June 2022
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Something to cheer us all up on this dreary Monday morning

Idiot of the week?

Here are two ‘Tweets’ a Starbucks employee (sorry, I meant ‘former Starbucks employee’) wrote on 18 November and then on 19 November.


Ha-ha-ha-ha – it shows there sometimes is some justice in this life.

Cleanest migrant in Italy?

Oh, and here’s a migrant in Italy washing at a public fountain so that he has a very clean bottom and then after cleaning his rear, he washes his face. Perhaps he should have done his cleaning in a different order?


1 comment to Something to cheer us all up on this dreary Monday morning

  • zx80

    Surprised some leftie didnt take it as an invite to get all close and intimate with him.

    And in other news Anthony Lindon Blair has decided its time to make a frontline return to politics in order to make sure brexit is done properly and to save us from ourselves because folks you just know hes the very best candidate for world wealth…erm I mean peace…oh hell well for something.
    Now, Im all for massive vaginas, but Blairs one in the order of magnitude which makes him quite useless for the purpose a vagina would normally serve, but also being a gigantic erection merans he really should disappear in a corner and go F*ck himself vigorously for a few millenia.

    The mans a grade A, Gold plated, crap encrusted narcissist and psychopath.
    Any NORMAL ( yes Blair not you!) would know that blair isnt the solution to the problems of the country or world, after all, hes had his go at showing us how its done and comprehensively F*cked it up for everyone.
    The most hated piece of dogshit ever to slide across the commons chamber is so in love with himself and his powers that he actually believes he alone can fix all the shit HIS ilk have created!
    Yep people, Blais just the kind of political elitist thats pissed off the population so much that it got Mr Tump elected, that got brexit on the cards, that looks like Le pen and Hofer will get in also and he thinks that more of the same shyte hes inflicted on us is the answer to why we have such a low opinion of politios and its adherents and is the answer to winning us over!
    HAHAHA! Oh my aching sides, the mans a comic genius or anus.
    So much hubris, imho the guys a traitor, a warmonger, a liar, a marriage breaker, an opportunist, a scumbag to name a few of his finer qualities but most of all he is without doubt a proper C*nt.
    Vote for blair? Id rather do a threesome with anne widdecombe and old slot gob herself.

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