June 2024

Stupid, more stupid, unbelievably stupid

(weekend blog)


Two days ago I was watching the last few minutes of a TV quiz called Tipping Point. A lady, who must have had some education as she is a former nurse, was asked the following question:

Q: “Which of these political parties could be called ‘left wing’? Is it the Greens, the Conservatives or UKIP?”

(tough question, I know)

A: The lady replied – “I don’t know much about politics and I’m always getting ‘left-wing’ and ‘right-wing’ confused. But I know it’s not the Greens. I don’t think it’s the Conservatives. So I’ll go with UKIP”

And to think that this person is allowed to vote! Aaaarrrrggghh!

More stupid

A few days ago I passed a group of about thirty immigrants and a few libtard supporters protesting and holding banners demanding that their families should be allowed to join them in Europe and that all borders should be torn down.

In my usual polite way I suggested to them that if they didn’t like life in Europe, they could always go home to their own countries. This suggestion wasn’t met with much enthusiasm, except for enthusiasm to beat me up. But anyway, some of the libtards – young, university-educated men and their admiring girlfriends – did start to engage in a discussion  with me.

It went something like this:

Me: “If you don’t like the way we do things in Europe, why not just go back to your own countries?”

Them: “You’re a fucking racist!”

Me: “Wait a minute. You want all borders torn down? So, once we remove borders, how many people from the Third World would you allow into Europe?”

Them: “Fuck off, racist!”

Me: “Would it be 10 million? 50 million? 100 million? 500 million? Because if you removed borders, it’s certain that hundreds of millions would move to Europe”

Them: “You’re just a fucking racist. Who the fuck wants to talk to you? Why don’t you just fuck off!”

Unbelievably stupid

A violent Somali Muslim criminal with 30 convictions to his name has won almost £80,000 compensation from British taxpayers after a leftist judge decided he was locked up for too long. Abdulrahman Mohammed (below), 39, has been jailed more than a dozen times for crimes including affray, knife possession and multiple assaults and robberies:

Yet he still won’t be deported, thanks to the sharia-compliant European Court of ‘Human Rights’

But a judge has now ruled that the Home Office kept him in prison for 445 days too long whilst trying to deport him:

Despite describing him as ‘a prolific and violent offender’, Judge Edward Pepperall QC awarded him £78,500 in compensation. In a description described as ‘ironic understatement’ in court, Mohammed’s own lawyer had said ‘he might not be considered an asset to society’ The judge said: ‘I can well understand why the Home Secretary might wish to deport him.’

But Judge Pepperall ruled that Mohammed had been ‘falsely imprisoned’ and was ‘entitled to justice in a civilised society’.

The European Court of Human Rights had ordered that he stay in Britain despite the government’s attempts to deport him and it has now been ruled he was unlawfully detained while authorities worked out how to handle his case.

I wonder how many millions of pounds this (IMHO) repulsive, worthless individual will cost British taxpayers during his completely useless life causing misery to everyone he comes into contact with?

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