June 2024

Does feminism make you ugly?

(Thursday blog)

I’m sorry. I hate myself for my antediluvian  views. But I found this video, sent by a reader, funny. What a horrible person I am – so politically-incorrect, so unlibtardian.

If I hate myself for my politically-incorrect views, would that be a ‘hate crime’? Should I go and report myself to my local plod for hate thoughts?

Anyway here’s the video – Does feminism make you ugly?

4 comments to Does feminism make you ugly?

  • Simon Hunt

    “Does feminism make you ugly?” Yes.

  • Sean Katil

    Where do these women get their ideas from?
    School, university, social media, bars, clubs?
    And who tells them they look good?
    What a strange world!

  • Stillreading

    Well, I’m a essentially a feminist and support most of the ideals (ideas?) of fellow feminists. But I can assure readers most feminists do NOT, never have, never WILL aspire to look like the grotesque parodies of womanhood depicted in the video. Such females do the cause of equality for women no favours at all. So do not, please, tar us all with the same brush. It IS possible to be a feminist and feminine! It is also possible to be a feminist whilst liking and enjoying the company of men. The vast majority of feminists are not members of the LGBT brigade.

  • Julia Green

    God, that’s funny. I must now go and turn myself into the police for laughing in public.

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