June 2024

Greater love for herself hath no woman than she would lay down her daughter for her own progressive liberal views

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Here’s a jolly little story from Swedistan. I don’t think you’ll see this one reported on the BBC. And I can’t imagine Jon “Fuck the Tories” Snow, Kathy “hysterical lefty” Newman or Krishnan “I loathe Britain” Guru-Whatever from C4 News too enthusiastic about this sorry little tale

Sweden: Feminist Mother Refuses to Report Muslim Refugee After He sexually abused her 12-year-old daughter

A feminist mother in Sweden refused to report an Muslim refugee who was living in her house to authorities after he sexually abused her 12-year-old daughter.

The 45-year-old woman was working at a refugee center in Solvsborg when she began having a sexual relationship with the refugee, who claimed to be 18-years-old.

When the migrant became an official refugee, he had to leave the center and so the woman allowed him to move into her family home.

Within a short period of time, the migrant began sexually abusing the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, kissing and hugging her before one incident in September 2017 when the Afghan put his hands inside the girl’s underwear and groped her vagina.

After the daughter told her mother what had happened, the 45-year-old refused to report the incident to authorities or even to ask the Afghan to leave the home, prompting the daughter to tell her father who then contacted the police.

During the subsequent trial, the woman explained that she did not take action against the refugee because she was “afraid that [he] would be sent back to Afghanistan.”

“I thought so much about him so he could stay with me,” she added.

The mother also told the victim’s older sisters not to reveal what had happened. Facebook posts were later uncovered showing that even months after the sexual assault on her daughter, the mother described the Afghan as “wonderful” and was attempting to help him find a new home

She was also reportedly a vehement supporter of the #MeToo movement against the sexual assault of women, but not presumably if those women are sexually assaulted by migrants.

The Afghan received just 100 hours of community service for the assault and will not be deported.

Although the refugee claimed to be 18 at the time of assault, the problem of migrants lying about their age to avoid harsher prison sentences has become notorious.

An investigation by Sweden’s national forensic medicine agency found that three quarters of migrants claiming to be children were actually adults.

Are all Aussies waaaccciiiisssstttsss?

And here’s a little song that shows how progressive and liberal and whatever we are in Britain compared to the howible waaaaccccciiiisssstttt Australians

3 comments to Greater love for herself hath no woman than she would lay down her daughter for her own progressive liberal views

  • Mr J G Fields

    I love the Aussie song.
    Three cheers for our true friend,
    Australia. We should adopt the song as our reply to
    the Is!amid menace.

  • geoffrey t

    The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. George Orwell.

  • geoffrey t

    What has happened to Sweden is a glimpse of our future here in Britain.You amy notice there have been subtle changes for a long time. We used to call ourselves Britain or heaven for bid Great Britain now it is always the UK. British Petroleum is now just BP the name has been changed.If you are British, White and Male then you are despised in your own country.This is just the beginning, all positions of authority will be given to none indigenous people, we must be punished and demoralised in our own country, Teresa May will ensure that occurs.When the Financial Crisis returns within the next 2 years, it will be hell on earth here , unlimited oppression and poverty.

    You might think the following false, unbelievable ,exaggerated , it is not.And you will live in Multicultural mayhem, where you come last.Sad but true.

    Hugo Salinas Price: Inevitable Total Disaster For The World.

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