June 2024

Shared hatred of white males creates the strangest of political bedfellows

(weekend blog – I’ve sort of adapted this from someone else’s blog. Apologies for being a quasi-plagiarist)

Let’s spare a few moments to consider two groups of people who should be sworn enemies. But instead they are fiercely united in their shared hatred for white males and the advanced, Western, freedom-loving society the two groups seem to loathe to an equal degree.

Who are these strangest of bedfellows? They’re Islamists and Feminists, of course.

Here are just a few similarities between these two absurdly self-absorbed groups:

  • Both share an intense narcissism of the kind that makes them arrogant and weak at the same time.
  • Both employ passive/aggressive techniques to disguise themselves as vulnerable victims as opposed to the cut-throat psychological warriors they are.
  • Both will use their ostensible victim status either as a shield or a sword, depending on what gets results.
  • To remain a member in good standing of either group requires strict adherence to a rigid orthodoxy. No deviating here or there!
  • They both dress rather oddly.
  • Both hate Christian, white, males with equal vehemence

Both have a strong “end justifies the means” attitude thus allowing them to work together in a twisted, politically-convenient alignment. They’ll collaborate to destroy their common enemy and leave the pesky details of what to do with each other for later.

They think they’re right about everything, an easy claim since neither group accepts the idea of an “objective truth” from which to judge rightness.  In the face of irrefutable evidence that might suggest continuing to believe something would make one delusional, they’ll maintain the lie.

Both also lack a sense of humour. Irony? Satire? Lampooning? Sarcasm? NOT FUNNY! If you’re looking for someone to have a beer and a few laughs with, look elsewhere unless you can follow this simple rule about acceptable humour – as long as you’re “punching up” (i.e. target is either a white man and/or a conservative of any race or gender) you can say whatever you want and they’ll think it’s hilarious.

Their motivation for activism begins with a grievance, or more usually perceived grievance, which they’ll cling to at all costs.

Complain, complain, complain. Statistics from employment tribunals would probably show that Muslims and Feminists are the most frequent complainers.

Both tread a fine line between using victimhood to gain political advantage, while simultaneously asserting their superiority over those they loathe.

Both prey on and use damaged people when recruiting for the cause.  Well-balanced, functioning individuals can’t be turned into screaming banshees or murderous jihadists.

Both know how to use guilt to paralyse their opposition. Having successfully convinced us of our white and/or male privilege, the rest of us increasingly self-censor for fear of being labelled either “Islamophobes” or “misogynists”.

We’ve been taken for fools by both. In a condescending gesture of showing kindness to emotional retards, we’ve allowed the bar of acceptable behavior to sink ever lower so that the lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

2 comments to Shared hatred of white males creates the strangest of political bedfellows

  • David Brown

    one feature they have in common is a high percentage of unattractive women. Islam is mostly due to in-breeding via generations of first cousin marriages. I used to live in Croydon and the Muslims where more docile, the women where polite but regardless of being White, Brown or Black they tended to have larger numbers of children and where generally of plain features.
    When the so called feminist movement started out in the 1970s it was generally dominated by women of unattractive looks who reprocessed it into mental social Marxist terms where pin-ups and Page 3 represented the exploitation of women.
    Many feminists would prefer the world according to Islamic rules. Wear women conceal their looks by a dress
    code such as the Hijab.

  • Libtard

    The Website of Hate continues.

    Now being proud NRA members, grab yer guns and prove your patriotism and start gunning down these Femnazis and Mooslims. Go on, pilgrim, blow some fuckin brainz out!

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