June 2024

Repeat after me – “It’s a religion of peace, it’s a religion of peace, it’s a…………”

Perhaps if you repeat something enough times, you’ll come to believe it?

That certainly seems to be the attitude of our progressive, liberal, holier-than-thou, libtard rulers. And every time there is a new attack by the Religion of Peace, Tolerance, Hatred and Violence, we hear the same repeated excuses – “psychologically disturbed”, “lone wolf”, “NTDWI” – and the same incantation “Islam is a Religion of Peace”.

Though, if the attack HNTDWI (had nothing to do with Islam), why would our rulers feel the need to constantly reassure us that “Islam is a religion of peace”?

It’s all very very confusing.

And, of course, after each attack the police and our rulers assure us that “we’ll never know the reasons for the attack” even though the perpetrator screamed something like “I love my snackbar” during the attack and prior to the attack posted social media messages demanding the slaughter of Jews, homosexuals and infidels.

Armenian genocide = Egyptian genocide?

This weekend I met an old man whose family had fled from Turkish-controlled Armenia in the 1930s. He had written a book about the persecution of Jews in the Ottoman Empire. Like many people, I knew about the Turkish Muslim slaughter of about one and a half million Armenian Christians between 1915 and 1917. But I hadn’t realised other groups had also been targeted. So he explained to me that the Ottoman Empire Muslims had persecuted any group which didn’t belong to the approved version of the Religion of Peace.

That was then, this is now.

Two bombs in Egyptian Coptic Christian churches as our friends from the Religion of Peace apply their charming approach to ethnic cleansing to Egypt’s Christians. It seems little has changed in the last 100 (or last 1,000?) years.

But given that the world’s most popular religion is the Religion of Peace, clearly the continued ethnic cleansing throughout the Middle East and the terror attacks in Europe are the work of just a few madmen who have failed to understand the main principles of their own religion.

Silly billies!

2 comments to Repeat after me – “It’s a religion of peace, it’s a religion of peace, it’s a…………”

  • david brown

    RE – the settling of asylum seekers and my comment in them being settled (hidden )
    around the country . The Guardian today has sob story about 57% being housed in poorest parts such as Rochdale.
    I think this is more to hide them in more remote places rather than a cost saving measure.
    Do not forget that when May was Home Secretary more migrants arrived in England than under any previous Home Secretary in British History .

  • zx80

    Religion of Peace.

    Peace, freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.
    A state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

    More than 30610 atrocities have been perpertrated by supporters of the religion of peace since 911, dont sound too peaceful to me.

    We come in peace they say, yet they go in pieces.


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