June 2024

“That’s all folks!”

I promised that I would stop boring people with my blog unless readers bought 50 copies of my latest book “FORGET THE FOREPLAY”.

Only 12 people bought a copy. That’s worse than pathetic.

Given this lack of support from readers, I’d look a total prat if I carried on blogging.

So, as they used to say at the end of cartoons – “That’s all folks”.

One law for us, no law for them

But I’ll leave you with a heartwarming story from the Islamic Republic of Sweden. Just try to imagine what would have happened to two white men if they had carried out the crime described below. Even in gutless, surrender-monkey Sweden they’d have been locked up for years.

But, of course, when the crime is committed by violent, low-IQ, Third-World habitual criminals, all they get is a few months in a comfortable Swedish hotel pretending to be a prison.

Here’s the story – it tells us a lot about how low we have sunk in our abject surrender to libtard political correctness and the Third-World takeover of Europe:

Two migrants have been given sentences of three and two-and-a-half years for beating a young man almost to death before violently raping his female friend. The government will try to deport only one of them, temporarily.

The Freie Zeiten reports that three teenage girls and one male friend met for a party at an apartment in Kista, near Stockholm, citing Solna District Court documents.

One of the girls invited a 21-year-old migrant from Liberia, Richelieu Jarara, with whom she was acquainted. This man brought another African migrant, a Kenyan named Fayed Mwangi, with him.

Before long, the migrants began sexually harassing the girls. Matters quickly escalated from there, with the pair conferring briefly before spraying their male friend in the face with pepper spray.

The Freie Zeiten describes how they then beat and kicked the man with “brutal force”,  leaving him with “multiple cerebral haemorrhages, severe swelling and bruises all over his body, as well as bone fractures and open wounds”.

The three girls, as well as the attackers, thought the young man had been beaten to death, with Jarara actually uploading a video to Snapchat in which he made light of having “killed a guy”.

He was, in fact, still alive, but unconscious and permanently brain damaged.

Jarara’s younger companion, 19-year-old Mwangi, is said to have “strangled” one of the girls when she tried to intervene, slamming her into a wall and “hurling” her to the floor.

The Kenyan then grabbed another of the girls by the hair, dragged her into the bedroom and raped her. She was also strangled, with the Kenyan threatening to strike her if she screamed.

The ordeal was finally brought to an end when a neighbour burst into the apartment, allowing the girls to flee.

According to the Fria Tider, the court sentenced Mwangi to just two-and-a-half years for his crimes, despite his having raped another woman in May 2016. The government will attempt to deport him afterwards – although he will be allowed to return to the country after ten years, and judges have prevented other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, from following through on deporting criminal migrants after their sentences in the past.

Jarara, who has a string of previous convictions for crimes including theft, serious bodily injury, and resisting arrest, was given a slightly longer sentence – three years – but he will not be deported.

8 comments to “That’s all folks!”

  • dave

    Pity to see you go David, but I understand why.
    Forget the foreplay is making me laugh greatly.

    Best wishes.

    Dave H.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Farewell then – again.
    I have bought some of your books. I don’t think I have ever got past about page 30. That is not to say there is anything wrong with them but to read 193 pages about being ripped off is not very exciting. The books, sadly, did not have the appeal of your up to date daily blog. You will be missed.

    As for “dreamer” Tusk, may I suggest he leaves John Lennon alone. I would have though Lennon would have hated him and his colleagues as the EU Ivory Tower is surely the sort of thing that Lennon hated and wrote Imagine to suggest a better way. I agree with Lennon’s “no religion too” – what a wise man. So Mr Tusk my theft from a song is this from Pink Floyd-

    “The dream is gone.
    I have become comfortably numb.”

  • Theophilus

    Well, a sad decision, and your excellent blog will be missed

    As for the book/s, they’re not my genre, I predominately read academic history, and since the Paris Bataclan attack, islam research.

  • Bandanaman

    Well, I’ll be sad if you stop blogging David. I’m new to it but I read most days. Also, I’ve just finished your EU Rip Off book which completely vindicated my decision to vote leave. I’ve passed it on and I’m now reading Fleeced. I’m doing my best!

  • David Craig

    I wouldn’t read “FLEECED”. It’s about Britain under New Labour and so is a bit out of date now. The updated version of “FLEECED” is called “GREED UNLIMITED:How Cameron protected the elites while squeezing the rest of us”. Though with Cameron now history, then I guess “GREED UNLIMITED” is out of date too.

  • william boreham

    You were banging your head against a brick wall anyway. I found out the English were doomed donkey’s years ago when I was canvassing for the National Front and we were the only party with the policy of stopping immigration in its tracks and deporting most of those already here.
    Although he was never seriously attracted to the idea, ironically, had Hitler successfully invaded and occupied Britain in 1940, the English people would have not only survived as a race, but would have gone on to prosper for the next couple of centuries.
    NOW, there is no chance they will survive the third world Muslim invasion and will be as extinct as the Ancient Greeks come the next century.

    General von Blumentritt after Dunkirk:

    “He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, the necessity of its existence and of the civilisation that Britain had brought into the world…he compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church saying they were both elements of stability in the world. He said all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties elsewhere.”

    We of course went on to ally ourselves with the two superpowers out to destroy our economy (and Empire) which in the case of the USA – she successfully achieved – and the Soviets whose fellow travellers in this country wanted to overthrow democracy and turn Britain (and Europe) into a communist colony.

  • Theresa O

    As a fellow blogger, I’d be delighted to get your number of hits (I think you said 1000?) per posting. I get about 50. But I think it’s important for my own sake to keep blogging. It means I do the research and have to articulate a decent argument. There is a satisfaction in just getting it done. My book sells fewer copies than yours, but I keep going because (I think) there needs to be somebody saying what I do. Whatever you decide, thanks for the blog, and good luck. T

  • Joe Schmoe


    I hope you will be back. The changes that are happening
    in the UK/World are only just starting and the next few
    years will bring even more, mostly unwelcome change.

    Maybe you will have emigrated to buy yourself time
    by then.

    Good luck in your future ventures.

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