June 2024

Organ/blood donation – some give, some take!

(Weekend blog)

Following my blog yesterday about the Albanian piece of sh*t who lied her way to a free kidney transplant thus condemning a British person on the waiting list to an early death, a reader wondered whether ethnic minorities were well-represented in organ and blood donations.

You can probably guess the answer.

But rather than me giving my biased, ignorant, worthless opinions, here’s part of an article from the British Medical Journal which seems to answer the reader’s question:

According to an article in the British Medical Journal “there has been a huge failure to boost organ donation from members of black, Asian, and other minority ethnic communities. It is a similar story with the registration of donors for blood stem cell transplantation, with severe shortages of minority ethnic  donors skewing the cell type matches available.

Ethnic minorities constitute 10.8% of the UK population but are over-represented on organ waiting lists (24%) and under-represented on the ODR (Organ Donation Register). Of actual organ donors, only 4.2% are from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Although minority ethnic registrants on the ODR increased by 61.3% between 2008 and 2012, the actual numbers remain small (73,512 on 31 March 2008 and 118,598 four years later), and the increase equates to only 2.8% and 3.5%, respectively, of all registrants with known ethnicity.

Relatives of non-white people are also less likely than white people to give consent for organ donation from loved ones who have died in appropriate circumstances for donation (30.3% v 68.5% for donation after brain death).

For these reasons minority ethnic people have longer median waiting times for organs. This is predominantly a consequence of biological differences between ethnic groups because of disparate frequencies of different blood groups and particular combinations of alleles for human leucocyte antigen found in members of different ethnic communities.

A new approach should be to tackle the elephant in the room: the problem of apathy or so called free riders—people who are happy to receive an organ but not to donate.

We’re constantly being told by the progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling libtards that it’s our fault ethnic minorities don’t integrate.

Is it really our fault that ethnic minorities are so keen to benefit from organ and blood donations but less than enthusiastic about donating themselves?

Oh, and here to cheer us all up is Sweden’s total surrender of their country to the invading hordes – yup, it’s time for Swedes to integrate with the new arrivals rather than the new arrivals adapting to the Swedish/European way of life!

By the way, please note the subliminal message sent by the use of the young lady at the end of this short (one minute) video. I think this is letting Swedes know who their new rulers will be:

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  • hev

    since the English have mainly group O and A blood types and there are more Gp B in Eastern races they might run out if not donating blood. I hope we do not use all the Gp Oneg on them(universal donor type)

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