June 2024

Ramadan? or “Ram-a-van”?

Our rulers claim that the latest London attack was based on a “misunderstanding of Islam”.

I think I’ve finally understood this “misunderstanding”.

The Moozerlum Holy Month is called “Ramadan”. But clearly some of our peace-loving Moozerlum friends have misheard (it’s easy to do) and thought the name of the Holy Month was “Ram-a-van” – get a van and ram it into as many filthy, unbeliever, decadent, British scum as possible and then, for good measure, leap out and stab a whole lot more, preferably in the face and the neck, using hunting knives with 12-inch blades.

Meanwhile our rulers tell us to “build bridges between communities, not walls”. Yup, recently our bridges seem to have been quite popular with our Ram-a-vanner friends – first Westminster Bridge and now London Bridge:

If there are any more of our Moozerlum friends out there with similar hearing problems, then we can expect quite a few more innocents to be mown down in “Ram-a-van” attacks.

The lefty libtard idiots have been incredibly quick this time to lay the blame for the attack on us British as usual. Even the Sunday Times managed to rush in an article about a “shocking” increase in supposed “Izlumophobic attacks” even before the newspaper knew any details about the latest London attack.

And what about the reactions of our rulers:

  • Theresa May – usual platitudes
  • Corbyn – even worse platitudes
  • Mainstream media – a tirade of attacks on Donald Trump for daring to criticise London’s Moozerlum Mayor – the mayor who said that terror attacks were “just a normal part of living in a large city”
  • Everybody – No criticism at all of Britain’s Moozerlum community

I suppose I could summarise the reactions of today’s British rulers by paraphrasing one man who did know something about defending British values and British freedoms – Winston Churchill, “We will fight them with platitudes, we will fight them with hashtags, we will fight them with candle-lit vigils, we will fight them empty declarations of solidarity and we will always surrender, we will surrender because we are cowards, because we are afraid, because we are a disgrace, because we are betraying all those who died to preserve our once great nation”.

I wonder how long it will be before the (IMHO) repulsive UK-hating Chakrabarti woman and equally repulsive (IMHO) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown will be on our TV screens screeching about “Izlumophobia” and demanding that the police who shot the three Moozerlum murderers be prosecuted for infringing their Yuman Rights by killing them rather than arresting them?

Ramabomb/Ram-a-van score so far

All us Westerners know that Izlum is a religion of peace. That’s what the ruling elites keep telling us.

Unfortunately there seem to be quite a few Moozrlums who haven’t understood quite how peaceful they are. Hence the appallingly high annual death toll during the Holy Month of Ramabomb/Ram-a-van.

Anyway, I suspect you’re all on tenterhooks wondering how many innocents have been slaughtered by the Cult of Peace, Mayhem and Murder by Day 9 of Ramabomb/Ram-a-van 2017.

So, here is the latest score achieved by those who have read and memorised the Moozerlum Holy Book and who, according to such Izlumic experts as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, have not understood that Izlum is “a religion of peace fully compatible with Western democratic values”:

Yawn. A total of just 46 religiously-inspired attacks with only 57 people slaughtered each day. That’s pathetic. It really is.

By Day 9 of 2016, which was a pretty quiet year, there were a much more impressive 72 attacks killing 68 innocents a day:

Come on chaps! You’re going to have to put in a bit more effort if you’re going to beat last year’s score.

So, let’s hear you all scream your support for the religion of peace:

Ramabomb! Ram-a-van! Ramabomb! Ram-a-van! Ramabomb! Ram-a-van!

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5 comments to Ramadan? or “Ram-a-van”?

  • Peter

    Some common sense from Paul Weston

    Paul Weston: London Bridge Islamic Terror

    Video :

  • david brown

    Interesting comment to article by Peter Hitchens Mail on Sunday on what used to be Whitson bank holiday. Someone has said that by stealth Ramadan is being incorporated into English national life. As the last resonant memories of the Christian religion vanish from England they may be replaced not by an entirely secular culture by an increasingly Islamic one.

  • zx80

    OOh nooooooo! Matron! Stop Mucking about!

    Just like the above passage from a certain genre of films called The carry-ons, only they were quite funny at times, unlike our political class who arent in the least funny, its a right old carry on is all this terror shit.

    The main theme from all of the moron class being that we should all just “carry on”.
    Tell that to the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of those who no longer can walk the earth due to their forthcoming funerals getting in the way.
    How can anyone preach such a F*cking stupid narrative as that?
    “Your daughters had her head blown off by a terrorist, just carry on as normal” they spout.

    I suggest NO! We dont carry on as normal.
    The better solution to shoving your heads in the sand and hoping your arse is still atached when you pull it out, is to take to the streets and root these bastards out at every level and make our so called leaders do what we tell them to.
    Or is that a bit too radical? A bit too much like common sense?

    Lighting a candle, put a flag on your farcebook page and saying how sympathetic you are……
    Like thats going to have any impact on these scum, its all about saying “look at me” isnt it?
    The hysterical outpouring of collective grief by all quarters of the media and celbrity culture is quite honesty, puke inducing as its so absolutely fake. As if the likes of the galaghers give a real shit about anyone other themselves, theyve certainly never shown any compassion for anyone else prior to this, its all a self promotion exercise which the media are happy to play over and over again in order to make some news.
    Its bollox!

    The only solution to this problem is obvious.
    Its to remove the pernicious influence of islam and its followers from our shores.
    If you have an insect infestation you dont leave your home, you call in the exterminators.

    Oh and one final thought to mull over.
    Id suggest that far from terrorists winning if we decide to change how we do things, theyre winning each and every time they murder or maim someone, surely?
    Thats the ultimate aim, to kill us all off and take our place, so they “win” each time they “off” one us.
    Wake the hell up moron politicians and media, say it like it is, its what ive just alluded to.

  • Son of a miner

    Very well said zx80..
    Its not to much to ask for common sense and honesty from when the moslems take to the streets from the slightest injustice. when the police shot that drug dealing moslem scumbag on a motorway slip road up yorkshire the scumbags were out on the streets blocking roads protesting..1 moslem kill..and there out..its what we need to do to make them take real notice of public feeling..l dont understand why uk population are so passive..i remember the miners strike..the chaps were game and fought for what they believed in..true grit.

  • HC25

    At least the police shot the terrorists dead and saved us a trial and imprisonment costs. Liberal lawyers must be most upset at missing out on big fees. Surprised such lawyers have not been shouting about this already.
    Better than police armed on the streets, use them to round up all suspected Islamists as they did to Germans during the Wars and ship them off to internment camps but on St Kilda rather than the Isle of Man. Save MI5 a lot of time to do other work

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