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You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful……….

(Sunday/Monday blog – apologies to those who have already seen this story in the Daily Mail “Femail” section, but it’s so wonderful that I wanted to make sure as many people as possible saw it)

Here’s a picture of contestants in a beauty contest in Birmingham. But can you spot the odd one out?

I’ll give you a clue – you wouldn’t want to bump into her in a dark alley. In fact you wouldn’t want to bump into her at all.

Here she is again – a real stunner. I mean, if she hit you, you’d really be stunned.

It would be ungentlemanly of me to suggest that this good lady was runner-up in the contest due more to political correctness than her nubile, Sylph-like beauty.

Apparently the lovely creature has said she might not take part in the swimwear part of the competition when she moves onto the next stage of the competition – so, at least we’re spared that!

This story of today’s Britain is so ridiculous, I’ll let you read the Daily Mail story yourselves. And, no, this is NOT an April Fools’ story. I wish it was, but I don’t think it is.


3 comments to You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful……….

  • Ronald J. Rimshot

    Does she have tattoo’s? Daddy always said to marry a fat one: shade in the summer and keep you warm in the winter, and if she has tattoo’s you can watch home movies….OR…is she a he, in drag? Ewww…nasty!

  • Mr J G Fields

    As you will know from my past comments that I am no lover
    of Islam, just to prove that I am not a racist, I think
    that the lady is lovely. She has a beautiful face and
    her well rounded figure is something you can hold on to
    in the night.

  • Andy

    Build like a tank.

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