June 2024

A tale of two ‘punishments’

Today, I just wanted to compare the ‘punishments’ handed out by judges in two separate cases.

Thirty years for arson in which nobody was injured

An ex-convict, who investigators say confessed to setting fire to a Florida mosque tied to the Orlando nightclub shooter, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Thirty-two-year-old Joseph Schreiber pleaded no contest to second-degree arson during Monday’s hearing in Fort Pierce. A no contest plea is treated the same as a guilty plea.

Prosecutor Steve Gosnell says Schreiber confessed to detectives that he set the fire, saying he believed M*sl*ms “are trying to infiltrate our government” and that “the teaching of *sl*m should be completely, completely illegal.”

Schreiber set the fire at the *sl*mic Center of Fort Pierce last Sept. 11, the 15th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks. No one was injured in the fire. Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen sometimes attended the mosque.

Three years and ten months for violent rape

Meanwhile, in Germanistan:

On 14 July, at 9.52 pm, the rapist 38-year-old Qaisar S. entered a shop where a young 19-year-old female student had a part-time job. He is Pakistani with multiple criminal convictions who three months previously had been firing a blank pistol around in Zwickau city centre.

No one except the victim was in the shop. The man pushed her into the smoking room and pulled her hair. He struck her in the face, bit her deliberately in the lips. “He wanted to infect her with his hepatitis C,” said the assistant prosecutor Diana Enzinger-Leichsenring.

Then he raped her, fondled her over her entire body, bit her in the right cheek, then again in the lips – and fled.

Normally, as I understand it, the German police would ‘persuade’ the victim not to report the rape. But as the whole episode was filmed by the shop’s CCTV, the police were forced to actually take action and (probably reluctantly) arrested the rapist.

It was only after six months that the victim learned she hadn’t been infected with hepatitis C. She still suffers today. She hasn’t been able to begin her medical studies.

As for the Pakistani rapist, he was given three years and ten months in a comfortable German prison. But he will probably be out in around two years. And, of course, he will not be deported back to safe Pakistan but will be allowed to remain in Germanistan where he will continue making his unique contribution to Germanistani society.

Still, look on the bright side. At least the German police actually arrested the guy. If he had raped and tortured and sodomised loads of underage British girls, he would have been protected by our police and local politicians. In fact, why don’t they make a new British comedy film about the arrival of a certain group of migrants over the last 20 or so years? They could call it ‘Carry On Raping’. I’m sure the police would approve as that seems to be their official policy.

How have we allowed this to happen?

How have we sleep-walked into this dystopia?

6 comments to A tale of two ‘punishments’

  • NoMore

    Mr Schreiber is totally correct in his assertions though he shouldn’t be burning buildings as people might get hurt (especially if the fire had spread to the ammunition in the basement.)

    One tiny glimmer of light here at least with the likelihood that four of the Rochdale Pakistani industrial rapists will be deported back to where they belong. Soros’ legal team will no doubt be flown in from New York to fight it all the way.

  • Son of a miner

    Careful David..if you keep reporting the truth they’ll come a knocking ..

  • Roy

    The awful fact is we haven’t sleep-walked into this dystopia………we’ve been led into it by our naive and corrupt politicians, the’global’corporatists expecting cheap labour and unfortunately a state religion that was too frightened to stand it’s ground and tell the truth about the religion of peace !!!

  • Dave Highley

    Sustainable Development, Migration And The Multi-Cultural Destruction Of The Nation-State.

    Depending on where you live and how sensitive you are to the global mass-immigration crisis, your reaction to it will be somewhere between head-scratching and shell-shocked incredulity. The purpose of this report is to give you some concrete evidence about where these policies originated and to what ends they were created.

    A major player is Peter Sutherland, who in past years has served as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization, as Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, as EU Commissioner, as Chairman of BP and Chair of London School of Economics Council, among other things. Most importantly, however, he is the European Honorary Chairman of the elitist Trilateral Commission.

    His relevance to this article is that in 2006 he was appointed by the United Nations’ to be the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration.

    Needless to say, whatever comes out of Sutherland’s mouth is certifiably representative of official policy of the Trilateral Commission and the global elite at large. In fact, he is one of the most respected policy-makers in the world, and many consider him to be the “father of globalization”.

  • Dave Highley

    Sweden first opened its doors to Muslim immigrants in the 1970s. The trickle of migration was slow at first, but increased over the decades as turmoil in the Mideast produced more refugees. Today, Sweden’s culture is as much Islamic as it is Swedish. Muslims have steadfastly refused to assimilate into Swedish culture, and now the nation is paying a high social price for their naitivivity: It has become the rape and gang-rape capital of the West.

    in above link..

  • Swedenistannews

    Walk of shame: Sweden’s “first feminist government” don hijabs in Iran.

    In a statement that has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, UN Watch, a non-governmental human rights NGO in Geneva, expressed disappointment that Sweden’s self-declared “first feminist government in the world” sacrificed its principles and betrayed the rights of Iranian women as Trade Minister Ann Linde and other female members walked before Iranian President Rouhani on Saturday wearing Hijabs, Chadors, and long coats, in deference to Iran’s oppressive and unjust modesty laws which make the Hijab compulsory — despite Stockholm’s promise to promote “a gender equality perspective” internationally, and to adopt a “feminist foreign policy” in which “equality between women and men is a fundamental aim.”

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