June 2024

Why I want Britain to stay in the EU

I want to live in a country with a mosque on every corner. I want to hear the joyous call to prayer blare out across our cities and towns five times a day. I want all women to undergo genital mutilation and then to be locked in their homes producing five to ten wonderful, West-hating mini-Jihadis each. And when the women are occasionally allowed out, I want them completely covered up looking like Darth Vader on a bad-hair day. I want most people to marry their first cousins, lowering the IQ level of the population and producing increasing numbers of medically-certified congenital morons.

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I want to live in a country completely concreted over to build ever more Third-World slums for the illiterate, parasitic, unemployable millions pouring over our non-existent borders. I want our children to stop learning science and maths and biology and physics and chemistry and computer science and all the things that help human progress. Instead I want them forced to learn only from a book written over a thousand years ago containing what some foolish people might consider were the m*d ramblings of some ********** *********** ***** ******* (censored by PC Plod).

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I want our once great Britain to cease to be an independent country with a proud history of bringing democracy and civilisation to the world. Instead I want us to become a small administrative, cash-cow region of a massive European superstate ruled by utterly corrupt, self-serving, hereditary bureaucrats taking their orders from what some people might consider a resurgent Nazi Germany which has finally fulfilled Hitler’s dream of subjugating the whole of Europe:

Hitler and Angela

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I want our military and police to use their power against indigenous white British people imposing brutal political correctness, stamping out any free speech and stifling any criticism of those turning our country into a Third-World hell-hole. I want anyone daring to criticise the destruction of our country to be persecuted, to lose their jobs and to be imprisoned for supposed “hate crimes”. I want the white British population to cower in their homes while marauding gangs of unemployed and unemployable young men from ******* ******** ******* (censored by PC Plod) riot and rob and pillage what little is left of our country and, of course, beat up and gang-rape and gang-sodomise and torture any white girls foolish enough to venture out of their homes.

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I am a spineless, treacherous coward. I want to betray the millions who died in two world wars protecting our freedoms and democracy. I call them fools. Brave patriots? No, they were just stupid suckers who sacrificed their lives for nothing. I laugh at their ridiculous ideas of honour and courage. I spit on their graves. I don’t want freedom. I don’t want democracy. I don’t want free speech. I am a snivelling, worthless disgrace to all those scientists, explorers, writers, political leaders and military commanders who once made Britain great. I am a worthless nothing and I deserve to see my country over-run by the fabulous, highly-educated, highly-literate, civilised cultural enrichers from the Third World.

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

6 comments to Why I want Britain to stay in the EU

  • NoMore

    Sadly we are getting a lot of that anyway courtesy of the Traitor class. The last paragraph is particularly apposite though and if I had not voted Leave I don’t think I could have looked at another war memorial without flushing with shame and hurrying past head down.

  • MGJ

    Regrettably none of the above will mean a thing to those indoctrinated with nihilism and the craving for self-destruction. Just as long as there are no uncomfortable moments or – gasp! – somebody unfriends them on Facebook, then anything can be tolerated.

  • Joe Kinnear

    I was rather upset watching this video.
    You know, I can understand now what is really going on.
    How do we save ourselves from this tyranny?

  • Tom

    Its all being stage managed to create chaos and destroy the nation state, order out of chaos is their motto and their order is the NWO. The left are their useful idiots, how long before da yoof in Blighty whom have been so dumbed down this last generation start demanding we remove statues of Churchill, Cromwell, King Alfred, Slim etc? When Byzantium was under threat the leaders were arguing amongst themselves about what colour eyes Mary had or how many angels could dance on the head of a pin, we are more or less doing the same. Genuine refugees have always been welcome but what is coming is anything but and our government with EU governments incited by luciferian elites are doing it. By voting for LibLabCon you are part of it too. They are all proven failures time and time again. Would England reappoint one of their former proven failures for the world cup? Why do we do it? Anyone noticed how most EU leaders are childless? They wont have to worry about their kids in the future, they just line their pockets for now and live the high life and then its goodnight Vienna in their old age from their secure residence wit no kids to be concerned about.

  • Jackie Robertson

    This should be read and understood bby all thos calling for the UK to stay in te EU. It makes no sense to me and I would love to see a response if they have one.

  • Ivor

    These days anyone anywhere in the world has “access” to Europe and the West and the US “dream” via Hollywood, films, TV, and the internet as well as via tourists and visitors to their lands, who spend much needed foreign currencies.
    They can build they own countries and communities to be more like the West if they want to.
    The “past that never existed” is the fantasy of nihilistic elitist neo-feudal revolutionaries who want only to be the ones with power, in that past where they consider themselves to have been the underclass, they want to be the ubermensch now.
    This guy is making a lot of sense
    As for the migrants themselves, my grandfather was one, he was a Danish seaman who stoped in the port of London at a time when Denmark was impoverished the same as most of Europe, in London he worked as a cake decorator and his shop earned the Royal warrant; equally important was the fact that he didn;t expect to bring his whole family with him, he didn’t demand a house, schools for his whole family (see above) or a phone and internet, and he didn’t protest with threats of violence if he didn’t get what he demanded. At that time when socialist/reforming militaristic state-controlled social democratic/liberal regimes were in charge all over Europe, Russia, the US and Japan and created WW1 to put into effect their reforming ideas, and they have been doing the same ever since.
    Just as the Democrats created racism in the States, when republican Lincoln ended slavery, and the Democrats created the KKK to continue it, so their ideological descendants want to divide the world and society permanently, destroying the diversity of nations and creating an economic model that has already failed in the USSR for us to suffer under while they prance around in public in their dour uniforms and indulge in every vice in private.

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