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Here they are – the world’s 20 richest countries and 20 worst shit-holes

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Here’s a map of the world showing where the richest countries and the poorest shit-holes are:

Here’s a list of the world’s richest countries by $ GDP per Capita:

1  Qatar 127,660
2  Luxembourg 104,003
 Macau 90,151
3  Singapore 87,855
4  Brunei 76,884
5  Kuwait 71,887
6  Norway 69,249
7  Ireland 69,231
8  United Arab Emirates 67,871
9   Switzerland 59,561
10  San Marino 59,058
 Hong Kong 58,322
11  United States 57,436
12  Saudi Arabia 55,158
13  Netherlands 51,049
14  Bahrain 50,704
15  Sweden 49,836
16  Iceland 49,136
17  Australia 48,899
18  Germany 48,111
19  Taiwan 48,095
20  Austria 48,005

And here’s a list of the world’s 20 worst shit-holes by $ GDP per Capita

164  Rwanda 1,977
165  Solomon Islands 1,973
166  Zimbabwe 1,970
167  Ethiopia 1,946
168  Afghanistan 1,919
169  Kiribati 1,823
170  Haiti 1,784
171  Burkina Faso 1,782
172  Guinea-Bissau 1,730
173  Sierra Leone 1,672
174  Gambia, The 1,667
175  South Sudan 1,657
176  Togo 1,550
177  Comoros 1,529
178  Madagascar 1,505
179  Eritrea 1,410
180  Guinea 1,265
181  Mozambique 1,215
182  Malawi 1,134
183  Niger 1,107
184  Liberia 855
185  Burundi 814
186  Congo, Dem. Rep. 773
187  Central African Republic 652

If any reader can see any common difference between the richest and poorest countries and any link between almost all the 20 worst shit-holes (hint – skin colour, average IQ levels and religion) then they are clearly a “waaacccciiiisssstttt”  and an “Izlumophobe”.

(I realise there are some Arab countries in the richest 20 – but these are usually countries where white Americans and Europeans have supplied the manpower and technology to extract the wealth while the locals just sat back and wasted it. Meanwhile, over 90% of Arabs live in violent, poverty-stricken, backward, cess-pit shit-holes of their own making)

Germany – let’s all convert to Izlum

And here’s short video from a children’s programme on German public broadcasting that I hope will make you vomit in disgust. It seems the German progressive libbtards are preparing their children for their Izlumic future.

And no, it’s not a spoof or satire – it’s serious – remember, Germans don’t have a sense of humour:

6 comments to Here they are – the world’s 20 richest countries and 20 worst shit-holes

  • NoMore

    Appalling video. CBeebies must be jealous the Germans got there first.

  • Stillreading

    If indeed genuine, then truly appalling and indeed in my view child abuse. Stupid female – she’ll feel somewhat different when she’s lost her freedom as a woman and been forced indoors swathed in a black Darth Vader costume! But then the Germans, as well as lacking humour as we indigenous Brits understand it, seem to be particularly susceptible to indoctrination. How else could Hitler have achieved the ascendancy he did?

  • Dave H

    We’re letting it all slip away from under our feet, so sad.

  • Mustbenuffin

    What about safety?

    Swedish Police Station Attacked With Hand Grenade.

    A hand grenade was tossed at a police station in Malmo, Sweden, around 9pm on Wednesday, resulting in a “huge explosion” according to local media reports.

    Police spokeswoman Anna Goransson told Swedish publication Aftronbladet: The place is locked off and the bombing group is on its way,” adding “Fortunately, no people have been injured, but cars, I cannot say how many, have been damaged.

    Local media and authorities have sketched possible connections with a recent spate of attacks on police stations in Sweden. On December 29, a police car was destroyed outside a police station in Malmo. In October, a powerful explosion outside the police station in Helsingborg also caused significant material damage. Following Wednesday night’s attack, the Police Association tweeted that “attacks against police must end.”

    In a February, 2017 article that the Huffington Post deleted entitled “Trump is absolutely right about Sweden” Norwegian journalist, author, and world traveler Reni Zografos outlines the country’s sweeping problems with immigrants and crime – along with the failure by foreign media to cover the problems.

    Its well known to Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence. In addition to that we see the respective nations’ cultures fading away, for good and for bad. But the immigration problem is not only a Swedish predicament.

    The fact is that the press here in Europe hasnt been doing their job properly. There is this fear on the part of journalists to not report the basic truth – which is that Europe has enormous problems that comes from liberal immigration politics, and as we now see not just in Sweden, but also here in Norway. -Reni Zografos

  • Stillreading

    And Theresa May is today cuddling up to Macron and agreeing to open our shores to more of the Calais “unaccompanied children” – i.e. post-adolescent males itching for a fight! France should deal with its own immigrant problem, halting the flow long before it reaches Calais. Oh, I forgot! Macron has to tow the Merkel line of unlimited immigration! As far as the UK is concerned, although we have insufficient accommodation, infrastructure, education and health provision even for our native-born population, there is perhaps a case for allowing in a limited number of Christian Syrians, but absolutely no case for admitting thousands from the sort of countries Trump was so vilified for describing in the terms he did last week. Charity begins at home and I want the prospect of some sort of decent life for my grandchildren, some of whom are already adult and confronting excruciating debts at the very start of their professional lives. RIP Great Britain!

  • David Brown

    Based on readers comments on The Daily Mail and The Sun every one now realises May is weak and lacks resolve. If she in not replaced preferably by Jacob Rees- Mogg , Corbyn the man who advocated we emulate the economic model of Venezuela will enter number 10. Unleashing misery for the many not the few.

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