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Australia’s secret shame – live sheep exports to our halal-slaughtering friends in the Middle East

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Every year millions of live sheep are shipped in horrendous conditions from Australia to a barbaric death in the Middle East. But some are perhaps lucky – the conditions on the ships are so horrendous that they die before our Arabian friends get the chance to slit their throats

Many die of stress, heat exhaustion and thirst

Their bodies are piled up around the ships

Many lambs born during the voyage die

The rotting bodies are dumped into the sea

I imagine they can’t be killed humanely in Australia and their frozen bodies shipped to our Arab friends as that would deprive our Middle Eastern chums the pleasure of halal slaughter.

Are Australians proud of this animal misery?

8 comments to Australia’s secret shame – live sheep exports to our halal-slaughtering friends in the Middle East

  • Gloria

    Truly scandalous.

  • Disgusting video.

    Australians should not swim in the Islamic cesspool.

    The stank of death is hard to get rid of.

  • brane pilot

    This is the naked face of Western culture that believes in nothing, encountering Islamic culture that believes it is everything. The slaughter God of Islam must be appeased with bloody ritual cruelty. And there is money to be made by those who believe in nothing and have sheep to sell. A deal made in heaven, wouldn’t you think?

  • Sarah

    It makes absolutely no sense to breed and raise sheep in AUSTRALIA and then ship them all the way over to the Middle East whilst still alive, so they can be slaughtered over there.

    I don’t care about Islam. It is not a good enough excuse. I am not an animal rights protester or PETA devotee, I eat meat – I’m just a normal Australian – and seeing these images and knowing full well that this is going on and has been going on for years and years and years – makes me sick to the stomach.

    Islam is a ***** ****** ***** ***** on the human species. Appeasing those who choose to devote themselves to it, is pathetic. They can practice it all they like – but not when it impacts the rest of us in any way, shape or form.

    If the Muslims won’t buy lamb from us that has been slaughtered in Australia and then shipped – then let them raise their own herds. They can starve for all I care.

    Because we all know why they can’t supply enough for their own consumption, don’t we?

  • Eric

    They need imported lambs because the local arabs are too busy shagging the local ones and just cannot let go of them

  • Trudie

    This is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. How can anyone do such a terrible thing, the torture and pain these poor animals suffer is intolerable and needs to be stopped somehow. The Muslims should raise their own animals in their country so these poor creatures don’t suffer. Slaughterhouses in the Uk are bad enough. I’m sick of seeing video clips with all this cruelty and bowing down to the Halal religion of what we can and can’t do. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Gavin

    The backwards and barbaric religion of peace.

  • Ondrej

    I wouldn’t blame the religion of peace for this but rather those who willingly accept money from them. As long as governments/organisations are happy to trade with islamists, nothing will change.

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