June 2024

Here’s a story that’ll make you choke on your morning coffee

Here’s a story that will hopefully have you choking on your expresso or latte or cappucino or whatever fashionable kind of coffee you drink in the morning.

It concerns a Somali woman who has been living illegally in Britain – on benefits, of course – for several years. This lady, who has never worked and never contributed anything to Britain, has just won a European Court of Justice case (no doubt paid for by legal aid) forcing her local council to provide her with council housing for the rest of her life. The reason – because she has four children in British schools.

Assuming this lady and her litter cost British taxpayers about £50,000 a year in housing, benefits, schooling and healthcare, then her continued presence in this country will cost British taxpayers over £1 million while her children are growing up here. After that, we can expect to pay several million more for her and her progeny – especially if her children decide to follow their mother’s fine example and live off benefits for the whole of their lives while also producing seemingly endless litters of useless garbage for us to subsidise.

Once they hear about this in Somalia, we can expect a new flood of supposed “refugees” pouring into stupid politically-correct, soon-to-be-bankrupted Benefits Britain.

Someone much more intelligent than me once said you could either have a social welfare system or open borders, but you cannot have both as the supply of migrants will be infinite.

Unfortunately, our rulers cannot understand this.

Anyway, enjoy your generosity to the ‘new Britons’:

5 comments to Here’s a story that’ll make you choke on your morning coffee

  • smiff

    does it mean by leaving the eu we will no longer be under the rule of the European Court of justice,because if it does the day we leave we need to change our laws to stop this nonsense..
    these somali people offer absolutely nothing to this country or anyother country in europe..
    and all the while british people do not have a hope in hell of getting council accommodation and some will remain homeless because of these ridiculous rulings, and the most vulnerable in our society will continue to be under scrutiny and governments will look to cut their disability allowances..

  • Joe Schmoe

    The bottom line is that this change in British society
    affects the wealthiest minimally. So the elite can continue
    virtue signalling with no immediate consequences.

    But it has a very real and immediate impact on the poorer
    indigenous people.

    But who cares about them or what they think…not the elite.

  • twi5ted

    This is 2010 story isnt it? Riz Lateef on the BBC is still hot but not as hot as she was when this story was released.

    Expect the lady has illegally sublet it now and is living like the queen of sheba in Addis Ababa. Seems fairly typical once they are given the council house to then move back. Never any further checks. Hence Grenfell Tower.

  • David Craig

    This might be an old story. All I know is the video that was posted on YouTube went up just 4 days ago.

  • John Bull

    Sir Patrick Moore tells it like it is.
    Anybody in this country that does not demand Brexit is a traitor or has been duped.For those that have been duped, watch THIS.

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