June 2024

Can you ever talk sense to a libtard woman?

Feel sorry for the guy in this short video.

He tries to talk sense to some crazy woman protesting against Trump.

Hey, Big Joe, you did your best. But some things are just impossible – like talking sense to a libtard, ‘Hilary-really-won’, raging, ‘M*sl*ms-are-good’, ‘all-white-men-are-rapists’, ranting modern American woman.

Fortunately, Big Joe is self-evidently NOT a white, working-class deplorable. That leaves the crazy Clintonite foaming and screaming in incoherent fury at not being able to label him as a ‘neanderthal waaaccciiisssst’ – the usual libtard way of ‘winning’ any argument.

At one point the  screaming, frothing libtard woman shouts something like “you’re on a bicycle and therefore you’re oblivious!” at Big Joe.

I think we should congratulate Big Joe on the calm and reasoned way he takes this (typically feminazi) utterly inane and illogical insult in his stride.

Ladies, you’re really doing yourselves no favours.

As for the ‘pink pussy’ hats – maybe these are meant to indicate that  for these women their vaginas are more important organs than their brains?

Apparently, during the election one sane (yes there are some) female celeb was asked why she wasn’t supporting Crooked Hilary. She answered something like “I don’t vote with my vagina”. That shut the interviewer up.

All this reminds me fondly of a former boss – David ‘Buffalo’ Bailey. Old Buffalo taught us young consultants that “women are just life support machines for a vagina“. At the time, we dismissed Buffalo’s comments as being hopelessly prehistoric. But watching the ‘Women’s Marches’ over the last few days, I’m starting to wonder whether Buffalo might not have been totally wrong.

By the way, I loved the comment someone made on my blog yesterday about the stupidity of the George-Soros-funded members of the laughable Women’s Marches:

“Someone told me that they are allowed to vote but I did not believe them”

I love English humour. Says it all, really.

3 comments to Can you ever talk sense to a libtard woman?

  • NoMore

    Big Joe certainly gets it!

  • bad brian

    I love big Joe.

    Also a great lesson in why not to judge at first sight.

  • Graham Taylor

    So refreshing to hear a black fella actually stand up to the nonsense of all this protesting..great to see the ladies couldn’t shout him down as a wife and I have actually lost friends due to the fact we voted out in brexit..we’ve been accused of racism..they forget my wife’s best friend of over 40 years is a black lady whose parents came over from Jamaica in the’s a funny old world..

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