June 2024

Islamification is NOT happening! Pope is NOT Catholic! Bears do NOT s……………!

Successful integration?

Here’s a nice picture of successful racial integration from Holland:

Bezoek OBS vinkenbuurt aan moskee Zwolle

Aww, how sweet to see Western children adapting so effortlessly to the future.

And here’s an even nicer picture of successful racial integration from the UK:

It seems that our children are now learning from an early age that they will spend their lives on their knees before their future masters.

And here’s our former Prime Minister in an interview with the Guardian from May 2007 explaining what is happening in our country:

It’s OK to call for the murder of Jews

You’ll probably have seen that Facebook has been taking down websites and video clips in which anyone criticises the Religion of Mayhem and Murder.

But apparently Facebook is quite content to feature videos calling for the extermination of all Jews.

Moreover, Britain has refused entry to several critics of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance. So, no doubt as we further submit ourselves to the invading armies from our favourite religion, the gentleman featured in the video (link below) will soon be preaching his bile at a mosque near you:

7 comments to Islamification is NOT happening! Pope is NOT Catholic! Bears do NOT s……………!

  • Son of a miner

    Are you a jew David?
    Not sure where your going with these pro jew pro israel posts..from a normal guys perspective it seems that jews cause a awful lot of trouble for such a small percentage of the worlds population..

  • John Fields

    From an ex coal miner.
    I am a normal guy and I am not a racist or a Jew lover.
    How the hell would you act or feel if you were
    surrounded by millions of hate-filled Muslims who
    aim was to slaughter you!

  • Son of a miner

    Well if i lived in the middle east surrounded by hordes of people that wanted to kill you id simply move to the good ole u s of a where id live in peace..have the arabs not also got a claim to isreal..i really care not a jot for israel or jews or any religion for that only concern is the change in my home country..England..

  • david brown

    Son of a miner – Jews have won about 14 per cent of the nobal prizes in science eg physics. Due to greater percentage of Jews with higher IQ.
    Google Richard Lyn intelligence and the wealth of nations.
    Most of the liberal elite and the Globalists care nothing for religion. Malcolm Muggeridge in support of Enoch Powell said ” mass immigration,part of the great liberal death wish.”

  • Chris

    Mr Brown, it seems very dangerous territory to start suggesting that IQ has some religious basis. However if you were suggesting an ethnic basis I would agree. IQ is a narrow measure and surely other personality traits like determination, open mindedness, curiosity etc can affect success and e.g winning Nobel prizes. I would also suggest that inventiveness and determination are cultural properties selectively strenghtened within ethnic groups the further they migrate from the origins of homo sapiens in Africa.

  • John Fields

    Son of a miner. I do not understand your logic!
    You advocate that millions of Jews move to America and live in peace.
    By the way, Judea with Jerusalem as its main city was in existence before the
    Roman Empire. It was Jewish, not Arab.
    I do not think that Israel will take up your idea of going to America.
    Instead they will carry on doing what they are forced to do.
    Knocking the shit out of Muslins.

  • Chris

    I think there are very many practising jewish people in the Senate & House of Representatives who are dual citizens of the US & Israel. Many consider that such dual allegiance is dangerous for the US. It makes one re-think WMD’s and Saddam Hussein’s decision to sell oil on a non-dollar denominated basis. Was the invasion of Iraq and potentially Syria and Iran actually because they were enemies of Israel and the Empire founded on Rothchilds Boulevard in Tel Aviv. When you look at the past list of dual citizens (e.g. Henry Kissinger) and the influence(at least) they wield or had over US foreign policy in the Middle East some more of the puzzle dots get joined up.

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