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How our lying charities perpetuate poverty

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Readers will all be aware of the current wave of scandals hitting our politically-correct, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, greed-driven charities. It appears that many charity and aid workers with big salaries and even bigger expense accounts – the Lords of Poverty – sent to poor countries and disaster zones were exploiting their positions of wealth and power to f*ck anything that moves – particularly if that anything was aged between 10 and 15 years old. Sometimes the charity f*ckers paid money to their often underage victims sometimes they just gave them a little extra food or some badly-needed medicine for their families that we paid for.

But the real scandal with our foreign aid charities is that they claim to be trying to eradicate poverty when actually they are knowingly perpetuating it.

We’re all tackling poverty – the big lie

Here are the mission statements of a few of the better-known anti-poverty charities:

They all look rather similar, don’t they? They’re all reducing or ending poverty – supposedly.

Now let’s look at what has happened over the last 30 or so years. In China, where our anti-poverty charities don’t operate, over 600 million people have been taken out of poverty (living on $1.90 or less per day). In Africa, where all our charities are busy spending billions supposedly reducing or ending poverty, around 600 million more people have been pushed into into poverty. How could this remarkable situation arise? How were the Chinese so successful when our charities have failed so dismally?

What about over-population and corruption? Could they be the reasons for the catastrophic failure of our wealthy charities in Africa?

The perpetuation of poverty

Here I’d like to paraphrase Charles Dickens’s Mr Micawber: “Population growth 2%, economic growth 4% – result happiness (less poverty). Population growth 4%, economic growth 2% – result misery (more poverty)”. The Chinese understood this and instituted their incredibly successful “one child” policy (which the libtards in the West criticised so much) while pushing economic growth above the level of population growth – result happiness for 600 million people.

The population of most African countries is doubling every 20-25 years while most have stagnant economies or economies that are shrinking due to civil tribal wars as ever more people fight over limited resources of things like land, water and mineral wealth. So, what do you think happens? Yup, another 600 million people in poverty over the last 30 years. Moreover, here’s the UN 2012 projection for the population of Africa:

There are about 1.2 billion people in Africa now. Of these probably 800+ million are desperately poor and struggling to survive. By the end of this century, there will be 3.57 billion Africans though I have a feeling that since 2012, the UN have upped their projections to around 4 billion. But for the purpose of today’s blog, let’s stick with the ‘low’ figure of 3.57 billion. At  least 2.5 billion (and probably more) of these 3.57 billion people will be living in poverty or be desperately poor.

However much money we give, it will never be enough to feed, clothe and house all these people. Then, of course, the situation is made much worse by the all-pervasive corruption that affects every African country. The organisation Transparency International estimates that African rulers loot three times as much money each year from their countries as their countries receive in aid and foreign investment. That means that if we were to just cut African corruption by 50% we could stop all foreign aid and charity and African countries would still be richer.

Oh dear, did Oxscam and Save the Children and the Red Cross and others of their ilk forget to tell you that?

The curse of political correctness

The only way to reduce poverty in Africa and other poor countries is to control population growth and cut corruption. But nobody dare say this as it would be “racist” and “imperialist” and “neo-colonialist” and even “fascist” etc etc to suggest that Africans should reduce their family sizes and that African rulers, businessmen and bureaucrats should reduce their corruption.

Oxscam and all the other charities know this. For over 30 years we’ve been paying for digging wells and providing food and tents and mosquito nets (that then get resold by the recipients) etc etc and in those 30 years, all the aid agencies and charities have achieved is an extra 600 million people in Africa who are poor or living in poverty.

Let them come to Europe?

Another blatant lie we are being told by the internationalists and globalists and UN is that if we open our borders to more Africans, we can help solve the problem of African poverty.

By the end of this century there will be at least 2.37 billion more Africans and probably over 2.5 billion of Africa’s projected population of 3.57 billion will be poor or living in poverty. How many should be bring to Europe? Ten million? Nope that wouldn’t make even a dent on the 2.5 billion desperate people. How about 50 million? Nope, still hardly solving the problems of the 2.5 billion poor. One hundred million? That won’t do much. Perhaps we should bring 500 million to Europe and totally destroy the European economy and civilisation? Yet even that won’t hugely reduce the number of poor in Africa.

Don’t believe the lies of the Lords of Poverty

Oxscam and Save the Children and Red Cross and all the others in their lucrative industry know that all the money we give will have little to no effect on reducing African poverty as long as population growth hugely outstrips economic growth and as long as African rulers keep looting their countries. But the charities and aid agencies say nothing and pretend that they are achieving something – which they are not.

They are all dishonest, greedy and self-serving and should not get any of our money!

And here, for any new readers, is a short (3 minutes) video I made about the “Foreign Aid Farce”:

5 comments to How our lying charities perpetuate poverty

  • brian rodney

    ” It ( Oxfam ) has become a business, indistinguishable from other enterprises run by our blame-dodging, report-compiling bureauocrat -bloating managerial elite. ”

    from an article in today’s DE by Quintin Letts on the grilling by MPs of the top management of Oxfam.

  • Dave

    Spot on David,
    I once saw a video of an example using a few jars of gumballs to demonstrate that however many we bring to Europe we could never keep pace with their reproduction.

  • Roy Hartwell

    If I was of a cynical bent, I would say ‘Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas’.
    Not much call for poverty relief when there isn’t any.

  • william boreham

    Paradoxically, in contrast to the record population growth in Africa, no society in history has survived with the low birth-rate of the indigenous English people. It is the English middle-class that needs all the aid it could get to produce more children, else we become an Islamic state by about, what? 2045? – 50?
    But I suppose there would be an outcry (acting like Hitler – racist) should we take that rational course of action.

  • Mr J G Fields

    I have just read an article on Google about NHS
    funding being withdrawn from 80 year old people with
    terminal cancer and advanced dementia.
    Yet these shit-heads who govern us will send £15 billion
    in aid to countries were most of the money is
    siphoned off. There is something sadly wrong with our
    politicians.Alternatively, there is something wrong with
    an electorate that keep letting the same things happen
    over and over again.

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