June 2024

Eagle-eyed airport security officers spot “potential terrorist”

First the wonderful news. The BBC and Channel 4 and the Guardian and the braindead libtards are spitting nails today as the wonderful President Trump has signed an Executive Order scrapping idiotic Barry ‘all talk no trousers’ Obummer’s climate change targets and also giving a boost to America’s suffering coal industry.

Yippee – the fatuous, data-twisting, lying Greenies will be apoplectic with rage. Finally someone, Donald Trump, has had the courage to stand up to the Greenies and expose the Greenies’ supposed “man-made climate change” quasi-religion for the total bollox it most certainly is. What a great day for mankind!

Anyway, back to airport security. Following my blog yesterday about the cost and inconvenience Muslim terrorism is causing air travellers around the world, a reader sent me a link to a short video which reveals the stupidity that political correctness has imposed on supposed airport security.

Readers will probably know that airport security staff are not allowed to search passengers on the basis of profiling – if the passenger looks like a Muslim terrorist and acts like a Muslim terrorist, to pick them out for a search would be “waaacccciiiissssttt”. Instead, security staff must pick out passengers for body pat downs at random. This results in most pat downs being done on passengers who could not in any way be considered a danger to airline security.

Here’s a short video taken by a furious mother showing how her son was humiliated by US airport security staff as they bravely defended us against potential Muslim terrorists


5 comments to Eagle-eyed airport security officers spot “potential terrorist”

  • NoMore

    Yet another job tailor-made for paedos. Wonder how many upstanding travellers with neck beards and thobes went by while all that was going on.

  • Juliet 46

    My initial reaction too, NoMore.

  • david brown

    On the none profiling discrimination front. As part of Labours project to increase migration from Africa and the Islamic world in 1997 Home Secretary Jack Straw issued a directive to the immigration service. They where no longer to target specific countries with a record of people overstaying visas. So if they stopped and checked some people from Lagos they had to so with an equal number from Christchurch and Montreal. Same staff so less checks on high overstaying countries.
    This is not how it operates now. But a lot of Labour voters came during that time.

  • John Fields

    That bloody video is ridiculous. If that bloody idiot
    did the same to every passenger on that poor boy’s
    flight then the plane would never take off. Or, all
    the passengers could try to claim compensation for
    a flight delayed for hours.

  • cogent_one

    I fully support this security officer’s diligence. Conker-smuggling is a big problem in America. (Wonder if he found any…)

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