June 2024

Bye bye free speech! Bye bye Britain!

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I’m busy trying to get a new book sold to a publisher. But I have two heroes who dare tell the truth about what is happening to our country – Pat Condell and Paul Joseph Watson.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson lamenting the death of free speech in Britain:

4 comments to Bye bye free speech! Bye bye Britain!

  • Peterfredericks

    The ruling elite’s obvious agenda is to keep the citizen masses uninformed and ignorant while its Hollywood media machine continues polluting, warping and contaminating the minds of younger generations in order to completely obscure right from wrong, embrace and spread perversions as diabolically manufactured social engineering, relentlessly pushing the in-our-face LGBT agenda[211] promoting mass gender bending, blurred gender confusion and massive sexual identity chaos amongst our children as young as toddlers.[212] At the same time, the planetary controllers’ concerted efforts through their political and media puppets working to lower children’s legal age for sexual consent is another blatant ploy to make pedophilia a legalized lifestyle choice and societal norm (See Chapter 2). And in that same vein, the pedo-elite through movies, TV, music and mandatory sex-ed disinfo propaganda are fiendishly toiling overtime to satanically sexualize and pervert our youth.[213] Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, documented evidence in Obama’s Attorney General Lynch’s Justice Department confirms that pedophilia and bestiality were set to be made legal on the heels of gay marriage after the first known gay president.

  • Nom

    We hear much about the deep state in the US and it is pretty evident that Obama has filled the places of power with left thinking individuals but is it any different here? We may have a Conservative Government but its jailing/arresting conservative speakers/journalists and not even allowing them into Blighty. Recently thay banned a journo for coming to speak to Tom Robertson but allowed CNN in to talk to him. Free speech is being slowly stripped away unless it suitsthe party line and the main three parties are bought and paid for. Do notvote Tory,Labour or Dim Leb, vote for anyone but. Like Trump,vote for the ones whom nobody owns and who have some great British backbone. We are becoming what the Soviet Union was as Russia becomes what we were. Meanwhile the EU/NATO provoke the bear and the bear will hit back and when it does our leaders will say ‘told you so’ when in fact it is this lo who are responsible. Im still proud to be British but the UK/USA are harping on about Russian inteference in Brexit and Trumps election ( even though Obama said before the election that its impossible to hack an election but changed his mind when unexpectantly Trump won ) but the UK/USA have stuck their nosesin and influenced politics all over the planet. Obama even tried to get us to vote remoan.

  • Brian very pissed off

    Pat and Paul.

    Two unsung British heroes.

    How long before they are both jailed and ruined for “hate crimes”,by the elite, which means, for speaking the truth?

    David Craig stands up tall beside them.

    Now, I am supposed to be happy to go to war against Russia because they have again poisoned some Ex – KGB money grubbing Oligarth that has fallen out with the ex-KGB thug, Putin.

    The city boys have made billions laundering the KGB shit’s money for three decades and Labour and the Tories have been glad for the kickbacks along the way. What benefit was this policy to the man in the street pray tell ? Getting beat up by some eastern European goon outside a night club springs to mind.other than that – fuck all springs to mind.

    All Eastern Europeans brought to the man in the street was, drugs, violence, prostitution and extortion Who was guarding the gate at this time. mostly Mrs May, as in, May I bend over and take it up my assehole when you are ready Vladimir ?

    Meanwhile, our government is busy filling our country with mental and dangerous, unemployable , parasitic, Muslim nig-nogs, but when I mention this I am told I am unpatriotic and racist.

    The British people have been sold down the river so many times of late by Westminster, that anyone who would put their neck on the line to protect what we used to be as a country, and what we were brought up to belie to be good and true is regarded these days as a naive idealist who is also is a fool !

    Dear Mr. Putin, if you want to invade, I have a spare room suitable for two troopers, normal bed and breakfast rates and rules apply.

    No dogs, no Irish.

  • Freddyh Southampton

    EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos wrote, “We cannot and will never be able to stop migration… At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly”.

    The enormous influx of migrants into the EU, especially since 2015, is closely linked to the spike in terrorism, as well as the current and future Islamization of the continent. ISIS terrorists have returned to Europe or entered the continent disguised as migrants, and several have perpetrated terror attacks. According to Gilles de Kerchove, EU Counterterrorism Coordinator, there are now more than 50,000 jihadists living in Europe. In 2017, one terrorist attack was attempted every seven days in Europe, on average.

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