wealth.

    So, Marxists shifted to targeting culture instead of the economy.

    If Cultural Marxists could *destroy the culture* of Capitalist nations, *then* they would try to use the opportunity to change the governments and economies to their Socialist utopia.

    If the people can’t think straight, perhaps then Socialism could be shackled onto them.

    Marxists just shifted their targets.

    Their original argument of workers being *exploited* by capitalists, didn’t sell. It’s obviously not the case.

    So Marxists just shifted their “exploitation” schtick to culture:

    – women exploited by men

    – gays exploited by heterosexuals

    – The old exploited by the young…and vice-versa

    – This list goes on and on.

    Anything that is true is to be twisted like a pretzel — to the point where people can’t tell what is true anymore.

    How do you think they’re doing?

    Had enough yet?

    Then don’t be afraid to stand up for truth, and speak it!

    Otherwise, history can most definitely repeat itself.

    And the history of Socialism is as nasty and brutish as it gets. Nothing compares to it in terms of human suffering.

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