June 2024

More Russian propaganda – former Czech President criticises Europe’s ruling elites

(Thursday blog)

Russian TV station, RT, just keeps on pumping out totally ludicrous propaganda.

Here’s a brief video of an interview from RT with former Czech president, Vaclav Klaus (2003-2013). In it Klaus makes five obviously crazy suggestions:

  • That freedom of speech in Europe is limited to parrotting the views of the progressive, European elites
  • That most supposed ‘refugees’ are just migrants and not real refugees
  • That there is no demographic or economic justification for bringing millions of migrants to Europe
  • That the European elites are bringing in millions of these migrants to fundamentally change European society – to erode national borders and national identities to create a single corrupt, undemocratic, European superstate
  • That the millions of migrants represent a clear threat to European civilisation

Oh dear, how some people clearly go gaga as they get older.

As for me, I say bring in as many often low-IQ, often inbred, often illiterate, often backward, often unemployable, often violent, often misogynist rapefugees as possible. The more we bring in, the more we will all benefit from multi-cultural enrichment. After all, just look at what’s happening in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s multi-cultural paradise of London where over 60% of people are either foreign-born or born to foreign parents. In fact, tomorrow (Friday) I think we should take a brief visit to mayor Khan’s earthly paradise of diversity.

Anyway, here’s Vaclav Klaus with his clearly misguided and out-of-date views:

(Is that OK, PC Plod? Is today’s blog ‘hate-crime-free’?)

3 comments to More Russian propaganda – former Czech President criticises Europe’s ruling elites

  • Gloria

    Nice one, made me smile…..I assume you’re being harassed by the lefty shade of blue again? Not quite in the same league but I see that in Derbyshire the under worked – overpaid man at the top and his Male Voice Choir have clashed. I’ve said this before, glad I’m nearer the end than the beginning. Keep it up David.

  • william boreham

    I’m afraid Europe’s decline and fall is now irreversible as these two charts below demonstrate.
    Europe’s fertility rate now below 2 with once Catholic countries like Italy 1.4 and Spain 1.3, way below the levels necessary to just maintain current population figures – and median age 40 plus.

    Now look at Africa, fertility rates from 5 to 6 to 7! (Thanks Oxfam) and median ages of 15-16-17 so years of sexual activity (and million of yet more babies) ahead of them .

    Just take one example – Russian population now 143 million, compared to Nigeria nearly 200 million.
    By 2050, Russia 132 million, Nigeria now 410 million!
    And all of them heading for the Mediterranean and onto a free ferry service to the promised lands of Europe and main country of choice: (according to the polls) Britain.
    As Milton Freidman once said: “You can have a welfaare state or open borders – you cannot have both.”

  • brian rodney

    This evening I am having a celebratory drink ( or two )having just learned, belatedly, that ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs, Bilderberger, ex United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General on International Migration and arch-trougher Peter Sutherland has thankfully snuffed it – and good riddance to this dangerous person.

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