June 2022
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Hitler’s fury over the FaceBook scandal

(Friday blog)

1. The Grauniad’s 57bn friends

The Graniaud today is reporting “Before Facebook suspended Aleksandr Kogan from its platform for the data harvesting “scam” at the centre of the unfolding Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social media company enjoyed a close enough relationship with the researcher that it provided him with an anonymised, aggregate dataset of 57bn Facebook friendships”.

Given that the world population is around 7.3bn, I wonder where the Griniaud found the other 50 billion people? Although, I suppose that many people will appear many times as different people’s friends – so maybe that’s where the other 50 billion came from. Or maybe it’s just a typical Gaurnida misprint?

2. Meanwhile, back in Germany

One can’t be serious every day.

So, here’s Hitler reacting when he hears his details on FaceBook have been harvested and flogged to private companies.

It’ll be back to the serious stuff tomorrow (Saturday)

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  • Stillreading

    We hear on the news this lunchtime that in a supermarket near Carcassonne shoppers popping out to stock up for the weekend have been savouring the joys of multiculturalism. Three it seems will never return home. Only yesterday members of our Parliament commemorated (I hesitate to say celebrate, although the orgy of sentiment in which some of them wallowed tended to veer towards self-celebration) the first anniversary of the Westminster Bridge massacre. Doubtless it is my own ignorance which causes me to find inexplicable and mysterious the motivations of our Great Rulers who have permitted – indeed encouraged – such events to occur throughout the free Western Christian world.

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