June 2024

The map nobody would ever dare mention

Here’s a world map you have probably never seen.

It purports to show the average IQ of different countries and thus regions of the world:

Of course, if you dare mention research like this you’ll immediately be howled down by the progressive, we-know-best, immigration-enriches-us, holier-than-thou libtards. And if you have a job and dare to mention this research, you’ll soon find that you don’t and you’ll be branded a pariah.

So, handle these results with care!

What does the map tell us?

1. African countries seem to have the lowest average IQ levels at around 65 to 70

2. Then come our friends from the Middle East’s favourite religion plus Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh, mostly around the 80 mark

3. Most of the inhabitants of dysfunctional, corruption-ridden, failing South American countries are also a few sandwiches short of a picnic

4. European countries, North America, Australia and Russia come in at 95 to 100

5. At the top are China and some other Asian countries – Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea at slightly over 100

The results are taken (I think) from a book or research report titled “IQ and Inequality” which established a clear correlation between a country’s average IQ level and its wealth.

I imagine you could also establish that there is an absolutely clear correlation between a country’s average IQ level and violence – the higher the national IQ, the less likely that its citizens would spend most of their time trying to slaughter each other.

I rather suspect that the map above would be anything but a surprise to most of my readers. Though I understand that the results are an anathema to the ruling elites and the politically-correct mainstream media.

Here’s a link to the table of results

Obviously it would be “waaaccccciiiiisssssttttt” for me to make any comment on the results.

So I’ll leave it to my readers – (average IQ of around 100, I hope) – to do their own interpretation.

What about your IQ?

There are plenty of online IQ tests. Or if you go to the link above, you can also do a 45-question IQ test to find out which country best represents your IQ level.

Warning: the questions get increasingly difficult and the last 10 to 15 questions are rather challenging.

4 comments to The map nobody would ever dare mention

  • Judd

    One could wonder what effect migration might have to the above map in a couple of generations.

    What colours will have shifted to beige or even a pale pink in the western countries currently blue.

    Little doubt the dark blue sections of the Asian economic area will still be dark blue, having an IQ high enough to realise the survival of your culture (you jealously protect, and rightly so) and your country, and the lives of your grandchildren, depends on not allowing others completely different to immigrate.

    Though the way things are currently shaping up it’s none too certain that an atlas in two generations time will look anything like the one above, there could well be sections in a colour to represent uninhabitable or parts missing completely.

    Maybe there will be new tiny spots of dark red where the descendants of tony blair and such creatures live out their luxurious lives on private securely guarded islands, don’t suppose anyone will be ferrying migrants by the shipload onto those exclusive shores.

  • Captain Pugwash

    Royal Navy trying to pick a fight with Russia in International Waters.
    Meanwhile the real Invaders pour in in the Millions unchecked.

    Caught On Tape: British Navy “Escorts” Russian Warships Through English Channel
    British Type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland “located” and escorted two Russian corvettes, ‘Soobrazitelny’ and ‘Boiky’, while the vessels were passing through English Channel during a naval exercise.

    British Type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland “located” and escorted two Russian corvettes, ‘Soobrazitelny’ and ‘Boiky’, while the vessels were passing through English Channel during a naval exercise.

  • NoMore

    OK I’ll bite. 131.5 though I just guessed the last 2 and didn’t rush. Not MENSA material unless they are opening a Somali branch.

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