June 2024

Yet another hate crime that is NOT a hate crime?

Apologies, but today’s blog is going to be quite long.

What happens when there’s a ‘hate crime’?

I have previously written about how the ever-expanding concept of a ‘hate crime’ has little to do with real crimes and is only a way for the ruling elites to control what white British people say, do and even think. Thus, exploding a bomb at a concert full of young teenagers in Manchester or running innocents over on Westminster Bridge are NOT considered ‘hate crimes’ by our rulers because they are not carried out by white Brits. But when white British make a sarcastic comment about a woman dressed as Darth Vader or chuck a bacon sandwich at a mosque, these are considered ‘hate crimes’ and the supposed perpetrators are harshly punished.

Below is a story from the Derby Telegraph and British Pakistani Christian Association. The story is unremarkable – a man gets beaten up by a group of men because of his religion. So what? If we are to believe the politically-correct mainstream media, Britain has seen a massive rise in such ‘hate crimes’ over the last few years.

If this story had been about a Hindu or Sikh or Moozerlum man getting beaten up by a group of white men – preferably with shaven heads and ideally (for our rulers and their obedient media) with links to Tommy Robinson, then it would have been all over the national news. Just imagine the sneering Fiona Bruce, Jon “F*ck the Tories” Snow, Kathy “Screeching Harpy” Newman and Krishnan Whatever – they’d be creaming themselves as they reported on the supposed ‘racism’ and ‘Izlumophobia’ of white Brits.

Just imagine all the outraged discussions there would be on TV with streams of holier-than-thou, self-righteous, hug-a-rapefugee libtards demanding the British abandon their customs, freedoms and country to the Third-World hordes pouring over our non-existent borders. We might even get a few celebs like Emma Thompson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Lily Allen, JK Rowling, Gary Lineker or Bob Geldorf emerging from the safety of their well-protected mansions to lecture us on how we should all be as wonderfully liberal as they are.

As for the police, huge resources would be dedicated to finding and prosecuting the ‘racist, Izlumophobic thugs’ who carried out the attack. And in the courts some pompous, treacherous, West-hating judge would further their own lousy career by ensuring that the guilty were locked away for years because of their appalling ‘hate crime’.

But there’s a small problem with the story below. It concerns a Pakistani Christian man being beaten up by a group of Moozerlum Pakistani men because of his religion.

Ooops. That doesn’t fit the narrative of the ruling elites that white Brits need ever harsher laws to control their actions, words and thoughts because they are mostly racist and Izlumophobic bigots while all minorities are paragons of virtue and tolerance and always the victims of white British prejudice.

So, the story below won’t get reported in the national media – it won’t get a mention. And we won’t get Bruce and Snow and Newman and the fat Indian guy hyperventilating with fury and berating us for our racism and Izlumophobia – at least not this time. And we won’t get Lily Allen or Geldorf or JK Rowling or Cumberbatch or Lineker even mentioning the incident.

As for the police, they’ll issue a statement asking for witnesses knowing that (to their relief) none will come forward. So the politically-correct police will be able to forget the matter, no hate crime was committed, nothing ever happened.

The hypocrisy of it all could make you sick.

Anyway, here’s the story:



A 45-year-old Pakistani Christian man residing in Derby had to be taken to hospital after being assaulted outside a popular restaurant on Friday 20th October 2017.

Tajamal Amar, a food delivery driver, suffered a broken nose along with several lacerations to his head and body after a group of Moozerlum men attacked him without warning.

Mr Amar was rendered unconscious and woke approximately 5 hours later at Royal Derby Hospital where he was admitted overnight, after having been transported there by emergency services.

A local police spokesman said: “We were called to a report of an assault outside the Red Chilli restaurant, in Littleover, at around 8:45 pm on Friday. It was reported that a 45-year-old man had been kicked and punched. He was hospitalised at the Royal Derby Hospital with a broken nose and we have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the assault.” 

Mr Amar, remembers being stared at by a group of Moozerlum men who seemed to be taking offence at the cross in his vehicle and the two large poppies that were displayed on the front of his car.

After this Mr Amar is not very clear on what happened but he seems to have been hit on top of the head and then suffered further violence as he lay on the floor unconscious.

He cannot specifically describe any of the attackers and police are seeking witnesses who saw the attack, which happened outside a very popular restaurant during peak hours on a Friday night.

Anyone who saw the attack or who could help the police with their inquiries should call 101 quoting reference 17000454535.

Mr Amar, said; “Several times local Pakistani people in Derby have taken offence from the fact that I am Christian, when they first find out many stop talking to me. My wife and I have often been shunned. On the day of my attack the visible display of a cross in my car and two poppies just below the front bonnet, triggered the violence against me. I know this, because for a few days before the attack the same men glared at me after they noticed my Christian paraphernalia”.

He continued; “I fled from Pakistan to escape violence such as this, but more and more the same violence is coming into Britain. Freedom of religion should be the right of any British citizen but today I feel unsafe, even then nothing will stop me going to church. I will pray for my attackers and hope they will change their hard-line approach to faith which is very dangerous for our society.” 

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said: “This unprovoked attack on a Christian for simply displaying a cross and two large poppies is an example of the religious intolerance that some strands of radical Islam promote in Britain.  An innocent man has been hospitalized, he has had to take several days off work, and now he is living in fear of further reprisals, simply for adhering to the Christian faith”. 

This incident is very similar in tone to the attack on Nissar Hussain, who in 2016 had to be protected by a 16-man police escort when retrieving a box of furniture from his former home in Bradford (click here) .  Earlier in 2016 local police gave Nissar two weeks to leave his home of 8 years after stating that they could not provide adequate protection to him, because of the heightened threat to his life.

Now Tajamal wants to leave the city of Derby where he no longer feels safe.  He originally left Pakistan after being shot by Moozerlums there after refusing to convert to Islam.

Mr Chowdhry, added: “How many people will have to flee areas where they no longer are safe just because of an adherence to a faith outside the norm for the location.  In a democratic country this simply should not be happening. Besides if this social malaise continues one day there will be nowhere else to run.  Britain has to find a solution that allows all people to live in harmony without any fear or trepidation.” 

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  • Brian Yaxley

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    Much more here.

  • Brian Yaxley

    Don’t use Google search they track you. Use Startpage or Duckduckgo search engines ,they dont track you.

  • Julia Green

    Shocking stuff David.

  • Barry Foster

    Made an official request to the BBC news department to ask why this wasn’t reported anywhere on the BBC, even in Derby. Never replied.

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