June 2024

Grenfell Tower and will Corbyn be Prime Minister within a year?

(Weekend blog) In this blog I’d like to explain why I’m thinking of betting all of the £5 to £6, I’ve earned from pitifully and embarrassingly few readers being willing to buy my latest book (Forget the Foreplay), on Jeremy Corbyn being the UK’s Prime Minister within a year.

Here are the main pieces of the jigsaw that lead me to believe Corbyn will soon be in Number 10:

1. Theresa May is toast

Following her disastrous decision to call an election, Theresa May is totally discredited. From looking like she was in control of events, she now looks like she is being battered by events. Everybody can sense her weakness. The blood is in the water and the sharks are circling:

No leader can survive when they are seen as weak.

2. Lefties no longer accept election results

As we’ve seen in the UK EU Referendum and the US presidential election, lefty libtards no longer accept election results. If they don’t win, they demand new chances to vote until they eventually do succeed.

3. Grenfell Tower may destroy May and even the Tories

The Grenfell Tower fire could not have come at a worse time with May discredited and the Corbynistas sensing the opportunity to overturn the results of both the EU Referendum and the General Election. Already the libtards and the mainstream media are creating an anti-Tory narrative about the fire which goes something like this “in London’s richest borough poor people and immigrants were killed because of Tory austerity”.

Even though Labour are probably just as complicit in many high-rise blocks being refurbished with flammable cladding, the Tories will be blamed. We can expect massive demonstrations and public disorder over the next few weeks with people waving banners with slogans like “Tory cuts = murder” and “austerity kills” and “May the murderer” and, of course, “Tories out!”

4. Damned whatever she does

Following the Grenfell fire, the libtards demanded a “full public inquiry”. Theresa May immediately said there would be a “full public inquiry”. Then the libtards accused her of trying to avoid responsibility by setting up the “full public inquiry” they originally demanded.

Similarly, she made a private visit to Grenfell Tower and was lambasted for not “talking to the people”. But if she had made her visit surrounded by loads of cameras filming her “talking to the people”, she would have been criticised for trying to gain political capital from the deaths of the poor.

Once a leader is despised, as Theresa May now is, whatever they do will be interpreted in the worst light

5. EU negotiators have us by the short and curlies

The EU negotiations will be a disaster for Britain. The EU negotiators know they have Britain at their mercy and will make brutal demands on us which May’s weakened government will have to agree to.

6. Even her should-be supporters ridicule May

After writing this morning’s blog, I’ve just noticed that even the Daily Mail has turned on Theresa May ridiculing her and calling her “unfeeling” and the “Maybot”. When things are so bad even the Daily Mail is gunning for a Tory leader, then she might as well kiss her scrawny ass goodbye. I think Theresa will soon have a lot more time to help hubby Philip empty the bins.

Meanwhile, the BBC and Channel 4 are bigging up Corbyn as St. Jeremy the Saviour although he’s done nothing apart from hug a few invaders.

Conclusion: The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn moves into Number 10?

Given this, it’s questionable whether May’s government can survive. And if, as I suspect, she goes down in flames, do the Tories have anyone who could beat a resurgent Jeremy Corbyn?

I doubt it. Especially when Corbyn is backed by the libtard “we want free stuff” masses and the fact that in immigrant and student areas around 120% to 130% of eligible voters will vote for Jeremy “free stuff paid for by someone else” Corbyn?

Of course, there are many other possible scenarios.

But I’m putting my £5 to £6 earnings from ‘sales’ of my latest book on Jeremy Corbyn soon being our next Prime Minister!

Unfortunately it looks like May’s blunders have let the libtards win. You’d better start learning Arabic!

10 comments to Grenfell Tower and will Corbyn be Prime Minister within a year?

  • david brown

    The cause of this impending disaster of Corbyn following the economic model of Greece or Venezuela on becoming PM was May and those who supported her. When the leadership contest was held The Telegraph pulled an article from its website on her time as Home Secretary when she let in more migrants than any previous Home Secretary in British History.
    May was either one the most incompetent persons to hold high public office or she set out to sabotage Brexit from the start.

  • Gloria from Victoria

    The whining Fallon and the Scottish trouble maker have a lot to answer for in this mess, without their negativity Theresa wouldn’t have gone to the country. That done now, I agree, it looks like we are in the mire.

  • John Fields

    I read that Mr Corbyn may be our next P.M.
    Then we really will be in the shit. This man is a friend
    of the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah. He has been on the
    platform as an honoured guest at Hezbollah parades.
    He is a friend of Adams, who,in his heyday planned
    bomb attacks that killed our soldiers but also blew
    the arms and legs off little children. A first class
    scum bag terrorist.
    Also, I remember a year ago when I had a choice on a
    piece of paper to Remain or Leave the E.U., I put my
    cross against Leave. I did not think of any one reason,
    I just wanted my country OUT of the EU.

  • Theresa O

    I share your pessimism, though if it’s any consolation:

    1. Scottish independence is postponed indefinitely.

    2. The EU is at least as weak as the UK. The Visigrad Four (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland), plus Bulgaria (probably) will not follow orders and accept more migrants. And the Euro crisis has not been resolved. The Eurocrats are good at one thing: kicking the can down the road, but in my view they’re very close now to the brick wall at the end of it.

    Frankly, though, Labour/Conservative, Brexit/Shmexit; it makes little difference, sorry to say. The UK will be an Izlamic hellhole by 2040 at worst, 2042 at best.

  • David Mohamed Cameron

    Note that everyone arrested after the Manchester bombing has been released wthout charge!!!!

    U.K. Useless Kingdom.

    WTF Chart Of The Day – Mapping Jihadi Arrests Across Europe

  • Poppa Bear

    It was either the Mail or Express had a photographic montage yesterday of 56 of the 70 persons still missing from the Towering Inferno – complete with names. There were only 4 that I could identify as being British, unless names like Abdul and Fatima now qualify. Just saying.

  • david brown

    Theresa O -The Muslim population of England is now about equal to that of Wales.
    In 2011 the Christmas Issue of The New Statesman was guest edited by Richard Dawkins. This is what he said to the late Christopher Hitches atheist brother of Peter.
    = Some of are friends are so worried about Islam that they are prepared to lend support to Christianity as a kind of bulwark against it. Do you ever worry that if we win, and so to speak, destroy Christianity, that vacuum would be filled by Islam?
    Peter Hitchens said no. He was wrong Islam is gaining ground in secular western Europe even now Ireland where the Catholic church is toast .

  • David Jones

    CNN Making Fake News…

  • zx80

    Let me posit a scenario if i may ( no pun).

    Weve had a referendum and the left wont accept it.
    Weve had an election and the left wont accept it.

    So we have another election.
    What if we dont accept the result of a corbyn win?
    Or a reversal of the referendum vote?

    Since the left wont accept democracy, why should the rest of us accept them?
    F*ck them off by whatever method necessary, since theyre against the democratic process everyone else needs to be against it when they manufacture a win.
    Seems simple enough to me, if corbyn “wins” then dont accept him or the lefts candidates full stop, get them out.
    Theyre the enemy within.

  • Longbow

    I would have thought it unlikely that Mr. Corbyn will be the next prime minister but I cannot imagine that Mrs. May will be there much longer. She has revealed herself as unlucky and that is unforgivable.
    It seems that democracy as we know it will not be with us for much longer either if people are not prepared to accept the results of elections. If the Labour Party can muster a million people on the streets, supported perhaps by a few youngsters in tasteful brown shirts, it will spell the end of the Constitution devised by the intellectual giants of the seventeenth century and the hideous events of the twentieth century will be visited upon us.

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