June 2024

Another blunder by Trump? Ooops, he got it right again! And Again!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

When Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week, the “experts” and the Trump-hating libtards and the lefty buffoons at the BBC and Channel 4 News all claimed that Trump had made a massive blunder and they predicted Armageddon with vast, violent protests and a wave of terror across the world.

Rather than waves of protest, the waiting world got tepid statements of disapproval from otherwise-occupied Arab governments, demonstrations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that, combined, barely put a thousand activists in the streets and yes, four deaths: two demonstrators and two Hamas terrorists hit by an Israeli airstrike. Also two synagogues were fire-bombed in Swedistan. And some idiot blew himself up in New York.

All in all, not much sign of the lefties’ eagerly-predicted Armaggeddon

A generation ago, a US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would, indeed, have led to mass demonstrations and widespread violence. But now? While the endlessly recycled experts snoozed, the Middle East changed profoundly.

Once the Palestinians were world-class experts at the propaganda game and a marvelous tool for Arab leaders to divert attention from their own greed, incompetence, failing economies and totalitarian cruelty. But the Arabs’ previously successful ‘victim status’ halo has been profoundly trashed – by themselves. We had al Qaeda, the so-called “Arab Spring” which turned into a winter of slaughter and bloodshed and ISIS which took cruelty and murder to new depths. And now we have increasing conflict between decaying Sunni (Saudi Arabia) power and rising Shia (Iranian) power.

But by far the most significant factor is that Israel has become an indispensable, if quiet, ally of Sunni states against Iran. Although well-armed, Saudi Arabia remains inept on the battlefield, bogged down in Yemen and terrified of Iranian gains in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Israel doesn’t need Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia definitely needs Israel.

Perhaps it’s finally time to blame the Palestinians, not Israel, for their lack of statehood. Since the failed 1948 Arab assault on newly reborn Israel, the Palestinians have had literally dozens of opportunities for an advantageous peace. Yet even Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton — no friends of Israel — ended up frustrated as Palestinian leaders, on the brink of peace time and again decided that three-quarters of the pie was insufficient. They wanted the whole of Israel and all Israelis put to death. As for Arab-loving Obama – he also apparently found it beyond his power to help the ‘peace-loving’ Palestinians either.

Yet again Trump has dared to defy the ‘experts’ and lefty libtards in the mainstream media. And yet again Trump has been right and proved the habitual, ‘we-know-best’ doomsayers wrong.

Apparently there’s an Asian proverb “The dog may bark, but the caravan moves on”. The Palestinians are still barking (and barking mad?) but the world has moved on. Meanwhile, all but the dimmest lefty libtard idiots are beginning to realise that Israel is the only admirable and livable state in the Middle East – a haven of civilisation, economic progress, scientific achievement and humanity surrounded by huge deserts of primitive, bloodthirsty barbarism. That’s why the lefties are always screaming for a boycott of Israeli products – they want to destroy a country that doesn’t fit into their pitifully inaccurate world view – “all Arabs good, all Israelis murderers”.

The Trump our media refuses to admit

Everything you’ll ever see or read about Trump in our mainstream media is mockingly critical of the US President for his supposed ignorance and blunders. And we’re repeatedly told he is the most unpopular president ever.

But here’s a video which tells a different story. This shows Trump actually leaving the comfort of the White House to address a rally of thousands of adoring supporters. I only watched the first few minutes, but I rather doubt any of our leaders – the three Ms (Merkel, Macron, May) – could achieve the same enthusiastic support if they even dared to leave their carefully protected cocoons:

5 comments to Another blunder by Trump? Ooops, he got it right again! And Again!

  • Julia Green

    You should have a column in a National newspaper.

  • Dave H

    Wonderful to see a leader with the balls to actually be leading with confidence ….. Agree with you ref the 3 M,s

  • Joseph B Fox

    Rather hard on Jordan.

  • Somepeopleneverlearn

    Multiculturalism, or multi-ethnicism, is an excuse for importing people from other nations.

    Industry loves it because it gives them cheap labor and new customers to buy all the products required to start up homes. Also, these people have no cultural prohibitions on buying certain things that were previously unsalable.

    Liberal politicians love it because it gives them an easy-to-pander-to, instant voting base.

    Underconfident, depressed, underachieving, disillusioned, self-pitying, low-self-esteem individuals love it because it gives them a way to take revenge on the demographic majority, who are perceived as thriving in a situation which these underconfident people are not thriving in.

    The Failure of Multiculturalism
    Community Versus Society in Europe.

    In 2011, the then British Prime Minister David Cameron shocked Europe’s elites when he declared that multiculturalism had failed in Britain. The idea that all cultures are equal and that they can happily coexist in one country is preposterous. It just doesn’t work.

    Cameron knew all too well that Britain could no longer ignore the danger of expanding and competing cultures within its own borders, cultures that in failing to share Western institutions and culture – all originally based upon Christian principles — threatened British national identity.

  • Joe Schmo

    Very good point well made.

    Bye the way regarding Trump, he puts America first because it is the right thing to do.
    Our leaders, because the UK is so small, like to work with global organisations, but purely for their own benefit after they leave office. Therefore the UK gets signed up to ‘help the World’. Not for our benefit, but for their own selfish reasons…..Blair is the prime example.
    And his ‘Institute for global change’.
    Why did he not set up his institute for UK change?
    Not enough glamour and chutzpah and money.

    And who pays for all this? And who pays the consequences?

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