June 2024

Time to ignore the useless, protesting, sore-loser “libtards”

As I’ll probably be using the word “libtard” in many future blogs, I thought it worth using today’s blog to feature a slightly internationalised version of the Urban Dictionary’s definition of a libtard.

Libtard stands for “liberal retard”

A libtard wants to live in a fantasy world (in which life is the way that they WISH IT WAS) as opposed to dealing with life the way it actually is.

The most idealistic libtard envisions a time when science/technology and Socialism will eliminate all poverty, hunger, war, disease, injustice, unemployment and prejudice.

Most libtards subscribe to the notion that “people are basically good”, and build their foundation for activism and “improving the human condition” on that faulty premise. Because they deny the facts about human nature, their “reasoning” is diametrically opposite to common sense.

The reality that people have different initiative levels, are basically selfish, and often work for their own interests before helping others, puts a libtard’s panties in a wad. So, when citizens will not voluntarily comply with various libtard prescriptions for “the common good”, then laws must be passed, or force used, to MAKE them comply. (It is the gradual path to totalitarianism).

Metaphorically speaking, a libtard is a sheep who thinks that their grasp of diplomatic nuance or metaphysical sensitivity will prevent their flock from being devoured by the world’s wolves. When America, the sheep dog, responds to wolf attacks, the libtard judges these defensive actions as offensive and wolfish.

Since libtards are unable to recognize our enemies for what they are, they cannot be trusted to safeguard our future.

A libtard’s goal in life includes many of the following:

–the establishment of a Socialist “utopia” (a.k.a. a global nanny state)
–“benevolent” totalitarian control of the world’s population through any means necessary
–ever increasing government micromanagement of private enterprise (a.k.a. clueless meddling)
–the adoption of laws, treaties and tax regulations that hinder business competitiveness
–the usurpation of the legislative process, at all levels, through judicial fiat
–the filing of specious law suits in order to thwart the will of the people
–the promotion of the tyranny of the minority
–the filing of specious law suits to shakedown corporations for cash (under the guise of “social responsibility”)
–the disproportionate taxation of citizens “who have more money than they need”
–the redistribution of wealth from producers to non-producers (under the guise of “fairness”)
–the banning and confiscation of all privately owned guns (even though it has led to genocide in Europe)
–the abolition of all private property rights
–the destruction of all national sovereignty (eg the EU)
–the destruction of Capitalism
–the establishment of one religion (with no personal accountability), OR the abolition of all religion
–the appeasement of Islamic radicals
–the regulation, or banning, of all opposition media (under the guise of “fairness”)
–the appeasement of anyone threatening Western values and civilisation
–the further insertion of Socialist ideology and indoctrination into public school curricula
–the purposeful “dumbing down” of the masses through inane public school curricula and pedagogy
–mass thought control through “speech codes” and political correctness
–the further promulgation of the homosexual/pedophile/transgender agenda
–the teaching of HATE (superficially disguised as “Women’s Studies”, “African Studies”, etc.)
–the legalization of marijuana (“far OUT, man”)
–the establishment of world-wide socialized medicine (under the guise of “fairness”)
–the conservation of the environment over the conservation of the economy
–the demonization of attempts to make English America’s national language
–world peace (which genocidal dictators define as: “the absence of conflict”–dead men cannot resist your brutal oppression)
–the conservation of the environment over the conservation of humanity and the absoulte conviction that Man-made Global Warming is happening even though it isn’t
–the abolition of individual freedom

Stupid self-loathing

Not surprisingly, there is a thread of anti-Americanism and anti-Western culture that runs through these ideas. A libtard cannot stomach the idea that America, despite its faults, is the greatest country in the world and that Western civilisation has given humanity greater benefits than anything that existed before or currently exists. As such, he/she sees it as their duty to tarnish America’s and the West’s current and past image using all available means including: cherry picking facts and using innuendo, half-truths, lies and fabrications.

Libtards’ actions undermine America’s and the West’s educational system, economy, criminal justice system, military personnel, sovereignty, security, and freedoms. Meanwhile, they try to fabricate a moral equivalence with rogue nations like China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Somalia and Sudan. (But don’t question their patriotism).

NOTE TO ALL MALCONTENTS: If America is truly evil, please pick yourself a better country.

Otherwise get a real job, and get a life, because you obviously have WAY too much time on your hands.

(It’s not yet clear how many of the self-regarding Hollywood celeb luvvies, who said they would leave America if Trump was elected, have actually quit their luxury California mansions!)


Because most libtards are pantheists (New Agers), agnostics, atheists, liberal Jews, liberal Catholics, or have otherwise turned their backs on Jehovah, they lack true spiritual fulfillment. In order to try and fill that void, and “to make a difference”, they work for the causes listed above.

A libtard will participate in protests, rallies, marches, bike rides, etc. in a feckless attempt to change whatever supposedly needs changing. Their desire to revisit the “glory” days of the 60’s is sometimes a driving force. Regardless, the end result is usually the same: nothing actually changes. But their noisy protests and constant media appearances make self-righteous, holier-than-thou libtards feel good about themselves.

Because conservatives take responsibility for themselves and their children, have real jobs, undergird the economy, and value their time, their counter-protesting and therefore their voice in the mostly libtard mainstream media is often negligible.

Hopefully this longish piece explains the pernicious effect the libtards are having on our lives

4 comments to Time to ignore the useless, protesting, sore-loser “libtards”

  • dave hancock

    Brilliant !!
    That should make them rage nicely.

  • Theophilus

    Not surprisingly, there is a thread of anti-Americanism and anti-Western culture that runs through these ideas.

    You are totally right; this is their “bread and butter”, all while they fail to acknowledge that it is Western culture that allows them to espouse their mind-numbing, dangerous views over and over. Once again, I enjoyed reading your article; you have such a superb way of writing. Marvellous!

  • David Brown

    The great liberal death wish
    re article on 17 January by this blogs author
    An inquest was opened into death of Kevin Crehan whose death we are told by the police is not suspicious. The inquest is not resuming until July.
    Someone of his age does not just die.They die of something say heart failure, there would have been an autopsy to determine cause of death. Are the claiming it takes six months to get the result ?

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Very good David, light the blue touch paper and retire…..

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