June 2024

Why are our rulers leading us (once again) to certain disaster?

Our rulers led us into the catastrophe of WWI – over 18 million dead.

Then they led us into the even greater catastrophe of WWII – over 60 million dead.

Now they are leading us towards the Great Western Civil Wars in which millions (tens of millions?) more will be slaughtered.


(Here’s a slightly annotated part of an article from an American website describing the problem)

The burning question facing every European country in 2017: can their countries and cultures survive endless immigration from the ever-burgeoning Third World?

The salient question being ignored vs. not being asked in America, Canada or Australia: how will these homelands survive the projected 100 million migrants flooding into America within 30 years; 10 million projected for Canada and another 10 million projected for Australia?

As each refugee that vacates Africa, India, Mexico, South America, Indochina, the Middle East or any other overpopulated country—that same arena of humanity adds another 80 million new babies annually. Those countries and cultures either refuse to engage birth control or have no access. Therefore, they refuse to or cannot become responsible for their own numbers. 

As a result, our planet falters as the Third World adds one billion more humans every 12 years on their way to adding three billion more of themselves by 2050 or 33 years from now. These verifiable facts cannot be disputed as reported from population projections by the United Nations.

Millions of those people cannot read, write or perform simple mathematical equations. In other words, illiteracy drives their fecundity rates that can never be solved because no country on Earth can educate another 80 million people annually without commensurate teachers.

The dilemma produces massive deleterious results for those human beings with understandable widespread compassion. Despite the outcries to reach out with aid, the refugee line grows, grows fast and grows endlessly. Which means that NO amount of outward migration saves any of those countries or their civilizations.

Yet, notice all those refugees deluge into Western countries with no end to the line. Therefore, every Western country, as its immigration numbers increase, faces an ultimate decline into Third World illiteracy, poverty and tribalism.

When you consider those Third World cultures commingling, combining or interfacing with First World cultures—Western cultures cannot survive the sheer numbers. None can survive the cultural fracturing. An average citizen can observe Europe today and see it. Despite watching Europe’s maelstrom or digesting the supporting mathematics, a scant few world leaders comprehend the final consequence: total degradation of European, Canadian, Australian and American societies.

The only exceptions: Geert Wilders in Holland, Hungary and Poland’s presidents and Ms. Marine LePen in France. Beyond them, Justin Trudeau of Canada proves himself totally uninformed on multiple levels as he invites endless immigrants. America, the same as we add one million legal refugees annually. The U.S. Congress remains blind to our fragmented future. Australia injects immigrants by the hundreds of thousands annually.

Sweden, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Norway will not survive their barbarian hordes. They won’t survive as to water, energy and resources. They won’t survive as to sociological impact as they see their cultures vanish into *sl*mic caliphates.

America won’t survive millions more people that wreak havoc with their opposing worldviews, languages and cultures.

If Western countries fail to stop all immigration, the certain calamity each nation faces—guaranteed violence and social chaos from immigrants, especially members of the One and Only True Religion, total annihilation of Western cultures and loss of each country’s native language. Each country faces fragmentation into tribal units. Without intellectual horsepower and skills from those refugees, each Western country faces a new welfare class that proves intractable and growing to such a point, the entire welfare system collapses from unsustainable numbers.

Why do Western leaders commit their countries to cultural, linguistic, environmental and national suicide?

Is there some grand scheme to turn their countries into Third World countries?

If so, the big question is: WHY?

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  • Jim Dunk

    A frightening prospect for our grand children’s future.
    I can see the rich living in more gated communities.

    Also speeding up your scenario above is the
    indigenous populations fertility rate.

    For example:-
    The UK was 1.9 in 2012. Somalia 6.67 in 2012.
    UK average age is now 40
    Somalian average age was 17.9

  • NoMore

    For the Cultural Marxists (ideologically) and the super-rich (economically) it is to have one huge, mixed-racial, mass of compliant, unquestioning proles/consumers.

    For the MPs it is short-termism mainly, not thinking ahead more than the winning of the next election by capturing the new immigrant vote via welfarism.

    For the naive, ignorant, emotionally-driven electorates who take all the media propaganda\fake news\lies\lies of omission as gospel after years of leftist indoctrination at school/college, it is the boiling frog syndrome – it is all happening gradually enough for those of an unquestioning nature not to notice. The immigrants mainly live in cities and large towns so are very concentrated. The standard retort about concerns of Islumisation, for example, is that well they only make up 5% of the population in the UK. They are probably unaware that 10% of under fives are Muslim and within 20 years those under fives will have popped out three times as many kids as they will be doing. Just with 5% we have obscene halal butchery as the norm and nearly 2000 mosques with Islum in the news every day for one reason or another. Imagine life with 10%, 20%, 40% of them? These people can’t because they can’t or won’t think ahead that far.

    Maybe only military dictatorships will save us now as they will string up the Traitor Class, drive out the 3rd World-ers already here, cut off aid, Western medicine (other than contraception) and technology to the 3rd world so that Nature keeps their numbers down as it did before. And protect our borders by repelling all boarders.

  • MGJ

    ‘NoMore’ – In the absence of an up-vote button on this website, please consider this a “Like”.

  • David Brown

    The Science Fiction movies District 9 and Elysium are allegory’s on the subject. There was a famous French novel from 1973 Camp of the Saints that predicted a migrating third world population pouring into Western Europe.
    What confronts us is the very existence of our countries. Japan takes in a token number off asylum seekers an average of six per year. Yet almost all Western countries seem intent on suicide. Almost none of its so called leaders have the courage to confront this in fact the actually seem to be seeking our destruction.


    Greyerz – This May Crash Europe’s Financial System And Lead To The Next Global Crisis And Collapse.

    The ECB has always considered Target2 to be a settlement system between European central banks rather than a financing vehicle. No rating agency has understood the consequences of Target2.

    We know of course that the Mediterranean countries will not and cannot repay up to €1 trillion. As often is the case, it is not the borrower who is in trouble here but the lenders. Therefore, Germany is in bigger trouble than Italy, Spain, or Portugal. Those countries can’t pay, so Germany will have to foot the bill. But German banks, led by Deutsche Bank, have extremely weak balance sheets and massive derivative positions. So they are in no position to settle. That leaves the ECB and European central banks which will need to crank up the printing presses.

  • yo

    You know how every single evil fuck thinks he’s doing good? Misplaced charity, or outright evil, resentful fucks who want to see the world which mistreated then burning, as Muslims are anything but compliant passive masses of consumers nor proles as they hate everything from our society, the 1st commenter is wrong yo

  • Colin Smith

    Blair determined to ‘dilute our shared history’ i.e. destabilise Britain and lay the foundation for what he believed would be perpetual votes & power for Labour. An effective ‘arms race’ to prove who is the most ‘compassionate’ has grown steadily ever-since. Cameron proclaimed muslims should not have to put up with a ‘sea of white Christian faces’ to the delight of his muslim-only audience. Segregation, ‘honour’ killings and the blind-eye to breaches of women’s and gay rights are just some of the indicators of how Britain has been dragged backwards by decades. A century of border control & passports was essentially dispensed with. A million and more people were allowed into Britain with NO additional funding for infrastructure and not only no-planning, but also the instant obsolescence of previous investment in census & local authority studies. Labour MP Rachael Maskell declared we should take immigrants ‘until our services buckle’; so why are the Labour party complaining of diminished-capacity in the NHS? There are few coherent minds with any measure of power to make any difference.

  • NoMore

    Yo – it wouldn’t be our society any more though by then and Musl!ms will do anything the imam tells them to do – they can’t think for themselves.

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