June 2024

Our rulers are more outraged over Tweets than the deaths of innocents

Now you know – tweets are more offensive than bombs, bullets, beheading knives and truck of peace attacks. And tweets are certainly more offensive than ‘Asian’ gangs raping, sodomising and torturing over 40,000 white British underage girls over 10 to 20 years

Each time there’s a Jihadist attack killing and injuring innocents or another case of rape gangs abusing British girls, there is not a bleat of outrage from our MPs and the mainstream media. In fact, we’re warned that we most be careful of rising Izlumophobia and the police immediately spend thousands of hours trawling the Internet for supposed ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crimes’.

But each time someone like Trump dares point out, in a comment or tweet, that there might be a slight problem with Izlumist terrorism, there is total outrage in Parliament and the mainstream media, Trump is called a racist (even though Izlum is a religion, not a race) and there are calls for Trump to be banned from coming to Britain.

Following the latest “Get Trump” tirades by the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, lefty, Izlumophiliac libtards, I wanted to provide links to the latest YouTube videos by Paul Joseph Watson and Pat Condell.

Both of these were uploaded onto YouTube yesterday (Thursday 30 November).

However, providing links to either of these might be considered a ‘hate crime’ as there’s probably someone somewhere who will claim they think someone else somewhere else might be offended by one or both of these two videos.

And as I’ve hopefully demonstrated in previous blogs, just someone somewhere believing that anyone might be offended by something is sufficient to make you guilty of a supposed ‘hate crime’:

The Association of Chief Police Officers and the CPS have agreed a common definition of hate crime: “Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person’s race or perceived race; religion or perceived religion; sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation; disability or perceived disability and any crime motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender.”

Police Hate Crime Hostility

So I cannot recommend that readers go onto YouTube and do a search for either Paul Joseph Watson’s video or Pat Condell’s video.

I hope that my position is quite clear.

Do not, repeat not, go onto YouTube and watch Paul Joseph Watson’s “The Truth about Trump and Britain First” or Pat Condell’s “Britain’s Hate Speech Police” 30 November 2017 videos.

After all, just watching them might make you guilty of a ‘hate crime’.

And sending a link of the videos to anyone will almost certainly make you guilty of a ‘hate crime’.

7 comments to Our rulers are more outraged over Tweets than the deaths of innocents

  • Dave H

    I nearly didn’t, phew that was a close one !!

  • David Brown

    People should post comments national newspaper web sites where there are related articles mentioning this blog. Most do not allow links.

    A Mirror moderator deleted my post on the population of the religion of peace in the UK now being equal to that of Wales, how long before that of Size of Scotland? Managed to get it re-posted.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Anything connected with Trump is always seen in a negative way. On Question Time last night it was a visit to the UK which nobody seems to want. They cannot see that he is the democratically elected Head of State. America is important to us as an ally and a trading partner. Trump would visit as the representative of the American people. It is hardly surprising that we cannot see the importance of this when we have never had an elected Head of State and they cannot even express an opinion of their own. We are supposed to be a modern democracy but we still seem to be stuck in medieval times.

  • David Brown

    Alan Thorpe the Question Time audience is not randomly selected as a jury is.Apply online to be part of the question time audience and they want to know what your occupation is.Its not difficult by pre-screening to ensure a majority with the right progressive views.

  • chris

    Its just bizarre, the very people who draw attention to the cruelty and hatred of these evil foreign people are themselves called hateful by Mrs May.
    Yet in her distorted world view, its OK to hate/knock Putin who leads a civilised nation proud of its heritage and which was prepared to do battle with the evil promulgated in Syria by the like of the Clintons and their own Middle East/Wall Street axis of evil.
    Mrs May also seems content to keep quiet about the vicious regime change just perpetrated in Saudi Arabia and she ignores the Saudi war on the children of Yemen.
    I doubt there are any politicians left who cannot be bought for money or a quickie. Vaz, Green, Osborne, Heath, Smith just to name a few.

  • Tom

    sometimes Im embarrassed to be British, like when the police tweet about the signs in supermarkets for sanitary towels using the word ‘feminine’ as though its a crime and when England games play the British national anthem or when Theresa May bows down to her EU masters. But in reality all this over the Donald is our fault cos we elect these spineless self serving snouts in the trough. England as bad as they are would never rehire mvlaren/sven/Capalla etc cos they ar eproven failures but daft Brits continually go around in circles electing failed politicians whom shaft them but line their own pockets.

  • Shameonme.

    Its a conspiracy, nothing less.

    A conspiracy between media and politicians using the police to control what you think, by what youre allowed to say.

    At the heart of it all is a programme to actively breed out the caucasian race and install some form of bastardised race instead, more brown, more “ethnic” more ahem, “diverse”.

    Its that simple; “You have the freedom to think and say what we fucking well tell you!”.
    Driven by the left, such as extremist corbyn elements, its now such an entrenched viewpoint in politics that even the supposed right wing are singing from the same hymn sheet.
    “Diversity!” they shout without understanding that it means the destruction of their own race in preference for backwards, anarchic and hateful behaviours from imported cultures.
    Its the destruction of English, Scottish and Welsh heritage in favour of people who have achieved precisely dick in the time they’ve inhabited earth.
    Preference of the muslim view, sharia law, stonings and beheadings are somehow seen by our traitorous elected representatives as necessary to achieve some sort of perverted balance, simply because Caucasians have produced so much in their time ( I don’t hold any grudges against the east Asian races btw, Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc) as its blatantly obvious to any idiot with a functioning brain cell how far they have advanced also, its simply not the case with muslims and islam, they still are as stunted in development now as they were when they started down the path of belief in a sky fairy delusion almost 1300 years ago, yet TPTB seem to think its a better idea to alienate their own kind and hand the advantage of western medicine, science and technical prowess away to people who don’t have a grasp on how its all works and who quite frankly don’t care about it, preferring instead to retreat than advance.

    They are however breeding resentment, distrust and hatred with their actions.
    Its not too much of a stretch to suggest that all those who died in two world wars actually died for nothing given the fact that our (lets laugh when we say it) “leaders” have betrayed the sacrifices made for freedom by enacting laws that remove it incrementally in the pursuit of only one viewpoint, theirs.

    So really, you can sit here and wonder what to say or do about it, heres a clue, voting: Don’t bother, you cant vote out these kinds of dictatorial types because theyre all the same and cant be simply swapped out.

    Not playing the stupid voting game is the only way other than violent, bloody insurrection which may shortly be upon us. Have a safe space handy I suggest.

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