June 2024

Amnesty International – don’t give them any money! You’re giving to your enemies!

Have you wondered why every week 20,000 pieces of illiterate, violent, intolerant, unemployable, rape-obsessed human garbage are being ferried in luxury at our expense from Libya to Europe every week? Well, I’ve just discovered one of the reasons – Amnesty International.

Amnesty International used to do good work helping defend dissidents who had been imprisoned by dictators and fascist regimes around the world. But more recently, like so many organisations, Amnesty International has been taken over by stupid, lefty, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling West-hating libtards who see it as their role in life to destroy Western civilisation.

How do I know this? Because I looked at the Amnesty International website and here’s one thing I found:

In 2009, an Italian ship forcibly returned 24 ‘refugees’ (rapemigrants?) from Somalia and Eritrea to their point of departure in Libya. Amnesty International then pursued a case at the European Court of Human Rights claiming that Italy “violated human rights principles by spurning African migrants and asylum-seekers on the high seas”. In February 2012 the European Court of Human Rights naturally concluded that Italy had been in the wrong and that we Europeans were now somehow responsible for every African who quite fancied a life living off benefits and crime in Europe.

Just to prove I am not a mad conspiracy theorist, I attach below (in red) the piece from the official Amnesty International website boasting about Amnesty International’s supposed “success”.

Though this doesn’t explain why European ships are not taking the rapemigrants to the nearest safe port – which would be in Tunisia- and instead are bringing them in their millions to Europe. You’d have to ask our rulers why they’re so keen on their policy of race replacement.

But if Amnesty International ever come calling asking for a donation, please tell them to go f**k themselves as they’ll be using your money to destroy your life.

And finally, just to cheer us up a little on this cold, damp Monday morning, I attach a link to a short video where some Danes in the city of Roskilde play the Moozerlum call to prayer outside the mayoress’s residence at 05.00 in the morning to try to make her aware of the effect Moozerlumification is having on ordinary people’s lives.

The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ruled that Italy violated human rights principles by spurning African migrants and asylum-seekers on the high seas, a judgment hailed as historic by Amnesty International.  In the case, Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy, the Court considered the plight of 24 people from Somalia and Eritrea who were among more than 200 people intercepted at sea by Italian authorities in 2009 and forced to return to Libya, their point of departure. The practice violated international obligations to not return individuals to countries where they could be at risk of human rights abuses. “This historic judgment is a damning verdict on Italy’s willingness to cooperate with Colonel Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi’s government in Libya, which was known to systematically abuse human rights,” said Sherif Elsayed-Ali, Amnesty International’s Head of Refugee and Migrants’ Rights.“The ruling strengthens respect for human rights across Europe and upholds international legal safeguards for migrants and asylum-seekers.” The Court found that Italy violated the European Convention of Human Rights by exposing the migrants to the risk of being subjected to ill-treatment in Libya and being repatriated to Somalia and Eritrea.  Amnesty International intervened as third party in the case, jointly with the AIRE Centre and the Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’Homme (FIDH), pointing out that the Italian authorities’ actions began a policy of push-backs that were condemned for breaching fundamental principles of international human rights law.

The Court’s judgment establishes that even when individuals are intercepted in international waters, government authorities are obliged to abide by international human rights law.  Anybody they intercept must have access to an individualized procedure as well as remedies to challenge the decision to return them to their country of departure. The Court found such removals operated outside national territory constituted collective expulsion.  “States intercepting individuals outside their territorial waters cannot operate in a legal vacuum,” said Sherif Elsayed-Ali. “Even on the high seas, international human rights norms still apply, including the principle of non-refoulement, which prohibits returning people to a country where they run the risk of human rights abuses.”

The European Court judgment comes at a time when new governments are in place in both Italy and Libya. However, Amnesty International has documented that Sub-Saharan African migrants in Libya are still at risk of torture or other ill-treatment, and many have been arbitrarily detained on the basis of their legal status in the country. Both governments are currently re-establishing cooperation ties on a number of issues, including migration control.“It is regrettable that one of the first decisions of the National Transitional Council and the new Italian government, rather than rejecting such cooperation, has actually been to recommit to cooperation in the field of migration control,” said Sherif Elsayed-Ali.“The principles upheld by this judgment must inform any cooperation on migration control between the Italian government and the new Libyan authorities.”

4 comments to Amnesty International – don’t give them any money! You’re giving to your enemies!

  • NoMore

    “Sub-Saharan African migrants in Libya are still at risk of torture or other ill-treatment, and many have been arbitrarily detained on the basis of their legal status in the country.”

    So why did they enter Libya in the first place then? There should be nothing arbitrary about detaining illegal invaders – they ought to be grateful they weren’t shot on sight.

  • MGJ

    There seem to be certain immutable laws of Nature. The speed of light is constant, entropy increases – and: ‘All organizations move further and further to the political left over time’.

    This includes Universities, the Judiciary, the BBC, The Conservatives, The National Trust, Nike, Twitter, Facebook…

    Amnesty, it seems, is no exception.

  • MGJ

    I’m getting bored of repeating it but even the UN states that for every “refugee” imported into the EU, 12 to 13 could be helped in situ or locally for the same cost.

    There is nothing humanitarian about importing such people into the EU. It is a political programme.

  • zx80

    Speaking of law, am I alone in noticing the ever increasing use of non custodial sentences for even violent crimes nowadays?
    It seems if youre a drug dealer, a mugger, a car thief, a shoplifter, a rapist, even a murderer, instead of finding you guilty and doing what should be done, which is imposing the maximum sentence every single time, instead they get given suspended sentences or let out on licence, or given time off for good behaviour. Good f*cking behaviour? For murder? Are you f*cking kidding me?

    Sadly no, but since i like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy ( oops person), here goes.
    Judges and the judiciary, police and cps have all become politicized.
    Theyre left leaning and so theyre on the side of the perpertrator rather than the victim.
    Easy, the aim of the left is the destruction of capitalism by any means.
    What better way to redstribute wealth(tenet of the left) than to allow criminals to do the redistibuting via way of criminal activity?
    Hence they get lesser sentences especially from lefty judges and that just encourages them to continue their behaviours.
    The side benefit is that “more laws” will be necessary to deal with these “criminals” and as we all know, lefties are keen fans of authoritarianism so long as its not applied to themselves naturally, so an ever tiring public will eventually accept most any intrusion into their rights just to stop the torture.

    This cant be happening by accident, its by design.
    Just look at the restrictions now being implemented on free speech, not to mention the rising use of cameras to watch us, drones to report on us, internet surveillance to condemn us and ever more draconian anti terror and ripa laws to coerce our conformity.
    Not to mention the lefts use of tactics to try and ignore democracy by any method. Its racist, sexist, phobist or just plain ist.

    The deeper you look the worse it gets, no reporting by the media on atrocious behaviour by muslims and other immigrants, D notices to prevent reporting of anti islamic marches ( absolutely true!) and attempts to police your thoughts by controlling your speech and your actions.

    Nurse! My meds are wearing off, more please!

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