June 2024

Great news! Many migrants to Germany and Austria are getting well-paid jobs!

Today snouts-in-the-trough can bring you another ‘good news’ story from Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s European migrant madhouse.

For many years fat, older, uglier Western women – particularly from Germany and Austria – have had to travel all the way to Africa or the Carribbean to get sex:

Some may even hope to find love:

Here’s a map detailing the main travel routes used by these women:

I believe that Gambia was one of the most popular destinations.

They couldn’t get sex in Germany or Austria as they were too old and ugly and probably didn’t smell too good and as German and Austrian ‘men’ (like Swedish ‘men’) have been emasculated by decades of lefty, feminist indoctrination.

But now things are changing. Now the real men are coming to these frustrated, sex-hungry, older women:

With a couple of million sexually-active young African and Middle-Eastern men flooding into Germany and Austria thanks to Europe’s latest crazed Nazi ruler – Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel – German and Austrian women are reportedly paying many of these newly-arrived real men for sexual gratification.

Though perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, there have been several cases of British women generously volunteering to ‘help’ migrants in Calais mainly in order to have sex with them.

As for the German and Austrian women, I imagine they’re grateful to Mad Cow Merkel. Previously they could only have sex for a few weeks each year when they were on their holidays. Now they can have sex with exotic African or Middle-Eastern men whenever they want. Plus they also save a bit money as they no longer have to pay for flights and hotels leaving them more to pay for sexual intercourse. Though this might be a disaster for the Gambian tourist industry.

And to prove my point about German women and their migrant toyboys, here’s a really ugly old German woman (that no right-minded man would f**k) with one of the new arrivals into her country. They both look very happy:

So, at least some of the new arrivals are getting well-paid employment and making a useful contribution to German and Austrian society:

1 comment to Great news! Many migrants to Germany and Austria are getting well-paid jobs!

  • zx80

    I knew of a fat ugly old woman who did this.
    She buggered off to foreign climes and came back hand in tow with some guy from the middle east.
    She even appeared in the newspapers, proudly showing off her new brown dildo, she the beaming “mature” lady, him the 20 something smirking user, oh how the papers fawned over the “relationship”, wasnt it wonderful? Wasnt it so progressive?

    And use her he did.
    In a very short time, the brown dildo decided he didnt like to be with a fat, stinky old hag anymore and after divorcing her rapido style got himself a nice younger model with which to continue the breeding programme.
    They didnt report that in the news, a failure.

    Of course, old fatty was heart broken, well not really, she just f*cked off out the country and brought another brown dildo back and got her fat face in the papers again iirc.
    Shame dildo #2 also quickly decided hed rather be with some younger nubile white girl than mrs blobbys fatter sister.
    And they all lived happily ever after in a multicultural nirvana wonderland.

    Not really, fatty died a while later, dildo #1 got her property and dildo#2 got put away for drug dealing as i remember

    Happy integration everyone!

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