June 2024


(weekend blog)

Can’t type due to a hand injury. So here are some photos taken yesterday of some of the ten fox cubs which have taken up residence in my back garden

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  • daveh

    Cute little things, just a pity they’re vermin !.

    Nothing too serious with the hand i hope.


  • twi5ted

    The foxes in this part of London are much more efficient at clearing food waste than the local council who are happy to leave stinking food scraps for weeks on end if the bin is not in the perfectly defined position. Whereas the foxes come each night and the pavement is spotless in the morning.

  • Stillreading

    Much of England is now truly filthy. I drive a 30 mile stretch of the A3 regularly and the litter strewn verges indicate a total disregard for what remains of our green and not-so-pleasant land. They are a repository for everything from huge builders’ bags crammed with rubbish, through tyres and other scarcely identifiable bits of motor vehicle and sundry lumps of wood, to plastic food and drink containers presumably chucked from windows of passing vehicles once the occupants have ceased consuming the contents. Minor rural roads are not much better – in my area the best part of a year’s roadside grow has recently been cut back, revealing vast quantities of junk – plastic bags of all shapes and sizes, drinks bottles large and small, fast-food containers, coffee mugs, plus of course the remnants of illicit fly-tipping. All it seems to me indicative of total absence of any national pride or sense of how to behave decently.

  • Julia Green

    I’m just back from Majorca, no litter anywhere. Maybe it’s because the police have a certain reputation for breaking heads.

    I hope your hand is better!

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