June 2024

The new ‘English Empire’?

When telling us why we voted to leave the EU, the pundits and experts and chattering classes privileged elites usually say it was mainly due to Merkel’s disastrous open-borders immigration policy. Or perhaps the self-appointed supposed ‘experts’ give some other reason.

But one thing they never dare mention is ‘national character’. Why not? Because it has become ‘racist’ and ‘divisive’ and a ‘hate crime’ to suggest that there is a difference in national character between different countries and different continents. So today’s blog is going to mention the unmentionable – we are not all the same.

Three basics of the English national character are probably beliefs in freedom, fairness and democracy. The EU went against all three of these beliefs. In the EU we surrendered our freedom to Germany and its sycophantic cronies. There is no fairness in the EU which is an utterly corrupt, self-serving, money-extorting mafia. And as for democracy, the EU hates democracy and, on the few occasions it allows countries to vote, it forces them to repeat their votes until they give the answer the EU wants.

Of course, immigration was important in the EU In/Out Referendum. But I believe that many English voted Leave because they innately sensed a clash between what they believed in and what the EU represented.

But let’s take  this further. I propose that the German national character includes a need to overwhelm and dominate other people. It’s not by accident that the Germans were largely responsible for WWI and WWII and now we find that the whole EU is a German racket run by and for the benefit of the Germans.

And the French? It may be in their national character to be pompous, arrogant, treacherous and unreliable? I’ve just been reading a history of the Ardennes battle in 1944 and how Allied commanders found dealing with the French the most difficult part of their work.

Let’s move to the Club Med countries – all are disorganised, largely bankrupt, corrupt failing states propped up only by German money. Is this just a coincidence? Or could it have something to do with the national character of these countries inhabitants? As for any country that was once a colony of Spain or Portugal or Italy – they seem to have successfully inherited the Latin characteristics of idleness, corruption, disorganisation and wealth ending up in the pockets of very few hugely wealthy families while the masses live in poverty.

Or how about Africa? Is it an accident that, in spite of having massive natural resources and having been given hundreds of billions in aid, there isn’t a single African country that provides a reasonable life for its citizens? Is it an accident that every single African country is a stinking, overpopulated, shit-covered, rotten cesspit ruined by incompetent, kleptocratic, greedy, self-serving scum? Or could Africa’s situation have something to do with the national character, willingness to work and intelligence level of its rapidly-increasing populations? Just wondering.

Or Arab countries? Again, is it an accident that their massive oil wealth has been squandered largely in attempts to wipe out Israel and to kill each other when they found out the the Jews are willing to fight back? Is it an accident that Arab countries are largely infertile deserts when things like solar-powered desalination plants and proper irrigation could have turned their coastal regions into massively productive land? Or has the failure of 800 million Arabs to make a decent life for themselves something to do with their national character?

They call Australia the ‘Lucky Country’. Usually this is because of Australia’s abundance of natural resources. But perhaps Australia is really ‘lucky’ because it was first colonised by the English? Perhaps if Australia had been colonised by Asians or Indians or the Spanish, its natural resources would have been squandered and it would have been turned into the usual Third-World shit-hole?

So what?

And now to the point of today’s blog. I believe there are marked differences in national characters even though it has now become taboo to dare to mention this. I believe further that English-speaking countries share some common characteristics –  beliefs in freedom, fairness and democracy. As Britain breaks free from the stifling oppression of the EU and Trump takes over from West-hating, *sl*mophiliac Obama in the USA, there is a new opportunity for English-speaking countries to work together both for their benefit and for the benefit of the world.

The last British Empire was probably one of the greatest civilising forces the world has ever seen. The new ‘English Empire’ has the potential to repeat that success if only we dare seize the opportunity

(Readers may notice I haven’t included the Scots or Welsh in today’s blog is spite of the heroic efforts of Scottish and Welsh regiments in defending our freedoms. I’ve left the Scots and Welsh out as they seem to have forgotten the efforts of their brave regiments in so many conflicts and have decided that they would rather be tiny German colonies than part of the new, rising English-speaking empire. Bad decision guys!)

8 comments to The new ‘English Empire’?

  • Dave

    Very accurate and true David.

    Just thinking about your reference to ” experts “, who can declare someone an expert ?, surely if others have enough knowledge to declare you and expert, they must have more knowledge than you thereby making them the experts ….. Chicken or the egg I suppose.

    Keep up the good work .

  • Brian the Mad

    You forgot to mention us Scots love of fried bread and used toothbrushes which also sets us apart.

  • NoMore

    Well the Welsh did vote Leave but fair comment about too many of the Scots.

    It would be great to bond a lot more with the Commonwealth Realms and a lot less with the rest.

  • David Brown

    Scotland contributed much to the Union from engineering and science and shed much blood in wars. It was a good marriage but now its time for a divorce. The no longer like the English and if a Scottish sports team is out they do not transfer their allegiance to the English team.
    They want to leave and only voted in the Scottish independence referendum to remain because they knew they got more out of state spending eg healthcare , student costs, than they contributed.
    Forget nostalgia for a long vanished passed time to move on let them vote for the SNP and let them remain in the EU. The millions of migrants do not settle in the highlands but on the green fields of England. The problem we will than have to focus on is some sort of border control so Scotland does not become a conduit for England bound migrants.

  • tom

    The Taffs voted for Brexit with us mate but very good article, Charles Chiniquy makes similar observations in his books – Fifty years in the church of Rome and the follow up,Forty years in the church of Christ as he notes the difference in mentality of the protestant free thinking nations and the closed minds controlled by the priests/pope nations. he being a catholic priest that saw the light.

  • Col

    The Welsh voted to leave so top journalism mate, not!! First past the post politics, unelected corrupt upper house, unelected robber barons as heads of state. Nicking other people’s lands and benefits for free.The English national characteristics is a pirate !!

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Well said Mr Craig… very true.

  • tom

    Col, all the land the English nicked was settled on bu Scots/Welsh and Irish whom took advantage and often fought to conquer in league with the English. How many celtic peoples live on land rightly belonging to the aborigines/Native Americans/Inuit and other displaced people ? The English may have lead the conquests of the day but the celtic nations have done their bit and are just as guilty.

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